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Top 12 Natural Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is a disorder in which a person experiences shortness of breath. It is a disease of the airways of the lungs. A person with Asthma experiences an asphyxiation of breath or obstruction of airflow with the episodes of wheezing, coughing, tightness of chest and shortness of breath. Asthma gets unbearable sometimes for a sufferer. People take Asthma as a disease with no cure but nothing is impossible in this world. Cure of Asthma is possible with simple home based remedies. Allergens and irritants keep troubling a person for long go. An Asthma affected person has to depend on inhalers for having proper breath. A patient in several cases also needs to be hospitalized. Asthma affects millions of people every year. In order to cure this disorder of breath, the following home remedies can be bought in use:-

1. Ginger to reduce the inflammation of airways:-
Asthma mostly occurs with an obstruction of airways and inflammation. This contraction and inhibition of airways can be best cured with ginger.  It reduces the inflammation and obstruction of airways to let you breathe freely.  It also makes your muscles feel relaxed from the effect of asthma drugs. Ginger juice mixed with pomegranate extract and honey is simply the best remedy against Asthma.

2. Figs to promote respiratory health:-
Figs help drain phlegm and aid you against difficulty in breathing. Dried figs soaked in water overnight should be consumed daily by a patient of asthma. Figs should be consumed with an empty stomach. Eating figs daily can bring desired results in a time covering less than a month. If Phlegm still persists, you should immediately consult your health expert.

3. Garlic to treat congestion of lungs:-

Garlic is the product of a bulbous plant from the onion genus of plants.  Garlic proves helpful against thee congestion of lungs. It is also an effective remedy against Asthma at an early stage. Garlic juice should be consumed daily to cure Asthma naturally. Garlic is rich in antimicrobial properties and thus it also saves you against all sorts of microbial infections as well.

4. Have some coffee to get caffeine for your body:-

The caffeine content in coffee helps to control Asthma attacks by acting as a bronchodilator. Thee caffeine content in coffee makes it easier for you to breathe and it clears your nasal passages as well as your airways to make you breathe easier. A prolonged consumption of caffeine can bring adverse results and thus caffeine rich products should be consumed only in a desired limit.

5. Have carotenoids in your diet:-
Look for the food items rich in the content of carotenoids. This is the same content which imparts reddish color to veggies you eat. This content of carotenoids has been found helpful in reducing the chances of asthma attacks. You should increase your intake of vegetables like carrots, sweet potato and leafy greens etc. to get rid of frequent asthma attacks.

6. Have a Mustard Oil Massage:-

A massage with preheated mustard oil added with a bit of camphor in it has the ability to clear every sort of obstruction in the respiratory passages and restores normal breathing for you.
Massage this oil on your entire part of chest regularly several times a day and see the effects yourself This will let your chest function better and your respiratory system would get revived as well.

7. Include Food Items with Folate in Your Diet:-

Another best way to revive yourself against Asthma is to include food items with folate content in your diet. It reduces allergic reactions and inflammation in your body. This includes the list of vegetables like beans, nuts and green leafy vegetables. Consume these products regularly to get quench your body’s need for the folate content.

8. Consume Fruits and Vegetables Rich in Magnesium:-

It has been found in a survey that people with low levels of Magnesium in their body fall a prey more to disorders like Asthma. You should thus increase your intake of Magnesium to lower down your risk of this disease. The presence of Magnesium in your food rather allows the air to get into lungs and function more easily and thus presence of Magnesium in your food is a boon against Asthma.

9. Consume food items rich in antioxidants:-A patient of Asthma should consume food items rich in the content of antioxidants. This helps them get cured against inflammation. They should also consume food items with antimicrobial properties to fight all sort of microbial and bacterial infections. Garlic, Onion and Mustard seeds are some such consumables with antimicrobial properties.

10. Consume food items rich in Omega-3:-
A patient of Asthma should also consume food items rich in the content of Omega-3 fatty acids. The content of Omega-3 is found the most in fishes like tuna and salmon. Vegetarians can consume nuts and seeds for this purpose.  Omega-3 reduces your chances of inflammation and helps in improving the functioning of your respiratory system.

11. Avoid Consuming Anything That Worsens Your Condition:-People who suffer Asthma should eliminate the consumables like processed and refined food products from their life. People not consuming such products fall a prey to inflammation in less cases. Instead of such food items, you should rely completely on fresh fruits, leafy greens and vegetables.

12. Adopt Changes with Lifestyle:-
Some changes should be made with the lifestyle of such a person. He or she should be careful about the allergens and suffocates. Such a person should be careful about physical activity in his/her schedule and they should try to stay active for long. Such a person should always keep a spare inhaler in his/her drawer. He or she should be careful even about the slightest of changes in his/her diet or schedule.

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