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14 Best Home Remedies for Anaemia

anemic patient

Anaemia is a disease related with lack of iron content in human body. In the language of science, it can be defined as a decrease or downfall in the total amount of Red Blood Cells (RBC’s) or haemoglobin. In this condition, the ability of blood to carry oxygen gets decreased …

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How to Get Rid Of Hangover : Home Remedies


A hangover can be taken as an unpleasant or Physiological effect that results with the consumption of alcohol. A person literally behaves insane after consuming alcohol. You behave unexpectedly after consuming alcohol. Though a hangover normally doesn’t last for more than one hour but still those hours are so unbearable …

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What is Teeth Sensitivity and how to cure it !!

teeth sensitivity

Whenever you eat something cool or hot and it makes your teeth hurt, the condition is called a sensitivity of teeth’ Teeth sensitivity is a very unbearable state sometimes for some people as it prevents them from eating everything. This might result to a person because of lack of dental …

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