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dandruff cure
dandruff cure

10 Amazing Herbal Ayurvedic Cure/Natural Remedies for Dandruff

Dandruff is when your scalp sheds its skin in the form of tiny visible flakes. In other words we can say that dandruff refers to the dead skin cells from the scalp.  This flaking of scalp skin is normal if it takes place in a limited and less visible amount but when it happens in an access and when these flakes become visible, it is referred to by the name ‘dandruff’. An excessive flaking of scalp skin in the form of dandruff is often seen as an ailment or disorder. It might also be accompanied with redness and irritation in some cases.  Dandruff is often also accompanied with itching. If you are also suffering from dandruff, following are the treatment options/remedies available for you to cure it in a favourable way:-

1. Wash Your Hair in Water Boiled with Neem Tree Leaves in It:-
Pluck enough neem tree leaves and boil them in your bathing water after washing them with normal water to remove dust and dirt. Now remove all these leaves after boiling and use the water for bathing once it gets cooled down. You can shampoo and condition your hair afterwards like you do it normally. Neem tree juice works well against hair fall and dandruff. Thus it has the ability to cure you against dandruff problem very quickly.

2.  Use Curd/Yoghurt to Nourish Your Hair:-
Take some normal curd or yoghurt and apply it on your hair and scalp. Leave it applied for at least 45-50 minutes or the time till it gets dried completely on your hair and scalp. Wash your head afterwards. Shampoo and condition your hair now. Follow the same remedy once or twice a week to enjoy better results.

3. Use Henna or Mehandi on Your Hair:-
Unlike chemical based products and Ammonia rich hair dyes, Henna or Mehandi is a completely natural product for hair and scalp. Take an iron vessel and mix some henna with water in it. Keep it soaked in water and leave it overnight. Now apply the same henna on your hair the next day while applying it from roots to tips and on the scalp. Wash your head after half an hour. Shampoo and condition your hair afterwards like normal. Follow the same approach every week to get rid from dandruff.

4. Complete Hair Oil Massage Once a Week:-
Sit under the sun and use hair oils to massage your head, hair and scalp. Keep in mind that you have to massage your hair from tip to roots. You can use the hair oils like coconut oil, Almond oil, Amla oil, wheat germ oil, or sandalwood oil etc. for this purpose. Follow the same approach once a week to strengthen your hair and scalp. This will aid your scalp against dandruff problem. Warm the oil before application to make it soaked better by your scalp.

5. Make a Hair Tonic for Yourself:-
Powder some camphor by grinding it and then Mix it in coconut oil and store it in a bottle. Apply this mixture as a hair tonic on your hair every night before sleeping. This will reduce dandruff and treat your scalp against hair problems. This mixture of coconut oil and camphor works well to darken and strengthen your hair furthermore also.

6. Use Amla and Shikhakayee Concoction on Your Hair:-
Make a concoction with Reetha, Mint leaves, Fenugreek seeds Amla and Shikhakayee for your hair.  Leave the concoction applied on your hair while sleeping. Remember to apply this concoction from tips to roots. Rinse it off with water in the morning. This concoction is also available in market on all leading medical stores.  You can thus purchase it from there if you can’t make it at home.

7.  Make an Oil Mix Formulation:-
Sometimes, a single oil can’t nourish our hair completely. In such cases, we should make a mix of multiple hair oils for better nourishment. One such mix is a mix of Almond and olive oil. Almond oil is rich in the content of proteins which nourishes the hair and Olive oil strengthens those further more making them darker than before.

8. Use Eggs to Nourish Your Scalp and Hair:-
Egg yolk is rich in the content of hair proteins which enhances the health of hair and makes them even stronger. Just apply egg yolk on your hair from tips to roots and on scalp once a week and keep it applied for at least thirty to forty minutes. Rinse your hair afterwards with water. Shampoo and condition them now like you do it normally. Follow the same approach every week to get rid from dandruff problem.

9. Don’t Make Your Hair Wet after Applying Hair Oil:-
Some people are habitual of making their hair wet again and again in order to comb their hair. Such people rather invite the problem of dandruff even if they don’t have it. Never make your hair wet after applying oils like mustard oil. Massage your hair with Amla juice and Basil juice once a week to treat them against persisting dandruff problem.

10. Apply Fenugreek Paste on Your Scalp and Hair:-
Soak some fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Now mash them to convert them in the form of paste. Add some Aloe Vera juice/extract into this paste and mix some black pepper powder along with lime juice and some black pepper in it. Mix well to make a paste like mixture. Rub and massage this mixture from tips to roots and scalp of your head and hair. Keep this mixture applied for at least forty to fifty minutes and then rinse it off with water. Your hair will soon get healthier and the dandruff problem won’t persist anymore.

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  1. Blending of buttermilk and curry leaves is an age old remedy for treating premature grey hair. Other than being an amazing source of probiotics that improves digestive health, it is also a rich source of lactic acid that acts as a natural conditioner for hair . It increases the smoothness of hair and makes it more manageable. It also helps in preventing premature greying of hair.

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