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Acidity or Acid Reflux
Acidity or Acid Reflux

What Is Acid Reflux Or Acidity and How to Cure It

Acid reflux or Gastroesophageal reflux disease is condition of human stomach in which there are some complications seen with it.  Acid reflux is reported often in the cases like pregnancy, smoking etc.  It is accompanied with the further complications like heartburn, problem of bad breath and chest pain etc. Some people often experience it even because of ill or improper food habits.  In other words we can say that Acidity is a stage in which there is an excessive build up of acids in the human body. Now as it happens with the excessive build up of acids in the human stomach, this causes an irritation and inflammation in the stomach of associated person. Such a person can adopt the following ways to cure himself against Acidity:-

1. Consume Fruit Salt:-
Try consuming antacids and fruit salts to neutralize the acidic effect caused by acidic reflux to your body. One such fruit salt substitute is sold by the name ‘Eno’ which is available on all leading medical stores. You just need to mix it in water and then you can consume it to cure yourself against acidity. Various other such fruit salt substitutes are also available on medical stores and general stores which can be bought in use for the same.

2. Milk Of Magnesia to Neutralize the Acids:-
Magnesium Hydroxide or Milk of Magnesia is an effective remedy against the problem of heatburn or acidic reflux.  Milk of Magnesia works well to increase the content of water in the intestines and works as an antacid to cure acidity problem. It is an active ingredient against indigestion, constipation and heatburn.

3. Stop Smoking and Tobacco Usage:-
The presence of nicotine in cigarettes increases your chances to develop the problem of acidity even more.  You should completely give up both of these habits to reduce your chances of developing acidity. You should also reduce your consumption of fast food and processed food items.

4.  Drink more and More Water:-
Another working way to get rid from acid reflux or acidity is to start consuming more and more water. The more water you drink, the more acids in your stomach get diluted and acid in low concentration never harms a person. Whenever you experience acidity, just consume a glass of water and it would relieve you to some extent.

5. Consume Basil Juice To Get Instant Relief:-

Basil juice shows a carminative kind of effect against the problem of acidic reflux. It soothes and relieves the stomach against acidity by treating it in a favourable way. Just pluck some leaves from basil plant and start chewing them. You can also consume basil leaves in the form of juice. Basil is also the best remedy against the problem of gas.

6. Cinnamon as a Natural Antacid:-
Cinnamon works as a natural antacid for your stomach. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon in a glass of water and bring it to boil. Now consume this water as cinnamon tea and it will relieve you against the problem of gas and acidity both. Cinnamon improves digestion and also helps to dilute the stomach acids in concentration.

7. Buttermilk to Soothe Your Acidic Stomach:-
Milk is rich in the content of Calcium which helps in the prevention of build up of acids in the stomach. Calcium rather also absorbs the acids produced in an access and prevents acidity from troubling a person furthermore. Buttermilk provides a soothing kind of relief against the burning sensation caused by acidity and proves to be a great kind of remedy against acidic reflux.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar to alkalize the acid:-
Apple cider vinegar might sound acidic in nature to some people but it is also one of the best remedies against the problem of acidic reflux. It provides an alkalizing kind of effect against acidity and neutralizes the acid that results because of acidity. Anything with an alkalizing/ basic kind of effect will suit the best in such situation.

9. Cumin Seeds to Neutralize the Acids:-
Cumin is a great neutralizer. It is one of the best cures against stomach pain and also against acidity. Most of the hotels and restaurants serve their customers with cumin seeds after food because of the same reason. Boil some water added with cumin seeds and consume it to treat acidity. You can also consume these seeds directly.

10. Coriander and Mint Leaves:-

Coriander or Pudina juice improves digestion and helps to lower down or reduce the content of acid from the human body. It also helps to reduce the burning sensation caused by acidity to the concerned person. Mint leaves can also be bought in use to achieve about the same kind of effect. You can consume coriander or mint leaves even directly without converting them to the form of juice as a treatment against acidic reflux.

11. Ginger Root to Improve Digestion:- 

Take some crushed part of ginger root and juice it up to drink this juice or mix it with some honey and then have it. You can also mix it up with jaggery if honey is not available. This will neutralize acidic effect in your body and improve digestion. You can consume a teaspoon of this mixture every day after eating food to prevent the problem of acidity permanently.

12.Amla or Indian Gooseberry to Provide a Healing Effect:-
You must have heard a girl over television talking about pitta, kapha, and vaat. Amla is one of the best remedies to keep all these three healthy, sound and fine. Amla or Indian gooseberry is rich in the content of Vitamin-C which helps in the treatment of stomach against ailments like indigestion, acidic reflux and internal stomach injuries. Drink Amla juice daily to avoid acidity and all other stomach problems.


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