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back pain
back pain

Back Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Back Pain is a very common problem for those who work. A prolonged sitting on the same single bench or chair brings the worst of it. A pain in back causes discomfort to workers and this is the only reason why most workers start hating their jobs. A back pain that goes persisting becomes unbearable. Back pain is associated with the health of bones, especially the back bone. It can also be associated with the ligaments and muscles. People with back pain often complaint about it but still if it persists, then you need to adopt some changes in life.

Treatment is in the cause itself
The best place to begin charity is to begin it at home and when we talk about the cure of any problem, the best place to cure it is to cure it at home as home is the place where we live and the environment of this place is totally responsible for our health, harmony and well being. You should double check all the below listed factors to cure yourself against back pain:-

1. Check If You Are Getting Obese:-
To cure back pain, you should first have a look at yourself in the mirror to check if you are getting obese. If you are getting obese, then this might be the reason why you are experiencing back pain. It has been found in a survey that people who are overweighed experience back pain more than normal people.

2. Be Careful About Your Job Environment:-
I have been working in I.T sector since past five years and I have seen many ups and downs in my life because of this job. Earlier, my seniors used to tell me that job in the I.T sector leaves you handicapped because you have to sit continuously for 7-8 hours on the same chair while working on your computer and this leaves you in a painful condition. Some of them also threatened me on the name of a backbone surgery and I was almost about to leave my job. Then came my boss who reminded me that these factors are always dependent on your working environment. He asked me to take short walking breaks in between. He also asked me to keep a pillow at my backside while sitting on my working chair. This added comfort to my job routine and I never experienced the problem of back pain again. If your company does n’t allow you to use a pillow on your chair while working, you can shift to a comfortable rotating chair or a chair with adjustable back while working.

3. Back Pain during Pregnancy:-
Back pain during pregnancy is very common. A female body undergoes many changes during this time which make her experience so. If you are in the stage of pregnancy, then back pain is quite normal. If you still think it to be abnormal, then you can meet a specialist of bones.

4. The Age Factor:-
Our bones get weak after crossing a certain age. Bones work like a machinery. Just like an engine has fluid filled in it which works as a lubricant, even our bones have the same mechanism for their functioning. Calcium is the main constituent in this mechanism and the loss of calcium with growing age always results in weakness of bones. People in an old age often complaint about frequent joint pain, back pain and other such similar conditions. Massaging the target points with warm oils, pig fat and other such pain relieving ointments serves to be the best pain relieving treatment in such times.

5.  Factors like Depression and Anxiety:-
Anxiety increases muscle tension and this increases muscle pain. Muscles in the back portion of a human get tense during stress. Similar changes happen when a person is suffering from Depression. These factors can also result in back pain in case of some people. If you are feeling depressed or anxious, your first effort should be to relieve yourself against it.

6. For Those Who Workout:-
Craze for gyms, weight, barbells, dumbbells and workout has increased in the 21st century as it makes us look attractive. Some people from the group called ‘youth’ join these gyms or workout spaces with an urge to gain 6pack abs, cuts, biceps and triceps but follow wrong techniques while weight lifting without any surveillance of a proper trainer. These people are also likely to complaint about back pain and doing workout with wrong machines or in a wrong way always makes the muscles stressed.

7. Check If Your Mattress Is a Bad One:-
If the mattress you use is not supportive enough for your back, this might also result in back pain. Choose only a mattress that keeps your spine straight. Never compromise on comfort even if it costs you some bucks extra. Be cautious about the comfort of your pillow, quilts and bed as well. Work out also on your posture as a bad posture always invites back pain.

8. Proper Exercises and Adequate Rest:-
lack of proper rest and exercise can also result in back pain. If you keep lying all the time with no work in your schedule, this will make your bones habitual of not working. Thus exercises are necessary but if you keep yourself busy in some manual labour all the time with no rest at all, then this will also spoil your bone health. Rest and exercising, both are equally important for bone health and also to keep back pain at bay.

9. Never bend awkwardly:-
Some people have so bad posture that they literally strain their muscles and ligaments while doing anything. Their bending style is so awkward that it invites back pain. You should be careful about your bending or stretching style while pushing, pulling, carrying or lifting anything. You should keep in mind that you don’t need to over-stretch yourself. Over stretching or over bending the body can also result in back pain.

10. Eat food that strengthens your bones, muscles and ligaments:-

Last but not the least; you should make some changes with what you eat. You should eat whatever strengthens your bones, muscles and ligaments to cure back pain. This includes the list of items like cheese, milk, yoghurt etc. Your diet should also be rich in proteins as proteins strengthen your muscles and ligaments.


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