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16 Brilliant Health benefits of Banana : Diet Plans and safety precautions

Banana is a fruit that is obtained from a herbaceous flowering plant. Banana is worshipped in Indian customs and traditions because of its health benefits and medicinal value. Banana is available in approximately all the seasons.  Banana is one of those starchy foods which serve to be a complete food for everyone. Banana is not just eaten as a fruit but as a vegetable as well. Banana is the largest herbaceous plant rich in the content of Potassium.  It is rich in proteins as well as amino acids.  Being extremely delicious and rich in nutrients, banana has both, health benefits as well as medicinal benefits. Still there are some precautions that need to be followed while consuming bananas to avoid any kind of side effects. All such facts about bananas have been illustrated by us in this article:-

Health Benefits Of Banana

Bananas have been worshiped by people since ages. Some also believe that there is some soul present in banana plant which is responsible for its health benefits. Some such health benefits of banana consumption have been listed here:-

1. Banana is a rich source of Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Vitamin-B6, Vitamin-C and other such nutrients which prove essential for humans and humankind.

2. A single banana is rich in a very low amount of calories say. Only 100-105 calories per every single banana. There is a very little or ‘No’ amount of fats in banana. Thus it can be used as a complete food for a person who is working out.

3. The sugar levels in a banana are moderate and not very high. It is a healthy, sweet and less sugary choice to make for diabetic patients.

4. Bananas are also rich in the content of soluble fiber and starch.  These are digested slowly and thus a person is very likely to feel fuller and less hungry after consuming bananas.

5.  Dietary soluble fibers present in bananas enhance the process of digestion and keeps you away from digestive problems.

6. Certain features in bananas make it a complete food for weight loss. It makes you feel less hungry and helps you reduce weight in a favourable way.

7. Bananas have also been found helpful in enhancing the heart health. Now as there is a very little or ‘No’ fat present in bananas, they serve to be the best fat free food for humans.

8. Bananas aid digestion, kill heavy metals and remove toxins from the body. Banana can thus be taken as a complete immunity booster food for all.

Medicinal Benefits of Banana

Banana is not just a fruit or vegetable, it is rather also an awesome medicine for people. Consuming bananas is thought to improve your survival chances against diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure and many other such problems which prove to be troublesome for humans. Some such medicinal benefits of banana consumption have been listed here:-

1. The presence of Potassium in bananas makes them a working medicine against heart problems and blood pressure.

2. Bananas improve your insulin sensitivity and thus they can also be used as a medicine against diabetes.  Especially unripe bananas suit the best in such situations.

3. The presence of Potassium content in banana has also been found helpful in improved kidney functions.

4. Bananas have a high level of ‘tryptophan’ which further gets converted to serotonin.  It helps to keep your mood happy and relieves you against stress.

5. Banana is highly rich in the content of iron and thus it can also be used as a medicine against anaemia disease. Women in pregnancy experience this ailment the most. They can consume bananas after consulting their doctor about it.

6. Bananas can also be eaten as a home remedy to acidity. They treat problems like heartburn and help you stay healthy.

7. Bananas can also be recommended for persons suffering from ulcers.

8. Banana is an effective remedy against kidney cancer and macular degeneration of human eyes.  Banana rather increases the calcium absorption of human bones and makes them stronger than before.


Diet plans and fields where banana is used

Almost every person who needs a diet less rich in sugar, more rich in health benefits and having less or nearly ‘no’ fats in it will shift to bananas.  Here are some diet plans which include bananas as one of their best ingredients:-

1. Banana is used in textile industry for the quality content of fiber that it is rich in.

2. An individual who is on a workout diet is always recommended to mix banana with milk and consume it as a workout diet at least one hour before or after exercising or weight lifting. Milk enhances the protein content of this diet and bananas enhance the other such nutrients essential for health.

3. The presence of pectin in bananas makes them a home remedy against colon cancer.

4. Athletes are often recommended a diet with bananas added in it. It is rather a complete athlete food.

5. Presence of less sugar in bananas makes them a perfect food for diabetic patients or those living with a fear of diabetes.

6. Banana is a perfect food for those who are habitual of skipping their meals. It makes them feel less hungry when they sit for the next meal and makes them eat less. This helps in weight management.


Safety Precautions While Consuming Bananas

Banana consumption has also been linked with some side effects if consumed in an access. We should avoid consuming bananas in an access because of the following reasons:-

1. Though banana has lesser calories than other such items but still it has enough calories to make you put on some weight if you eat it in an access. You should thus never consume banana in an access.

2. Some people also complaint about the problems like migraine after consuming bananas in an access.

3. Consuming bananas in an excessive or more than normal amount can lead you to Hyperkalemia which is a condition that results to a person because of excess of Potassium in his body.

4. Being high in starch, excessive banana consumption has also been linked with problems like tooth decay.

5. Some people have also linked excessive banana consumption with nerve damage and abdominal pain.


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