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Garlic and Honey
Garlic and Honey

7 Amazing Beauty Tips Of Garlic and Honey

Beauty Tips Of Garlic and Honey
Garlic and Honey have been used since ages by humans for both, medicinal and beauty purposes but when we talk about Garlic for beauty, most of the people reject it because of its smell. Well, if you are also doing the same, you are very much mistaken as a lotus always grows in the mud. Garlic is believed to be beneficial for human skin for more than past one millennium. Garlic has a blend of Antibiotic, Antiviral, Antiseptic, Antifungal and Germicidal properties in it and thus it is a pro for your skin health. Moreover, Garlic oil or Garlic juice when mixed with honey becomes a perfect blend for health and thus we can say that Garlic and Honey together make the best combo for your health as well as beauty.

Stay Youthful for Long:-
Garlic and Honey both, act as a hub of antioxidants. It has been clinically proven that any food item rich in the content of antioxidants will really help you reduce about the number of free-radicals in your body and sideways, it will help you stay youthful for long. Besides this, it has been found that ginger helps you reduce weight and thus you can consume ginger juice daily after mixing it up with a favorable amount of honey. A mixture of Garlic juice and honey can also protect your skin against ageing. Garlic oil is also used as an ingredient in making moisturizers or moisturizing masks and thus you can use it as a natural moisturizer for your skin after mixing it with a few drops of honey.

Help You Fight Persisting Wrinkles:-
There is a content of Sulphur in Garlic which is proven to be effective against persisting wrinkles. Just grate some cloves of fresh garlic and the squeeze them up to take the juice out. Now mix half teaspoon of honey with every three to four teaspoons of garlic juice and then apply it directly on the area of your face with wrinkles on it. This will help you fight persisting wrinkles and soon those wrinkles will start diminishing.

Flush out the Harmful Toxins out From Your Body:-
Our body produces some harmful toxins which if not removed, prove harmful for our body’s functioning. These harmful toxins can be removed easily if we start consuming garlic-honey paste daily. Garlic is easily available on all major vegetable shops. If it is not available in your region, you can switch to garlic oil or garlic juice mixing it with a favorable portion of honey to enhance its taste.

Beneficial in the Treatment of Skin Sores:-
Some people complaint about inflammation of skin. Some also complaint about Itching or sores. I had mentioned it earlier also that garlic is rich in antiseptic, antifungal, germicidal and antiviral properties. It basically helps you keep all the skin allergens and bacteria, viruses or other such problem causing agents out and away from your skin thus keeping it free from sores and itching. It has rather been proven that garlic juice has a favorable anti-inflammatory effect which makes it an ideal substitute for inflammation problem.

Help in the Removal of Blackheads & Whiteheads:-
Some people complaint about frequently occurring moles on their skin while some others complaint about the problem of blackheads & Whiteheads. If you are also suffering from one of these problems, make a mix of lemon juice, honey and garlic juice and start applying it daily on the affected area of your skin. You will soon experience a reduced number of moles and your skin will become softer than ever.

Beautiful Hair, Beautiful You: –
Who doesn’t wish to have beautiful hair? Beautiful hair is half the beauty a person worths. Some people complaint about scalp problems, itching head, hair loss etc. while the others complaint about dandruff problem. Garlic and Honey together make a perfect blend for all these hair problems. You can use this combination as a scalp treatment therapy, a dandruff treatment therapy and even a hair-loss therapy. Just take a teaspoon of Garlic oil daily and mix it with a few drops of honey. Massage your hair from tip to scalp with this formulation once a week and leave your hair unwashed for at least fifteen minutes. You will soon get rid of itchy scalp and dandruff problem. This will rather strengthen your hair and make them free from hairfall problem.

Say ‘Get Lost’ To Pimples:-
If you are suffering from the problem of never going pimples, honey and garlic is the best formula for you. Take a few fresh cloves of Garlic and Convert it to thick paste after boiling. Add a few drops of honey to it and make a mix. Apply this paste daily on the pimple affected area to get rid of pimples. Keep it applied for at-least ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse it off with water. This will not just make your skin free from pimples but rather also give you a glowing skin.

Stretch Marks Can’t Trouble You Anymore: –
Birth Marks or Stretch Marks don’t go off so easily. If you are fed up with the never going stretch marks or birth marks, you should try a combo of fresh and hot garlic oil mixed with a few drops of honey massaging it daily on the affected area of your skin. If you don’t have garlic oil, use your ordinary oil boiling a few cloves of garlic in it. Juice of raw garlic cloves can also be applied directly on the stretch marks affected skin.

Get Rid of Dull and Easy to Break Nails:-
Some people have so dull and brittle nails that every time someone touches their fingers, they literally cry over the issue of nail breakage. Women especially nurture their nails with utmost care and they are ready to provide every sort of nourishment to their nails for making them look presentable. In such a case, you can use Garlic oil or Garlic juice mixed with a few drops of honey to massage your nails daily. This will make your nails more strengthened than ever. If your nails have become yellowish, you can apply garlic oil mixed with honey on your nails to get rid of this yellowishness.

The Best Treatment for summers and winters:-
Garlic and Honey keep you beautiful for a long go. They help you in summers as well as winters. Most people complaint about the problem of sunburn during summers while others complaint about the side effects of cold during winters. In winters, you feel less warm and this makes your skin harsh. In such a time, you can make a mix of garlic oil and honey or you can fry some cloves of garlic into cooking oil to massage your skin with it. This will help you stay warm for long and your skin won’t feel harsh during winters. During summers, Honey mixed with garlic juice and Aloe Vera juice helps to restore the hydration of your skin and thus prevents your skin against sunburn problem. Garlic has a warm essence and it can thus also be used as a warm baby massage therapy for babies within the age of one month to one year. You can also use this combination as winter syrup. You can consume it daily even if you are not ill to get additional warmth and to keep your skin soft and healthy.

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