Monday , January 27 2020
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About Us

Sunil Dahiya was started in 2017 in India, to promote and give the information and message of Real, Genuine and authentic Ayurvedic Knowledge, universally. Since then, creating pure Ayurvedic contents so that individual can get benefited by using these D.I.Y tips at home and can prepare itself ayurvedic medicine.

We does not sell any ayurvedic cosmetics and products, we just provide reliable content regarding ayurveda. Individual can self prepared them by applying tips provided in website.

Sunil Dahiya is a place where individual can get one stop solution for all your Ayurveda questions, ayurvedic treatments, home remedies & DIY Tips and Tricks. Sunil Dahiya is all about caring and promoting Ayurveda only. And moreover creating the concepts and theories behind it, and helping people to embrace it by simplifying its use