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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Beans and 6 Surprising Risks to consider

‘Bean’ refers to the name given to large seeds of the bean plant which includes the names like soybeans, peas, chickpeas, garbanzo beans, lupins etc. Beans form an inseparable part of pulses family and it can be used as both, a remedy as well as an ingredient in making many health packed consumables. Beans rather cover a major part of all healthy diet plans. Beans are rich in various medicinal and health based usages which make them an inseparable part of every kitchen in the contemporary world. Beans bring us a plethora of health and they can easily fit in any person’s kitchen. Many of these health benefits, medicinal benefits, remedies etc. stay veiled from the sight of common people because of lack of knowledge and awareness. Let us discuss some facts about ‘beans’ in our today’s exchange of information:-

A Handful of Beans Can Bring A Plethora of Health Benefits to you:-
Beans serve to be an inseparable part of every diet plan. This is because of the fact that beans are rich in proteins, fiber, antioxidants and other such nutrients and Vitamins.

  • Beans are easily available and easily consumed:-
    The best benefit of beans is that they don’t cost too much out of our pockets for making a purchase. We can consume them in canned, frozen, dry, cooked, roasted and simply every other form. Though home prepared beans are better than ready-prepared market based canned beans.
  • Beans Are Rich in Fiber Which Keeps Your Heart Health Normal:-
    According to a health expert, beans contain fiber which keeps your cholesterol level normal and thus beans prove to be an awesome choice when we talk about the heart health. Besides this, there is only few or nearly ‘No’ cholesterol and fat in beans.
  • Beans Contain the Perfect Amount of Proteins Needed By Your Body:-
    Beans are health packed with proteins which serves to be a compulsory ingredient of every health conscious person’s diet. Most of the body builders prefer consuming a diet rich in proteins for better nourishment of their muscles. Beans serve to be the best source of proteins to all vegetarians.
  • Beans Make You Immune against the Risk of Chronic Diseases:-
    Consumption of beans has also been found related with less risk of chronic diseases like cancer. People kept on an anti-carcinoma diet are advised to consume beans for faster recovery and to prevent cancer from spreading further. The presence of antioxidants makes beans an awesome choice to fight the growth of harmful free radicals which bring about the growth of cancer cells.
  • Fiber in Beans Makes Metabolism slow and thus makes you feel full:-
    The presence of fiber makes beans metabolize slowly than other complex carbs. This makes beans an awesome choice for all ‘weight loss’ plans. Consuming beans can make you feel full. This makes you eat less and work more.
  • Beans Provide You With The Nutrients Of Daily Need:-
    Besides providing these marvelous and health packed benefits to mankind, beans also serve to be a great source of Copper, folate, iron, magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc and other such nutrients which prove beneficial for human health.
  • Beans Are a Perfect Consumable for a Healthy and Vegetarian Diet:-
    Beans rather serve to be the best consumable for a completely vegetarian, healthy, nourishing and protein rich diet.

    Beans Have Countless Medicinal Uses:-
    Beans have countless medicinal uses. Besides enhancing your heart health and reducing your risk of chronic diseases, it can help you control gas and diabetes. As mentioned earlier, it works well against the diseases like cancer also.
  • Beans Work As a Home Remedy against Gas:-
    Beans can be used as a home remedy against the problem of gas. There is a sugar called ‘Oligo-saccharide’ present in beans which proves helpful in absorbing the gas that gets formed inside the intestinal tract.
  • Beans Save You against the Disease Called Diabetes:-
    According to a report, consuming beans can also improve your survival chances against the disease called diabetes or sugar.

Safety Precaution While Consuming Beans-
Anything consumed in an access is brings equally negative effects for someone as does its consumption in lack or less than required amount. Same is the case with beans. You should consume only a limited and recommended amount of beans in your diet. There are certain safety precautions that need to be followed while consuming beans and these can be listed as follows:-

  • Not Advisable to Be Eaten If You Are Suffering From Gout:-
    People suffering from gout should consume beans only after consulting with their doctor or a good health specialist. A diet rich in lentils, beans and dried peas is often not advisable to be consumed by people suffering from gout.
  • Beans Trigger Flatulence:-
    In some cases, people consuming dried beans, lentils and peas have also reported the problem of flatulence with them.
  • Beans and Breastfeeding:-
    If you are a mother breastfeeding your baby, you can still consume beans as there is no major problem seen with mothers consuming beans during this time. It rather proves beneficial for their health during this time. Some beans like fava beans are not advisable to be consumed if you are suffering from depression. Certain beans if eaten can also make your baby feel gassy. These should also be avoided.
  • Beans can interfere With the Absorption of Vitamins:-
    Beans like Soyabean can interfere with the absorption of Vitamins in your body. You should overcome this need by consuming more fruits and vegetables rich in these nutrients.
  • Some Beans Might Trigger Migraine:-
    Some beans might trigger migraine and minor allergies in some people. You should avoid consuming these beans. If you suffer from migraine or allergy after consuming beans, it’s the high time you should consult this with your doctor and eliminate the cause from your diet.
  • Consuming Beans Is Also Associated With Blood Pressure:-
    Some people also associate consumption of beans with an increased blood pressure risk. If you are a patient of blood pressure, you should consume beans only after consulting it with your doctor.

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