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DIY Tips for acne/pimples removal
DIY Tips for acne/pimples removal

D.I.Y Tips and brilliant home remedies for Acne Removal

Our skin speaks what our mouth doesn’t. Healthy skin is a key to a good over-all health and prosperity. It shows that the person being addressed has spent time in taking proper care and hydration for his/her skin. A skin ridden with acne, white-heads, blackheads, blemishes, wrinkles, signs of ageing and other such skin problems on the other hand shows that the person spends little or nearly no time in self-care. This also indicated poor skin nutrition and hormonal imbalances. One such bane for our skin health is acne which takes place with human skin when the skin pores get clogged by skin oils getting mixed with the dirt, dead cells and pollution that we come across in our everyday schedule. Here are some effective natural cures of this skin problem which will enable you to keep your skin free from acne in a smart and natural way:-

1. Use Neem Bark Juice on Your Skin:-
Since time immemorial, neem tree leaves and its bark have been bought up in use for the treatment of all major skin disorders. The juice obtained from its bark or leaves can be applied directly on the acne affected area to make the acne get reduced with time in appearance. You can also mix this juice in your bathing water to enjoy the same kind of benefits. For even more effectiveness, you can boil neem tree leaves in your bathing water to use it for bathing.

2. Cleanse Your Skin Properly:-
As I always say, “Most skin problems take place with a person because of lack of skin care”, a proper skin care needs to be ensured in order to reduce the appearance of acne and for this purpose, you need to ensure proper skin cleansing. You can wash your face with lemon juice regularly for this purpose. Lemon is the best skin cleanser available in kitchen. You can also purchase a good face-wash for this purpose.

3. Tone Your Skin to Maintain the Natural Ph Levels:-
Sometimes, even a slight fall or rise in the pH level of skin can be harmful and thus you should try to keep the pH level of your skin normal. Toning your skin to maintain the natural pH level of skin will thus prove to be the best option in such cases. A variety of toners and cleansers are available in the market these days so you should purchase your products wisely.

4. Use Skin Healing Masks At Times on Your Skin:-
Sometimes, the dirt and pollution that we come across in our daily life spoils the natural health of our skin. The clogged pores and dead cells further demote this health and thus we need to repair the skin at times with healing masks to ensure a proper care of skin. These healing skin masks can be prepared easily at home with stuff available in the kitchen.

5. Exfoliate Your Skin:-

The next but effective natural care for acne removal is skin exfoliation. Exfoliating the skin unclogs the clogged pores and removes the dirt and dead cells clogging them. Scrubbing at times with a sugar scrub or a walnut scrub or any other home-made scrub like Moong dal scrub suiting your skin in such a time proves to be the best option. Even the experts recommend skin exfoliation as the best method for the treatment of a majority of skin problems.

6. Moisturize your skin properly:-
Next comes the need for moisturizing the skin. Moisturizing does n’t lets the skin cells die so easily. Besides this, it prevents the further deterioration of skin and enhances the skin health. Moisturized skin does n’t experiences any kind of flakiness and it is less prone to skin problems like acne. Besides this, a proper moisturization prevents the dryness of skin and irritation.

7. Take probiotic supplements:-
Taking probiotics can also help you cure acne to much extent. Where-as the upper mentioned treatment options are valid for the external treatment, probiotics do the internal treatment of body. They enhance digestion and enhance the functioning of a healthy immune system. Probiotics also help you fight acne and remain healthier for a long go.

8. Use face-pack on your skin once a week:-
Use a good face-pack on your skin at least once a week. Market based products are more based on chemicals than being based on natural and organic products. Using a good face-pack on skin rejuvenates it and makes it alive once again. Face-pack improves the skin tone and cures you against the signs of ageing. Always remember to read an online review of the product you purchase before using it. Also remember to read the label to check for the contents and ingredients and also the chemicals used in making.

9. Use a good scrub at least once a week:-
Scrubbing your skin once a week makes it fairer and better. It opens the clogged skin pores and removes the dead cells. Besides this, it proves to be helpful in keeping your skin away from the risk of skin problems like acne, blemishes and other such skin problems. You can also use grinded fullers earth daily on the acne affected area to get quick relief against this skin problem. Mixing this grinded fullers earth with some glycerine and sandalwood powder would turn the mixture into a working face-pack for your skin. You can also use a mixture of sandalwood powder and turmeric or gram flour for this purpose. This mixture works like an ubtan for skin.

10. eat healthy and avoid junk food items:-
Last but not the least comes a need to eat healthy and to avoid eating processed or junk food items. Processed food items and junk food items deprive your skin or its natural hydration. A dehydrated skin is always prone to skin disorders. By eating healthy, you ensure proper immunity and nutrition. A bad diet can have a negative effect on skin sebum. Sebum production can be increased by an intake of dietary fats. Thus a proper diet is very much necessary in the cure of acne.


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