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almond health benefits
almond health benefits

Almonds: Health Benefits/Medicinal Facts, Natural Remedies/Diet Plans and side Effects

Almond is basically nothing but a seed. But this seed is rich in various medicinal and health benefits.  Almond is not even a seed but drupe. This drupe consists of an outer hull and hard shell with seed. We include almonds in the category of nuts and almonds are eaten along with the other members of the same family.  Despite being high in the content of fats, nuts are extremely nutritious and healthy. Same is the case with almonds.  Almonds are health packed with a number of health benefits and medicinal benefits. Besides this, almonds are included in various diet plans essential for humans. Almonds are sometimes also associated with risks and drawbacks.  This is because of the fact that people are less familiar with the qualities, drawbacks and benefits of eating almonds.

Health Benefits of Eating Almonds:-

Almonds serve to be a complete health packed food for humans. Though almonds are tiny in size but they still bring countless health benefits of mankind. Some such health benefits of almond consumption have been illustrated here:-

1. Almond is excessively rich in the content of fiber and proteins. Protein serves to be the best body building ingredient for everyone.  The presence of fiber makes almonds good for metabolism and digestive health. Foods rich in fiber take time to be metabolised and this makes a person feel less hungry.

2. The fats contained in almonds are monounsaturated ones. These fats are not bad for humans and instead these are rather good for health.

3. Vitamin-E is very abundantly found in almonds. People who consume Vitamin-E capsules to enhance their skin can switch to almonds for a better skin health.

4. Almonds contain an abundant amount of Manganese, Copper, Phosphorus and Magnesium. People in need of these minerals can switch to almonds.

5. Almonds contain a significant amount of Phytic acid which helps in binding minerals and prevents them from being absorbed. Those who consume to quench their need of minerals might get disappointed because of this as it reduces the amount of minerals like iron, zinc, Calcium and other such ingredients that you get from your diet.

6. 10-15% of calories in almonds are not digested. This means that by eating almonds, we are consuming something that will make us feel less hungry. This makes almonds the best diet for approximately all weight loss plans.

7. Almonds can be taken as a perfect immunity booster food. Almond oil rather works as perfect nourishment for your hair and skin.

Medicinal Benefits of Eating Almonds:-

Almonds serve a great purpose in the medicinal field as well. Where almond oil is used as baby nourishment oil, it is also used as a hair nourishment product by women. It has various other medicinal benefits for humans, some of which are as follows:-

1. Almonds are rich in the content of antioxidants which prove helpful in reducing the formation of harmful free radicals in the body. Free radicals bring about the spread of cancer cells. Almonds can thus be used in the prevention of spread of cancer and cancer cells.

2. The presence of Vitamin-E prevents a person from meeting cell damage. Almonds can thus also help in the repair of pre-existing body cells.

3. People also find it beneficial to control rising blood sugar levels.

4. Magnesium present in Almonds has been found beneficial in the treatment of blood pressure.

5. People suffering from heart problems can consume almonds to fight LDL or bad cholesterol from their body.

6. People searching for an ingredient to minimise their overall calorie intake can consume almonds to bring about the desired effect.

7. People who take their breakfast in the morning and then leave their home for work often feel very much hungry when they come back home after working. Such people should consume almonds during the day to feel less hungry in the evening. This makes them eat less and thus they are less likely to fall a prey to obesity.

Natural Remedies and Diet Plans

Almonds serve to be a part of many diet plans. A health conscious person can’t abstain himself from consuming almonds.

1. Almonds serve to be a great source of proteins. This is why people consume almonds when kept on a workout diet.

2. Roasted almonds are eaten as a snack. We often advise people to consume their meals in frequent but small meals. Roasted almonds serve to be a great snack to be consumed during this time.

3. Keep some almonds in water overnight and let them gain some hydration. Now remove these pre-soaked almonds from water the next day and grate them well. Mix these grated almonds in milk and consume it at least half hour before or after workout. This will make you gain muscle growth soon.

4. Almonds can also be added to an individual’s diet as an anti-obesity ingredient.

5. People add grated almonds while making sweets and desserts. These can also be used as a garnishing for cakes and sweet dishes.

Safety Precautions While Consuming Almonds:-

Almonds are beneficial for humans and human kind but these also some with some safety precautions as well. Almonds show some side effects in certain situations. These side effects and safety precautions of consuming almonds can be listed as follows:-

1. Consuming almonds more than needed can lead to constipation and even gastrointestinal problems. People who eat almonds more than needed often encounter stomach problems and it makes their stomach upset.

2. An excess of Magnesium in a person’s diet can lead to drug interactions. People who consume almonds in an excess and use almonds for skin enhancing abilities might stay at a disadvantage here as it can lead them to diarrhoea, flatulence, blurred vision and even the other problems like headache and dizziness.

3.  Excessive consumption of almonds can even lead to weight gain.

4. Some almonds are bitter in taste and these almonds are rich in hydrocyanic acid. Consuming such almonds in an access can increase toxic levels in the body.

5.  Some people might also develop allergic reactions while consuming almonds. Such people should stop consuming almonds and they should talk with a doctor or health expert as soon as possible.

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