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Bed wetting a major concern : Parents does Mistakes while caring their child

Bedwetting or Nocturnal Enuresis is an involuntary kind of urination in humans which takes place when a person is asleep. The same condition results in kids as well. Bedwetting is considered normal till the time baby is an infant but as soon as it starts growing up, bedwetting becomes a disorder that if not cured, becomes a habit. Bedwetting is the most common complaint in kids and small infants/children. Kids never urinate in the bed out of laziness but instead it happens because of a small bladder or unmatured bladder. If you are worried about the bedwetting habit of your kids, the following remedies can be adopted to cure it in a natural manner:-

  1. Make Your Kid Chew A Cinnamon Stick:-
    If your kid is a little bit grown up in age, you can make him/her chew a cinnamon stick daily to cure frequent urination or bed wetting. Cinnamon is a kitchen spice that helps in keeping the body warm. You can also feed your child with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder mixed in honey,
  2. Amla juice & Cranberry juice against bedwetting:-
    Extract some juice out from Amla (Indian gooseberry) or cranberries and mix it up with a little bit of honey to convert it into syrup. Feed your baby with this syrup daily. You can also make your kid eat raw Amlas’ directly for better results. Amla is one of the best remedies against bed wetting. Both these juices are good for the bladder and help in strengthening it.
  3. Feed your kid with walnut, almonds raisins and nuts:-
    Walnuts, raisins and nuts are not only consumed as an in-between meal snack only but rather these are also used as a cure against bedwetting. Just a few raisins, almonds and a few walnuts eaten before sleep can reduce your kid’s chances of bedwetting within just a week. Your kid won’t even refuse from eating these products as these don’t have bad taste.
  4. Ask your kid to hold off for some time:-
    Tell your kid to hold off for some time when he/she goes to the bathroom and the urge to urinate begins. This will train his/her organ how to control the release of urine and in a slow but steady manner; his/her habit of bedwetting will also be brought under control. The approach we told you in this step is a great bladder training exercise. This exercise proves helpful not only for kids but for grownups as well.
  5. Design a less bed-wetting diet plan for your kid:-
    Design a less bed-wetting diet plan for your kid adding leafy vegetables and fiber rich consumables in it. Make your kid eat a banana before going to bed. This will relieve the kid against frequent urination and bedwetting at night. Similarly, chewing Parsley leaves daily might also bring the similar kind of benefits to your kid. Never let your kid eat anything spicy. It will dehydrate his body and he will drink more fluids because of this. More fluids means more urination and thus if your kid is habitual of eating spicy foods, you should eliminate them from his diet.
  6. Be careful about these precautions:-
    Never let your child consume chocolates, sweets or other such products if your child has a habit of bed-wetting. Even if you let him eat these products, limit the amount of consumption at least. Also avoid feeding your kid with the products like meat, and preservative added food items. Avoid feeding your kid with any kind of liquid when he/ she goes to sleep. Make your kid habitual of using the toilet and of using it to urinate before going to bed.
  7. Massage your kid’s lower abdomen:-
    Take some olive oil and heat it up. Let it cool down till it becomes bearable (Luke Warm) in temperature and then use it to massage your kid’s lower abdomen part of the body. Keep massaging the area gently for a few minutes and follow the same approach daily. Notice if any changes take place within a month.
  8. Convert your kid’s milk into an herbal tonic:-
    The milk you feed your baby with should be added with celery seed powder, jaggery, cinnamon powder, black sesame seeds powder etc. while bringing it to boil. Feed the kid with this milk once it becomes bearable in temperature and this milk will keep his body warm for the entire night during winters. You can also add some mustard seeds powder to this milk to make it a pro against the problem of bed wetting. You should avoid your kid from consuming coffee and normal tea. You should also avoid his consuming any beverage that is rich in the content of caffeine. Chocolates, soft drinks and energy drinks should also be avoided. Instead of these products you can make your kid consume herbal tea.
  9. Check if your kid is suffering from worms in the stomach:-
    Bed wetting is one of the main signs and symptoms when a person is suffering from an infection because of worms in the body. Jaggery mixed with celery seeds is the best treatment for worms in case of kids. You can try feeding your kid with this mixture to see if it comes up with favourable results.
  10. Add honey in milk before giving it to your kid:-
    Honey in milk acts as one of the best home remedies against the problem of bedwetting by kids. Kids rather enjoy the sweet taste of honey and they don’t even refuse from drinking it. Honey is a hub of medicinal properties and it is rather a one time cure for all seasonal ailments that your kid can experience with the change of season as well. Apple cider vinegar will balance the body’s pH value balancing the level of acids in it and this will treat your kid against the urge to urinate. It will also prove effective against the problem of constipation. A mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey in water can also be provided to the kid to bring about a control to his/her urinating habits.

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