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Amazing Herb Amla (Indian Gooseberry) : Medicinal/Health Benefits and Diet Plans of Anwala


Amla or Indian Gooseberry is the product of a tree that is famous for its fruits rich in nutrients. In Aayurveda, Amla is of a great importance because of the nutrients that it is rich in.  Amla is also a naturally rich and versatile source of Vitamin-C, Iron and Calcium. People consume it as murabba as well as spice. Various dishes, potions, juices and drinks are also made adding amla juice as one of the ingredients. People use amla for hair health, skin health, heart health and in short, their overall health and beauty. No doubt, Amla is a complete health packed food for humans. It comes loaded with all what humans need but it has certain limitations as well. The pros, cons, benefits and limitations of consuming amla can be listed as follows:-

Medicinal benefits of Amla:-
Amla is rich in the content of Vitamin-C. Because of the same reason, it is beneficial for both skin as well as hair. It is rather a perfect ingredient for our external beauty.

1. Amla is number one fruit which is being used by a majority of companies for making anti-ageing products. Consuming amla juice daily can help you fight wrinkles, lines and other such signs of ageing.

2. It is also used in making medicines for the cure of throat problems, liver problems and problems related with metabolism. Amla prevents the formation of free radicals in human body and thus reduces the spread of cancer cells as well.

3.  Amla is also linked with the treatment of diabetes and people consume it in raw form to balance their blood sugar level. People suffering from diabetes are advised to consume a daw amla daily.

4. Amla is rich in the content of digestive fibers essential for proper metabolism. It makes you feel less hungry and enhances your metabolism.

5. Health experts recommend it as a remedy against the formation of gall stones and ulcers. Eating amla can help you melt gallstones.

6. Amla has an anti-inflammatory effect. We can apply its juice on skin to get instant relief against inflammation. Amla also proves helpful in the prevention of diseases like scurvy which results because of lack of Vitamin-C

7. Amla enhances an individual’s skin tone. It purifies a person’s blood, strengthens his bones and improves his eyesight. People who desire for glowing and brightened skin can thus add amla to their diet. Amla juice works well against the pigmentation of skin as well.

8. Amla proves beneficial for the growth of your hair. It doesn’t allows lice formation take place in your hair and enhances the growth of your hair within very less time.
Health benefits of Amla:-
Amla is a healthy choice to make if you are searching something to make you handsome or beautiful. It is a complete beauty enhancer for all. Besides this, it has countless other such benefits some of which have been mentioned below:-

1. Amla keeps the body cool in summers. It provides instant relief against problems like constipation and jaundice.

2. There is no working medicine for ‘sore throat problem’ in the market. Amla can easily cure a person against this problem.

3. People searching for something to minimise their LDL or bad cholesterol level can also add amla to their diet. Amla is simply a good choice for human digestive system as well as heart health.

4. Sometimes, diabetes can result to a person also because of lack of proper production of insulin hormone in his/her body. Such a person should consume amla to enhance the response of his body towards the insulin produced.

5. Amla is diuretic in nature. It improves the volume and frequency of urination. It also helps a person remove all unwanted toxins from his/her body.

6. Amla increase metabolic activity of a person and helps increase his immunity as well.

7. Consuming amla improves the eye sight and purifies your blood. It works well against constipation and jaundice.

8. The presence of antioxidants in amla makes it an essential for fighting the toxins that human body produces.

Diet Plans That Include Amla:-
People include amla in their diet mostly for its medicinal health benefits. Either they eat it as murabba or pickle. Amla is mostly eaten raw to enjoy its medicinal health benefits.

1. You need nothing else to exfoliate your skin if you are using Amla for that. The presence of Vitamin-C in Amla makes it an awesome skin exfoliator.

2. People suffering from pigmentation of skin and lice in their hair are also recommended to eating amla.

3. People consume amla also as a prevention ingredient to diabetes.

4. Besides oral consumption in the form of juice, Amla is equally beneficial when applied externally.

5. Most of the hair oil making companies in the contemporary world have commercialised amla as a hair health enhancer and they use it as one of the ingredients while making hair oils, shampoos and other such products.

6. The presence of calcium makes amla perfect consumable for those who are searching something to strengthen their bones besides strengthening their skin. It is also rich in iron and thus people suffering from anaemia can consume it to fight deficiency of iron.

Safety Precautions While Eating Amla:-

Though rare, but amla still has some side effects which have been listed below:-

1. Amla if consumed in an access can cause hyperacidity. This can make your stomach upset.

2. Amla consumed in an access can harden your stool and make it difficult for you to eject the waste out of your body.

3. Amla consumption can also dehydrate your skin and hair. Excessive dependence on amla for enhancing hair or skin health can result in dryness of your skin and scalp.

4. People who are allergic to amla should stop consuming it. To know if you are allergic to amla or not, you should immediately consult a health expert.

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