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Cabbage Soup Is Magical Remedy For Weight Loss

Cabbage Soup Is Magical Remedy For Weight Loss
Cabbage soup is a crunchy soup of vegetable called cabbage or sauerkraut.  It can be prepared adding different kind of ingredients along with cabbages to enjoy the enormous health benefits that it comes with.  It is very popular in French, German and Swedish customs while it is also consumed in the other such parts of the world.  Chopped cabbages are added in water with additional flour, corn, garlic, ginger, tomato paste, salt, sugar and other such ingredients and the mixture is heated till it gets thick in nature. The other vegetables like carrots, potatoes and other such vegetables can also be added according to need and taste. Cabbage soup is a magical remedy for weight loss. Its health benefits can be elaborated as follows:-

1. Low in Calories and thus helps in weight loss:-
a cabbage soup added with 2 cloves of garlic, some pepper, tomatoes, a few carrots and celery won’t exceed more than 80-90 calories in total per serving. Cabbage soup is less rich in calories and richer in nutrition. A single cup of cabbage soup is enough for a complete meal. Les calories mean easy weight loss and thus people who want to switch on a work-out or weight loss plan can add it to their diet. Moreover, you can adjust the presence of ingredients accordingly to reduce these calories furthermore.

2.  Contains Vitamin-K and Vitamin-C in an Adequate Amount:-
One cup of cabbage soup is rich in enough amount of Vitamin-K. It contains as much amount of this Vitamin which is enough for an entire day. Not just Vitamin-K alone but it is rather also rich in the content of Vitamin-C which helps in the prevention of diseases like scurvy and enhances the skin tone besides bringing about the downfall of a person’s weight.  Europeans have been on a cabbage and cabbage soup diet since ages as it is a cheap, easily available and serves to be an awesome immunity booster food.

3. Inexpensive and Best Substitute To Kill Hunger within Short Time:-
Cabbages cost a little out from your pockets as they are really cheap and inexpensive. Thus one can consume cabbage soup in order to kill hunger within a short period of time. Cabbage soup is rather a complete food for you. It kills your hunger within a very short span of time. Cabbage soup is rather an awesome remedy against gastrointestinal disorders as it cleanses an individual’s liver

4. Good For Dieting as It Contains Water:-
Cabbage is basically nothing but water and thus it is really good for dieting. It is less rich in calories and fits best as it helps you feel full and hydrated.  Most of the dieticians, models and fitness trainers these days have moved towards cabbages and cabbage juice because of the same reason.

5. High content of fiber:-
Cabbage soup is rich in the content of fiber and fiber is something which makes you feel full for longer period of time. This means that cabbage soup can help you feel less hungry and it can make you eat less which further proves to be a fortifying step in weight loss program and weight loss diet.  The presence of fiber makes cabbage soup an awesome home remedy for weight loss.

6. Effective against constipation:-
lack of roughage can often result in problems like constipation but as cabbage soup is rich in this content as well, you never become a victim of constipation when you are consuming cabbage soup. Most of the fitness food and health magazines these days are coming up with cabbage soup recipe in several of their issues. Thus we can’t keep cabbages apart from the list of healthy food items that help you lose significant amount of your weight.

7. The benefits do not end here:-
Most of the dieticians also recommend cabbage soup as a remedy against stomach ulcers. An Ulcer of stomach can make a person feel devastated with its effect. Experts also recommend cabbage soup against problems like eczema, skin disorders, jaundice, scurvy and rheumatism etc. This is because of the fact that cabbage soup is rich in significant amount of Vitamin-C and antioxidants which prevent the growth of harmful free radicals in the body and promote cell repair.

8. Works as an Awesome Source of Vitamin-C and antioxidants:-
Cabbage soup provides your body with Vitamin-C and antioxidants. It is fluid in nature and even the experts say that something which is fluid is best absorbed by the human body and the human body is able to make the best of it. Now as cabbage soup is rich in fiber, it is digested slowly by the body but the body still gets all the nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals present in it. This further helps in weight loss and brings about the desired fall in an individual’s weight.

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