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Belching (burping)
Belching (burping)

10 Tips to Reduce Belching or Burping : Easy Home Remedies

Burping or Belching is the release of gas from the digestive tract through the mouth. When we swallow some air while drinking, eating or while doing anything, this gas is expelled from the body in the form of a burp. Burps can also be caused after drinking carbonated beverages. Burping is common not only in case of adults bur babies as well. Babies are subjected to accumulation of gas in there stomach while Breastfeeding and this makes them experience burping. In infants, burping can also result in vomiting. Burps can occur to any person irrespective or his or her age. If you are experiencing these burps in an excessive or uncontrolled manner, you can adopt the following tips to control this habit in a favourable way:-

1. Start Consuming Ginger & Ginger tea:-
Grate some ginger and mix it with honey to convert it in the form of a paste. Consume this paste daily after having food. Ginger is rich in carminative properties which enable it to help making the gastrointestinal muscles feel relaxed. Ginger supplements are also available in the market which can be consumed for the same purpose. You can also add ginger to vegetables while cooking them. Ginger can also be added to your normal tea to convert it into ginger tea. Whenever you consume any food item, consume it slowly and steadily. Eat your food with close mouth. This prevents the air from getting inhaled with food and in turn prevents it from causing belching.

2.  Start Consuming Peppermint Leaves and Tea:-
Peppermint leaves if consumed in any form, i.e. raw or juiced, prove to be helpful against the problem of gas in stomach. Peppermint tea also is proven to bring about the similar kind of benefits to a person. Peppermint provides an antispasmodic effect to relax the digestive tract and to prevent the excessive formation of gas in the stomach. Peppermint tea is also available online on various online shopping portals these days. Thus you can also order it online if you don’t know the procedure of making this tea.

3. Start consuming Probiotic drinks:-
Probiotic drinks contain a healthy bacterium that goes in the stomach when you consume it and crowds out all the harmful bacteria living in your stomach making you live healthier than before. Products like buttermilk or yoghurt etc. act as an awesome Probiotic drink for everyone. These drinks are also proven to reduce the amount of burps an individual experiences because of an unhealthy stomach.

4. Drink Chamomile Tea Everyday:-
Chamomile is an excellent herb to treat belching. It gives a passage for your abdominal gases to release through your body system. It is also a great substitute against the cramping of intestine. Chamomile soothes the stomach and relieves you against gas problem in stomach.  It is also an ideal substitute against the problem of flatulence, spasms, colic and upset stomach.

5.  Chew a few pods of Cardamom regularly:-
Cardamom reduces the formation of gas inside the stomach by increasing the production of digestive juices. Digestive juices enhance the process of digestion and reduce the chances of disorders like flatulence and bloating. Chewing a few pods of cardamom daily can reduce your risk of developing belching to very much extent.  It is better if you chew cardamom and fennel seeds, daily after having food. It improves digestion and reduces your chances of experiencing problems like Belching or burping.

6.  Fennel Seeds or asafoetida To Prevent the Formation of Gas:-
Fennel is one of the best traditional remedies to cure the formation of gas in the human stomach.  It is anti carminative in nature and helps in providing a soothing kind of effect to the human stomach. Fennel seeds and asafoetida can be mixed with honey in powdered form to consume it as syrup regularly. Asafoetida powder can be added directly while cooking the vegetables to enjoy added benefits.

7. Start Consuming Mint Leaves and Tea:-
Mint leaves and tea relieves your stomach against problems like gas in the stomach. Chewing these leaves daily can reduce your risk of burping or belching. Mint is one of the herbs that have been bought in use since ages for the same purpose. If you have n’t still experienced a chronic belching, the normal belching can be cured simply by drinking enough water. Drink water keeping the glass close to your mouth and without letting the air be inhaled with it.

8. Consume Lemon Mixed with Baking Soda:-
Belching may get chronic sometimes and when it gets chronic in nature, you can bring it under control by consuming a mix of baking soda in lemon. Both these ingredients prove helpful against the problem of indigestion as well. If you are using dentures, fittings or braces on your teeth or in mouth, it is the high time you check them for their fitting. The braces with loose fitting can let the air get inhaled with food resulting in belching. If the problems still persist, it is better you meet a doctor for additional support.

9. Consume Papaya to Cure Gas Formation:-
The enzyme papain present in papaya helps to reduce the formation of gas in human stomach. This enzyme enhances proper digestion in humans and prevents you from burping in an excess. If you are a habitual smoker, you should also leave this habit to prevent yourself from experiencing belching. While smoking, the smoke gets trapped in the body system resulting in multiple burps. Thus you should avoid this habit to avoid belching.

10. Cumin Seeds and Caraway Seeds:-
Start consuming cumin seeds and caraway seeds in a raw form to get rid of blenching problem. Cumin seeds and caraway seeds make together an awesome combination for the problem of burping. Even if you don’t like the taste of these seeds, just roast some cumin seeds, fennel seeds, celery seeds and caraway seeds together. Consume these roasted seeds daily and then drink a glass of warm water. You can also mix this roasted combination with honey to consume it daily.

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