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Avacado Benefits
Avacado Benefits

Avacado : Health benefits and side effects /Sunildahiya.com

Avocado is the large berry fruit containing a single seed obtained from a flowering plant. Most commonly, they have a green color and a fleshy body. They are shaped somewhat like a pear or egg. Avocados are eaten mainly because they are rich in Potassium and Vitamin-D. The seeds of an avocado is used for making medicines. Avocados have countless health benefits for humans and though associated with some side effects, avocados suit the best for humans and fit in approximately every working diet plan. Avocados have lower levels of cholesterol and they serve many health-based purposes for mankind. In this article, we are going to look at the very same aspects related with an avocado:-

1. Lowers Down Your Levels Of Cholesterol:-
First of all, I would like to tell you that avocado has an abundance of fiber content in it which makes avocado an awesome consumable to lower down the levels of bad cholesterol in the human body. It also has the ability to repair human bones.

2. Brings About the Desired Improvement in Sexual Drive:-
People with a body lagging behind in the terms of sexual drive get an advantage here as avocadoes also have the ability to bring about the desired improvement in a person’s sexual drive. Sexual drive is also called Libido. So if your doctor says you are lagging behind in the terms of libido, you should start consuming avocadoes after consulting about the consumption from your sexual health doctor.

3. Stimulates the Menstrual Flow:-
Consuming avocadoes keeps your menstrual cycle normal. Avocadoes can’t just improve a person’s sexual drive but these also have a power to stimulate the menstrual flow and thus one can consume avocadoes to stimulate the menstrual flow as well.

4. Treats Osteoarthritis:-
Osteoarthritis refers to the inflammation of joints that results from the degeneration of the bone cartilage. Being able to repair the flaws in human bones, Avocadoes also have the ability to treat bone disorders like osteoarthritis and other such disorders.

5. Treats Dysentery and Diarrhea: –
Every part of avocado is equally healthy and beneficial for us humans. This includes its seeds, leaves and bark. These parts of an avocado have been mentioned helpful in treating disorders like dysentery and diarrhea.

6. Provides A Soothing And Healing Kind Of Effect: –
Avocadoes provide a soothing and healing kind of effect against inflammation. Avocadoes are also beneficial for skin repair. Women make facial masks with avocadoes to enjoy this soothing and healing kind of effect on their skin.

7. Treats Gum Infections:-
If you have bacteria in your mouth, this can lead to gum infections and bad breath problem. Avocadoes suit the best for such problems and we can use them to treat gum infections.

8. Fruit Pulp Promotes Hair Growth:-
The avocado fruit pulp has the power to promote hair growth. Just drink a cup of avocado juice everyday or consume its fleshy pulp. You can also apply the juice/ pulp directly on your hair to enhance and promote hair growth.

9. Effective Remedy against Toothache:-
Avocadoes not just fight tooth problems like gum infections and bad breath but this fruit also works like an effective remedy against toothache. People who experience a pain in their teeth can use it as a home remedy.

10. Helpful against Psoriasis:-
Psoriasis is one of the most common problem skin disorders in humans. It commonly occurs on the areas like knees, elbows and scalp. If you are also suffering from the same problem, you can use avocado pulp or its juice to cure the skin condition.

Side Effects of Avocado:-
Though being a very effective remedy and health substitute for humans, yet avocadoes have certain limitations of usage in the form of side effects. Here are some such side effects of consuming avocadoes in a wrong way:-

1. Pregnant Women Please Stay Away:-
During pregnancy, consuming avocadoes can reduce the production of milk by your mammary glands. Consuming avocadoes in an excess can even damage them. So you should stay away from consuming avocadoes during pregnancy.

2. Avoid If You Are Hypersensitive:-
Hypersensitive people or people allergic to specific plant or plant product should not consume avocadoes as it might result in vomiting or a skin reaction in such cases. Sometimes; consuming avocadoes can result in allergies like hives, itching and irritation. It can also lead to eczema if consumed in an excess in some cases. Some people also relate it with nausea, flu, gastrointestinal disorders, migraine, fever, drowsiness and asthma. You should never consume avocadoes without consulting your doctor if you are suffering from any specific allergy or sensitive disorder.

3. Avoid if you are sensitive to latex:-
Not just people allergic to plant/plant products should avoid consuming avocadoes but also those who are sensitive to latex should avoid it. Avocado consumption increases the level of serum lgE antibodies in the bodies which might result in an allergic reaction in such people. Consuming avocadoes in an excess is sometimes also related with mouth allergies. It can also make your tongue swell in such cases.

4. A Damage to Liver:-
Avocados can really damage your liver health if consumed in the form of oil. Avocados have been tested time and again to show carcinogenic reactions. Thus if you have a weak liver, you should never consume avocados at all. Though avocados reduce cholesterol from the human body, this might prove to be disadvantage as well. Avocados are also rich in Beta-sitosterol which absorbs the necessary cholesterol (good cholesterol) from the body.

5. Highly Rich in Calories:-
Avocados are highly rich in calories which means that consuming avocados in excess can really make you gain weight and this weight might become difficult to tackle sometimes when you are consuming calories more than the amount of calories burnt during everyday’s exercises and workout.  Avocados in short; are good if consumed in a low or moderate recommended amount and consuming them might result in side effects if you are consuming this fruit in a more than moderate limit.

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