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rose petal soup
rose petal soup

A mind refreshing drink to try out : Chilled Rose Petal Soup

Chilled Rose Petal Soup :-

Rose petal soup is a quite amazing and delicious recipe to try out in summers. It is really a mouth watering dish. You can take this soup in morning or in evening at snack time. It refreshes your mind. Also it is quite healthy as no harmful chemicals, colours or preservatives are added to it. Kids also love this soup. You can also prepare this soup for a small kitty party and amaze your guests and they will surely love it. The best part of this soup is that it is easily prepared with few ingredients. It’s not that much time consuming. It is delicious and healthy too.

Check the ingredients and the recipe below.

Ingredients you require for the recipe-

For preparing this rose petal soup, you will require the following ingredients:

. Rose Jam – ½ cup

.Vanilla Ice-cream – 1 cup

. Yogurt – 1 cup

.Chilled Milk – 2 cup

.Cream( a little bit of sour) – ½ cup

.Small Cardamom – 1

.Rose Petals and Mint Leaves for garnishing

Prepare Like This-

First of all keep the garnishing items aside. Now put all the other ingredients in a grinder and make a smooth paste of it. If you feel that the mixture is thick, then you can add more milk as per need. Now keep this mixture in refrigerator for an hour. After an hour, bring it out and blend it once. Now pour it in serving bowls and garnish the soup with rose petals and mint leaves. Also put some vanilla ice-cream for garnishing. Enjoy your chilled rose petal soup.

Do try the recipe and share your experiences with us.

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