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brain development in kids
brain development in kids

What are All Brain Development Activities In Babies

To develop a baby’s thinking ability and brain power, it is very much necessary to follow some minor brain development activities which do not stress the baby’s mind but rather prove to be a chance for the further growth and development of thinking ability in the neonate.  Being a father, I have personally felt and seen that my baby was more active than the others of its age because I and my wife used to communicate with the baby in the language of smiles, signals and talks which was not there in the case of parents who depended on baby-sitters for the care of their baby in their absence. Brain development activities for babies thus play a very vital role in their over-all development and growth. Here are some such activities that you can bring in use for the better over-all development of your baby:-

1. Smile and Let the Baby Smile Back:-
Smile to the baby and let the baby smile back. This is one of the best games being played since ages by people with their babies. We all know that the sight of a baby is in a stage of continuous development and when we pass smile to a baby and the baby smiles back, this means that the baby’s sight has started developing in a better way. Thus it proves to be a great brain development exercise.

2. Learn the Way Your Baby Responds back:-
Whenever someone asks me how to practice a brain development activity with their baby, I simply speak two words ‘Interaction’ and ‘response’. Simply interact with your baby in language of gestures and signals and notice how the baby responds to it. By learning the way your baby responds back, you are able to develop a working bond with the baby and this is simply a great exercise.

3. Talk with Your Baby Even If you know it won’t answer:-
Though we know that babies don’t speak at all, still most of them give answers to your questions in their own way. Some babies would smile when you talk to them, some would simply start chattering words in their own language and the others would make movements with their hands and legs to show that they are interacting with you.

4. Use Exercises Of the Senses:-
In my view, the best brain development exercises in babies includes the ones which involve the usage of senses like Sight, touch, Hearing power, smell etc. and it practicing this all with your baby develops another sense called the sense of Experience. Brain development activities which include the usage of these senses prove to be the most effective ones.

5. Play with Your Child:-
If you have not got my point by now, simply start playing with your baby in any way you like. Take a towel and use it as a removable wall between you and your baby. Now hide yourself once behind this wall and then unhide yourself immediately as the baby looks towards you. Do this several times again and again. This will give the baby an idea that you are trying to play a sort of hide and seek game and the baby would start smiling.

6. While-Eating Games:-
For grown-up babies, we can begin the brain development exercises in the form of ‘while-eating’ games. As the name suggests, you have to play these games with the baby once it starts feeding on the food cooked in the house. Fill the spoon with the baby food or serial and take it closer to the baby’s mouth. Then remove it back and take it closer once again. Do this several times and look if the baby is responding. If the baby has got attached with you, the baby is sure to signal in its own way.

7. Play Pee-Ka-Boo and Other Such Games:-
Pee-ka-boo is one such other game played by parents with their babies. They can also play the while-bath games when they begin teaching bathing manners to their baby. The game of blocks and the game of building and other such games also prove to be the best for growing babies when they get at-least one year old in age. Sometimes, the baby starts recognizing you even with the smell and thus the more you interact with the baby, the more will it recognize you.

8. Read Stories or Poems to Your Baby:-
At this stage of life, you can also begin reciting poems to your baby. I still remember the smile my daughter Kavya (Somyanshi) used to pass me when I used to play the ‘Two rats’ poem on YouTube for her. She was so fond of hearing this poem that whenever she was in a mood to cry, we would play this poem on the laptop and this was enough to make her smile like anything. Some babies also like hearing stories and watching cartoons in this age.

9. Make Bath-Time Experiments:-
Always remember that babies are always in a continuous stage of brain development and thus you can play games based on teaching potty manners, bath time manners and other such manners to them. Remember that the games you play with your baby should be more interactive and less distractive. Learn to keep talking with your baby meanwhile. The more you try to understand your baby’s signals, the more will be the effect and impact of these brain development exercises on the baby.

10. Cuddle at Times with Your Baby:-
Remember to cuddle and kiss your baby for every sign of intelligence he/she shows. Laugh when your baby laughs and find reasons to make your baby smile when it cries. Never keep carrying your baby always in your lap. Let the baby explore the world around by crawling and taking tiny steps. Let the baby roam sometimes freely on the floor and as soon as it learns how to take long steps, this contagious brain development will soon prove to be a sign of furthermore intelligence and understanding that you will see and experience in your baby.

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