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Amazing Health/Medicinal Benefits of Tulsi(Basil) : Side Effects and Diet Plans

Tulsi or Basil is a plant with medicinal value. This plant has been worshipped since ages for the medicinal value it has. Basil herb is called the ‘King of Herbs’. It is also known by the name ‘Royal Herb’. It is one of the culinary herbs used for past 5,000 years because of its culinary properties in making dishes, cuisines and eatables. Basil is a holy plant which is regarded by the most of herbalists because of its health benefits as well as medicinal benefits. Basil also adds a slight flavor and freshness to any dish served. Even pesto sauce is made adding basil as one of its ingredients. Let’s have a look at some other such aspects related with this herb:-

Medicinal Properties of Basil:-
Being a plant with mesmerizing medicinal values, there are more than hundred medicinal properties in basil, some of which have been mentioned here:-

1. Basil is one of the best medicinal cures against the problems like bacterial and viral infections.

2. Basil has a positive kind of effect for our respiratory system. It mitigates stress and makes us feel relieved against it.

3. Basil is proven helpful also in the treatment of diseases like diabetes and blood pressure as well.

4. Basil juice works well against allergies, pathogens and infections. Basil juice or extract is rather also a working remedy against the toxins that human body produces. Tulsi or Basil is rather a good natural cleanser as well.

5. Basil is used in the form of paste to make herbal and cosmetic products also. Basil or tulsi when applied externally has the power to cure an individual against pimples, acne and other such skin disorders.

6. Basil is a great cleanser, detoxifier and purifying agent. It is very good for skin if applied externally and it works even better if consumed internally.

7. Basil has antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-carcinogenic properties in it. It works like a natural remedy against problems like fever, cold and headache.

8. Basil can be used also as a remedy against sore throat problem. It has proven results against diseases like dengue fever and other such fevers.

9. Tulsi works well against respiratory disorders like Asthma as well. Tulsi enhances digestion and reduces the risk of kidney stones in people.

10.  Tulsi juice is also applied as an external ointment against insect bites.

Health Benefits of Basil:-
A sound mind lives in a healthy body and same is the case with basil. It is not just a working medicine for humans and their ailments/sicknesses but it rather also works as a health potion for them.

1. Tulsi and pepper if consumed daily have the power to improve your immunity. Basil comes up with fortifying effects against diseases like dengue fever and other such fevers.

2. Tulsi Can be used to relieve a person against cough and flu. It helps in eliminating the mucus from bronchitis.

3. Because of its antiseptic properties, tulsi or basil can be used for the treatment of ulcers, cuts and wounds.

4. Basil juice has proven helpful in removing stones from the urinary tract.

5. Basil works well against cardiac diseases. It proves beneficial against heart problems as well.

6. Basil mixed with honey is used as a home remedy against chicken pox, vomiting and bus sickness etc.

7. In patients of diabetes, tulsi or basil juice can also be used to control and normalize the abnormal blood sugar levels.

8. People who consume a few basil leaves regularly never experience flatulence, acidity, constipation and stomach bloating.

9. Basil juice works well in the problems like soreness of eyes and night blindness.

10. Basil is also an anti-carcinogenic substance which means it can help in repair of cells and it can prevent damage of cells as well. Basil juice has been found completely helpful in eliminating a person’s risk of breast cancer and other such cancers.

Diet Plans That Include Basil:-
Basil is given a place in simply every diet plan that focuses on pain relief, fighting signs that result in a person because of seasonal change and other such seasonal sicknesses. Some such diet plans are:-

1. A working gaadha/concoction or medicine is made using basil seeds and basil leaves which works well in making a person fight a person against health issues like cold and cough.

2. Doctors and health experts recommend a person to consume tulsi leaves daily for a better, healthy and immune lifestyle.

3. Tulsi leaves are mixed in milk to make charnamrit in Hindu religion, customs and rituals.

4. Tulsi leaves can be added to normal tea to make it a blend for health.

5. Basil juice is recommended when a person suffers from bad breath or any other tooth/gum related oral problem.

6. People on a quit-smoking program can also try adding basil to their diet. These leaves can also help a person get rid of addiction.

7. People suffering from headache, pain or stress prefer consuming basil tea for a better and quick relief against such problems.

Side Effects of Excessive Consumption:-
Till now, no-one in the world has reported a major side effect because of basil consumption. Still we recommend it to be consumed only for short-term benefits if someone is suffering from any kind of plant allergy. Basil is safe for others but still it is better if you consult your doctor if you have been kept on a medicinal/surgical course.

1. When we talk about the piousness and holiness of holy basil, it is always up to the mark. It is always safe when consumed for a short period of time; Say one month.

2. Usage of basil in pregnancy is not much heard to come up with side effects. Still you can talk with your doctor prior to any consumption though if you have undergone/are to undergo a surgery, it might increase your risk to experience bleeding during and after the surgery.

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