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Banana and Milk
Banana and Milk

How Banana and Milk tigether Is Beneficial for Us

Banana and Milk together make a good source of energy for a person. Banana is considered pious in every religion because of its nutrients and vitamins. Banana is also rich in the content of Vitamin-A, carbohydrates and iron as well as proteins which is also found in milk. Banana is rather available throughout the year every month and in every season. Banana enhances proper flow of blood in a person and provide him with the daily calcium, potassium and other such nutrient needs. Bananas boost your memory and quench your thirst within minutes. Banana thus makes a complete diet plan for a person in every stage of life. Some benefits of banana and milk can be characterized as follows
: –

1. Complete Body Building Combination:-

Banana and milk both work as a powerhouse of proteins as both these consumables contain protein in maximum amount. If you are on a workout diet, a combination of banana with milk would work the best for you. Just make a glass of banana milk shake for yourself at least half an hour before or after workout and drink it. This will boost and tone your body muscles giving you more strength than ever. You never need any market based protein supplement if you consume milk along with bananas daily. Protein supplement is rather something too artificial while bananas consumed with milk is too real for human body.
2. Banana and Milk Soothe Digestion and Cure Gas:-
It has been seen time and again that people consuming banana and milk have better digestion than the others not doing so. A mixture of banana and milk if consumed daily cures you against maximum problems related with digestion. This includes the problems like gas, indigestion, bloating etc. Banana shake soothes your digestion and prevents stomach gas from getting formed in an excess.

3. Better Than Even Apple:-
An apple a day keeps the doctor away but a glass full of banana milk shake provides your body with more vitamin-A than even an apple can provide you with. It is also an awesome source of other nutrients like Phosphorus, Carbohydrates etc. Banana is thus a complete food and cure against health problems like Anaemia. Only two to three bananas consumed with milk prove enough to quench an average person’s hunger within minutes. Even doctors recommend bananas to be eaten everyday in order to stay healthy and wise.

4. Quickly Boosts Your Energy Level:-

If you are feeling exhausted, just drink energy drink made using milk and banana as one of its constituents. You can make an awesome glass of smoothie with it. This works well to boost your energy level and prevents you from developing other problems like nausea, tiredness etc.  Eating bananas with milk improves your memory power and makes you more immune against health issues like anaemia day by day.

5. Improves Weight Gain in Less Weighing People:-

If you are an under weighted person, banana shake is simply the best choice to make for you. Banana when consumed along with milk helps you to gain instant energy besides bringing about the desired improvement in your weight. Consuming bananas with milk is also advisable for the patients of diabetes as it is less rich in sugar than sugar itself. Bananas and milk provide you with a soothing kind of effect against bowel movements and keep you stable throughout the day.

6. Helps in Lowering Your Blood Pressure:-
If you are suffering from the problem of blood pressure, then banana and milk is simply the perfect combination for you. Banana is an awesome source of Potassium and salts that prove helpful in the cure of problems like hypertension related with blood pressure. It rather also prevents your risk of stroke and various other heart related disorders as well. A mixture of banana with milk if consumed daily in a limited amount has the capacity to cure a person against risk of heart attacks also.

7. Promotes a Healthy Growth of Bones and Teeth:-
Milk is rich in Calcium which is one of the key role players in the formation and strengthening of your bones and teeth. Banana and milk if consumed together thus have the power to strengthen your weakening bones and teeth also. This combination rather also minimises the bad impacts of sodium and enhance your oral and bone health. Banana with milk ensures proper contraction of muscles and smooth nervous functioning. This combination also promotes your metabolism.

8. A Good Probiotic Drink to keep your gut healthy:-
‘Buttermilk’ which is itself a by-product obtained from milk is an individual good Probiotic drink. Same is the case with curd and yoghurt. Banana also is rich in these Probiotic bacteria which absorb Calcium and this promotes bone health. These bacteria also crowd out the bad bacteria out from the body and hence prove helpful in preventing digestive disorders. Banana is rather a cheap and easily available fruit. It gets blended with milk easily.

9. Panacea against Ulcers of Stomach:-
Banana and milk together work well against ulcers of stomach. This provides about an antacid kind of effect and prevents stomach problems. Banana and milk together work well to cure problems like ulcers of stomach, gastric cancers and to prevent ulcers from taking place. Mucous production in the inner lining of stomach in case of ulcers is also treated well by consuming bananas with milk. Peptic ulcers, normal ulcers and effects because of ulcers are all treated well by consuming bananas with milk.

10. Promotes Digestive Functions and Keep Your Mood Regulated:-
Banana mixed with milk proves to work as a good energy drink. It is rather a good immunity booster and mood regulating drink also. The content of fibre present in bananas helps in regulating a person’s digestive system and in promoting his/her overall digestive health. A mix of banana with milk if consumed daily has the power to cure an individual against problems like constipation and diarrhoea as well.


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