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Remedies for Boils
Remedies for Boils

10 Best Amazing Home Remedies for Boils that Really Work

A boil or furuncle is a deep folliculitis or an infection of the hair follicle. The bacterium ‘Staphylococcus Aureus’ results in swelling and formation of Boils. This is accompanied with the formation of puss and nodules. Boils can be caused because of bacterial infection in a hair follicle and also because of other skin ailment causing factors. A boil can sometimes get red, painful & increased in size. Sometimes it can also be accompanied with fever. In other words, we can say that a boil is a pimple with pus. A person with boils on his/her skin often looks awkward. Boils may occur on any part of the skin including breasts, scalp, back, head, underarms etc. If you are also facing boils on one such area of your skin, you can bring the following remedies in use to cure yourself against boils:-

1. Use a Warm Compress:-
Take a wash cloth and dip it in warm water added with salt in it. Now use this wash cloth as a warm water compress for your skin. Dip it in warm water every time and use it on the boil affected area of your skin. Practice the same approach daily and you will find that the boils are diminishing each coming day. Sometimes, even the cold compress technique proves effective in such cases and thus you can rely on an ice pack as well.

2. Apply Neem Tree Powder:-
Chisel up some portion out of the bark of a neem tree and then convert it to powdered form. Now boil this powder in water along with some neem tree leaves to add the goodness of neem juice to it. Use the same water as a face wash for your skin and apply a mixture of this powder on Boils affected area regularly. Neem is rich in antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties which will make your skin free from all the sorts of bacterial infections and the effect of boils. Neem tree is rather a single solution and a name enough medicine for all your skin problems.

3.  Turmeric for the Purification of Blood:-
Add turmeric daily to the milk that you consume before sleeping. This will enhance internal healing. Apply a mixture of turmeric and sandalwood powder on the area of your skin affected with boils to enhance outer or external repair. Turmeric consumed with milk will purify your blood and it will also reduce inflammation of boils. Turmeric rather does n’t invites any side effect and thus it is a completely cheap and effective remedy against skin disorders.

4.  Tea Tree Oil as an Antiseptic:-
Tea tree oil is an awesome antiseptic for all kind of skin issues. It is an ideal remedy also for boils. It enhances the internal healing process with application on outer areas of skin. Only a single drop of tea tree oil is enough for a single boil that occurs on an individual’s skin. Just put the drop on affected surface of skin and then massage it in circular motions. Castor oil can also be used in other cases.

5. Apply Milk or Milk cream:-
Take some milk cream and then add a suitable proportion of turmeric and vinegar in it. Now use this cream as an external ointment on the boil affected area. You can mix some regular wheat flour in this mixture to make it thick and to change it in the form of a paste. You can also use milk directly for this purpose. Just add some wheat flour to it and make a paste to be applied on the affected area of skin. You will soon feel relieved and relaxed against the problem of boils.

6. Onion juice or Garlic juice:-

Onion and Garlic have antimicrobial and antiseptic properties in them. Because of the same reason, these veggies can be bought in use to enhance internal healing for boils. Just take the juice out of these veggies and use it directly on the affected area of your skin. You can also mix some turmeric powder in the juice to convert it in the form of a paste.

7. Kalonji Seeds and Cumin Seeds:-

Take an equal amount of Kalonji seeds and cumin seeds. Grind them in a grinder and then use the powder to convert it in the form of a paste. This paste can be applied externally on the affected area of skin. You can also use kalaunji oil or Cumin oil if available for this purpose.

8. Keep Exfoliating Your Skin daily:-Never squeeze a boil or pinch it up to get rid of it as this might make the situation even worse. Besides this, keep exfoliating your skin on regular basis. Apply egg white directly on the affected part of skin while covering it with a clean cloth. If a boil gets squeezed by mistake, just wash the puss off with water and then wipe off the area with cotton cloth.

9. External Application of Eucalyptus Oil:-
Apply a mixture of eucalyptus oil and slippery elm daily on the boil affected area of skin. Now keep applying the mixture daily till the puss does n’t ejects out. Apply Basil juice on the affected area afterwards. Have a bath daily in water added with Epsom salt in it. This will alleviate the boils slowly.
If you are habitual of using soap while bathing, change it with an antibacterial one or else shift to fuller’s earth cakes for bathing.

10. Use Orange Peel Powder Pack on the Affected Area:-
I always recommend the usage of medicines along with home remedies for a better and faster cure against any disorder of skin. If you are suffering from the problem of boils, I would recommend you to eat antibiotics as a medicine. Besides this, dry the peel taken out from a few oranges under the sun and then convert it into powdered form. Now the same powder can be used as a skin pack after mixing it with glycerin for the treatment of skin boils.


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