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anemic patient
anemic patient

14 Best Home Remedies for Anaemia

Anaemia is a disease related with lack of iron content in human body. In the language of science, it can be defined as a decrease or downfall in the total amount of Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) or haemoglobin. In this condition, the ability of blood to carry oxygen gets decreased or lowered down and the person feels weak, tired, lacking in breath and sometimes he or she can even lose consciousness. A person in such a state is a victim of confusion also.  The symptoms may vary from person to person depending on the underlying cause. Anaemia occurs the most during pregnancy in women. If a person is suffering from anaemia, the following remedies will really prove beneficial for him:-

1. An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away:-
Apple is a fruit that has an abundance of iron in it and a deficiency of iron is the main underlying cause behind anaemia. Apple, if taken twice a day has the power to improve the level of iron in a person’s body. Apples also improve the concentration of blood in the human body and reduce a person’s chances to fall a prey to anaemia.

2.  Beet root and yellow dock root:-
Beet root is rich in the content of iron. Plus, it is a rich vegetable and you can consume it as juice or even salad. The other such names include the ones like Yellow dock root, dandelion root and burdock root etc. as all these herbs act as a cure to anaemia by increasing the iron absorbing capacity of your body.

3. Massage Your Body to Improve the Circulation of Blood:-
The best thing one can do to treat his/her body against anaemia is to have a whole body massage with the oils like Mustard oil, olive oil and coconut oil. This improves the circulation of blood in your body and you feel relaxed. A body massage if practiced even once a week is very effective against anaemia.

4. Eat Food Cooked in Iron Vessel:-
Use iron vessel for cooking your food. This increases about the presence of iron in your food and you can get more iron out of the food you consume like this.  Lie bare under the sun on Sundays to have sun bath and relax completely while doing so. Both these approaches improve your body’s condition against anaemia.

5. Have Figs and Dates:-
Figs and Dates have an abundance of iron in them. Both figs and dates can increase the amount of iron in your body and both of these can rather also improve about the circulation of blood in your body system. You can thus consume figs and dates on a regular basis to relieve yourself against anaemia.

6. Honey to Enhance the Presence of Haemoglobin in Blood:-
Honey is proven to enhance and increase the presence of Haemoglobin in human blood if consumed regularly. Honey is rather less sugary than sugar itself. Just apply a teaspoon of honey regularly on your chapattis and it will enhance their taste. You can use honey as a substitute to jam as well.

7. Consume Tomato Juice:-
Just like Apple juice, tomato juice also is rich in the content of iron. Just like the fact that deficiency of iron is harmful, even an excess of iron is harmful as well. You should consume iron rich products in a limited, observed and controlled amount as an excess of it can result in additional health problems.

8. Spinach for Iron:-

Spinach is the cheapest and best source of iron. It is rather the best treatment against anaemia as well. Spinach can be consumed raw or even after cooking. You can also consume it as a juice after mixing it with tomato juice or apple juice along with some honey or sugar to enhance taste.

9. Amla Juice for Blood:-
Amla or Indian Gooseberry is the best natural substitute for blood circulation. Eating a few amla berries a day can bring about the desired improvement in your blood circulation and treat you against anaemia. You can also consume it in the form of juice mixing it with honey.

10. Bottle Gourd and Spinach Soup:-
Use grinder to grind some fresh spinach leaves along with beetroot and tomatoes. Now make soup with these ingredients. This soup will surely act in a positive direction. Same is the case with bottle gourd. You can make soup with this vegetable also. Adding the ingredients like beetroot etc. to this soup will enhance the body’s iron holding capacity and you will get relieved against Anaemia.

11. Ripe Banana Salad:-
Consume ripe bananas daily in the form of salad either after mixing the slices with milk and honey or in the form of juice. Bananas serve to be the best natural fruit option to treat a person against Anaemia. The other names in this list include the ones like Blackstrap molasses, pomegranate, parsley etc. You can also make a mix fruit salad with these fruits.

12. Black Currant for Anaemia:-
Blackcurrant berries are rich in the content of Vitamin-C. They are also rich in the content of Iron. Because if the same reason, people use them for making jams, ice creams, jellies and syrup etc. Blackcurrant can be consumed after removing seeds soaking it overnight to relieve a person against Anaemia.

13. Consume Nuts and Legumes as A between Meal Snacks:-
Start consuming Grains, Lentils and beans in your diet.  It is better if you consume whole grains. Besides this, you can consume nuts and legumes as well. This should be done with a monitored and observed food chart while consuming only the required amount of iron to maintain a balance or harmony within the body.

14. Almonds, Raisins and Prumes:-
Soak some almonds, Raisins and Prumes overnight and then blend them up with milk. These ingredients are proven to bring about the desired improvement in your blood circulation and also to relieve a person against Anaemia. Almonds are rather a good source of protein and thus they help you strengthen yourself as well.

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