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Benefits for Breastfeeding for Mother and Child

No mammal can spare himself from breastfeeding as all mammals have mammary glands which produce milk. Human females also have breasts which produce milk and this milk is very essential for a baby or a neonate in the initial stage of its life. A baby who is not breastfed always remains weaker than the other breastfed ones. One who has not consumed his mother’s milk is always stays prone to diseases and ailments. Breastfed milk has many benefits for health.  Human milk is fed to premature as well as infants. A baby should be breastfed for at least one year. Failing to do so invites furthermore problems for the baby while succeeding in doing so has countless benefits for the baby as well as the mother. Some such benefits can be explained as follows:-

1. Develops a kind of bond between mother and the baby: –
In a report, it has been found that breastfeeding develops a kind of relation between the mother and the baby. Most of the babies would recognize their mothers by just smelling them. Breastfeeding rather also enhances the production of oxytoxin which is a hormone responsible for maternal behaviour. This brings about the desired maternal feelings in a mother and desired love for a mother in a child. Breast fed babies start interacting with their mothers at a very early stage of life.

2.  Breastfeeding Develops emotions: –
Breastfeeding develops favourable emotions in the mother and the child. They both become completely dependent on each other. It rather reduces risk of asthma and allergies in the baby and the risk of many such disorders in the mother. Mothers who breastfeed their babies live happier than the ones not doing so. Babies who are fed by their mothers recognize their mothers easily while those who are not breastfed won’t even recognize their mothers. A baby’s eyesight and other senses are on a stage of constant development as soon as it comes to this world. It is thus very necessary that the baby must learn recognizing its mother with the development of its senses or else it might be difficult for the mother to nourish that baby or to take care of him.

3. Babies need to be held: –
 Most of the babies need to be held or stroked. Babies who are not breastfed need to be cradled while feeding. Babies are born with a sticky tar-like substance called meconium in their intestines. Mother’s breast fed milk has the power to move this substance through the infant’s body and thus a baby should be fed only with the mother’s milk. A mother’s breast fed milk is a complete diet for the baby. No other diet, supplement or juice can replace it ever.

4. Perfect nutrition for all nurslings: –
Mother’s milk is complete and perfect nourishment for all the babies. It enhances growth, health and development of the baby. Breastfed babies are rather more intelligent and perform well academically when they grow up as an adolescent. Breast milk helps to keep the baby immune and healthy. A baby never needs to be fed with any extra nutritional supplement if it is being fed with its mother’s milk.

5. Prevents Cancer of Breasts in Mothers:-
Besides enhancing a baby’s health, breastfed milk has the power to enhance a mother’s health also. Where breastfed babies are immune against allergies and other such health problems, even the mothers get benefitted as it never lets them become a victim of cancer of breasts. It also proves helpful in prevention of nipple sores.

6. Breast milk easily digestible: –
Breast milk is very easily digestible.  A baby can digest it better than any other kind of milk like cow’s milk or goat’s milk. It thus helps in preventing digestive disorders among babies. Human milk is rich in enzymes that aid digestion. Such enzymes are present in cow or goat’s milk in an amount lesser than that of human milk.

7.  Helps You Regain Your Old Figure:-

Pregnancy makes you lose your natural charisma. It makes you look fat and skinny. Nursing your baby with breastfed milk helps you regain back your figure very quickly. Lactating has the power to shrink your uterus quickly. As uterus gets back to its pre-pregnancy size, you gain back your figure. Most of the women are conscious about their figure. Some models also abstain from being pregnant during stage of pregnancy. Such women should try breastfeeding their babies to regain their figure.

8. Protects Against Intestinal Disorders:-
Nursing your baby with breastfed milk protects it against all the intestinal disorders. It keeps the baby healthy and more active. Breastfed babies are comparatively healthier than the ones not fed with breastfed milk.  Breastfed milk is a complete pack of nutrition for the babies. Even the gynaecologists, pregnancy experts and baby health care units recommend a mother to fed their babies with breastfed milk.

9. Not Rich In Chemicals and Not Artificially Produced:-
If you are purchasing milk from a milkman, there are still some chances that he might have added some water, chemicals or artificial whiteners or milk powder to make it thick and in order to earn more money, he might have produced that milk artificially but no mother would ever add chemicals to her breasts before feeding her baby and thus breastfed milk is simply the best choice as it is never rich in chemicals. It can never be produced artificially.

10. Reduces Your Requirement for Insulin:-
Breastfeeding a baby reduces your dependence on insulin. Reduction in insulin dose postpartum is generally greater in breastfeeding people than the ones not doing so. Mother’s milk makes a baby grow faster. A mother should never feed her baby with anything else except milk till her baby is not more than 6 months in age. After 6 months, a baby can also be fed with other products slowly and steadily teaching and training the baby all those eating manners as it grows furthermore after 1 year age.

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