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chest conjestion
chest conjestion

Herbal Ayurvedic Treatment For Chest Congestion

Chest Congestion refers to the excessive development of fluid in chest tissues. The build-up of mucus in trachea. And respiratory tract results in this condition. This makes a person feel heavy and causes an infection in the respiratory tract. It is characterized by an infection in the respiratory system that causes an inflammation of the lower tract of the respiratory system. Excessive development of mucus thus results in difficulty in breathing and other such disorders like Pneumonia, dizziness, runny nose, chest pain, throat pain, blood in cough etc. and makes the condition worse for an individual.

1. Don’t Let Common Cold Become So Common In Your Case:-
Sometimes, the allergens, bacteria and fungi can also result in a congestion of chest. This happens also in the case of common cold. Common cold can result in an irritation of throat along with a pain in the chest and a persisting difficulty in breathing. The build up of mucus in the chest in such a condition can result in congestion of chest. If you are suffering from common cold, you shouldn’t take it so lightly. You should adopt approaches to cure it at a very initial stage or else it can result in a persisting coughing and development of mucus further resulting in a persisting congestion of chest.

2. Do Multiple Gargles with Salt Water:-
Boil some water mixed with a favourable amount of common salt in it. Now let this water cools down till it doesn’t becomes Luke warm or bearable in temperature. Now use this water for doing gargles. You can do gargles with salt water multiple times a day. Salt water gargle is an effective treatment for chest congestion as it melts and removes mucus from the respiratory tract. Salt water gargle is also an effective remedy against irritation of the chest. Having a bath with hot water may also help in some cases.

3. Onion and Honey to Help Mucus Flow easily:-
Consume some onion juice daily to help mucus flow easily. This won’t make you a victim of chest congestion. Onion is rich in anti-inflammatory properties which make it a pro for your chest. Onion can be consumed in raw, baked or even cooked form as a treatment against chest congestion. You can also make a mix of onion juice and honey to be consumed as syrup against congestion of chest.

4. Consume Basil Juice and Bay leaf juice:-
Basil leaves are rich in medicinal properties that make these leaves a pro against seasonal ailments. Basil leaves are rich in mucus melting and bacteria fighting properties. Just like basil juice, the bay leaf juice can also be used as a treatment option against congestion of chest. Both these leaves can also be used to prepare a chest congestion treatment tea or you can add their juice to your drinking water for better results.

5. Take the Vaporub Steam:-
Boil some water and add some amount of Vicks vaporub or any other such substitute in it. Now cover your head with a towel and inhale vapours of this water through your nose. Thyme, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil and mint can also be added to this steam water for better results. This steam will loosen the mucus in your airways and clear the congestion of chest.

6. Consume lemon and ginger mixture:-
Grate some ginger and mix it with lemon juice. Now add some honey in it and a kind of syrup will get formed like this. Keep consuming this syrup spoon by spoon after regular intervals of time. Lemon will fight the congestion resulting bacteria and ginger will help you fight congestion. Honey on the other hand will make you immune against persisting congestion and turn you back to normal once again.

7.  Apply Some Oregano Oil on Your Chest:-
Apply some oregano oil on your chest and throat while sleeping. This oil will provide about a warm kind of effect to your body and you will get relieved against congestion of chest. A massage with the other oils that have a warm effect for your body can also be done to achieve favourable results. Try to cover yourself completely with the change of season. Wear warm clothes when the season is shifting from summers to winters and from winters to summers as this is the most probable time when most of us complaint about congestion of chest.

8. Consume Some Black Coffee or Herbal Tea:-
Everything that melts mucus and makes your airways clear is beneficial for the treatment of chest congestion. Black coffee is one such name in this direction. Black coffee contains caffeine which treats a person against shortness of breath and clears the mucus that results in congestion. Another such name is Herbal tea which includes the usage of herbs for making it. Herbal tea is also made the same way you follow while making your regular cup of tea. You can add ingredients like ginger, chamomile, thyme, mint etc. to make it more effective. Such tea rather also blocks the bacteria from making you sick furthermore and helps in removing the congestion causing bacteria from your body system.

9. Add Turmeric, Cinnamon, Black Pepper and Honey to Your Milk:-
Boil a glass of milk after adding some turmeric, black pepper and honey to it. Now let it cool down till its temperature becomes bearable for your mouth and then consume it before sleeping when it is still Luke Warm. Turmeric will provide a healing kind of effect from inside. It will kill all the bacteria and reduce inflammation. Cinnamon will treat you against congestion of chest and the other ingredients will melt up the mucus clearing your airways making it possible for you to breathe normally like earlier.

10. Vinegar as a Remedy against Congestion:-
Vinegar can be mixed with boiling water to inhale vinegar vapours and treat congestion. It can also be used to kill bacteria that results in congestion and to prevent further build up of mucus that results in congestion.  It also helps you breathe well than before by clearing your airways while melting the mucus. Vinegar can be mixed with Luke Warm water to drink it for the treatment of congestion.

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