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Remove Darck circles with lthe help of rose water
Remove Darck circles with lthe help of rose water

How to Cure Dark Circles With the help of Rose Water

‘Dark circle’ refers to the circle like formation under eyes which can be seen as a sign of ageing. These are basically just the blemishes around the eyes which look really awkward. Some people are habitual of rubbing their eyes. This can lead to dark circles. The others might experience it because of heredity or bruising. Finding dark circles around your eyes can be both; annoying and frustrating especially if you are a female or a girl.  Females are always conscious about their beauty and even if you are a male, you are still supposed to be concerned about your looks. If you have experienced dark circles around your eyes, ‘rose water’ can prove to be a panacea for all your pains. Here are some ways in which you can it to cure your dark circles:-

1. Rose Water As A Low Cost Remedy: –
Make some small cotton balls and keep them aside. Now dip one of these (or more) cotton balls in rose water and massage the affected area around your eyes with this cotton ball dipped in rose water. After massaging, dip another cotton ball in rose water and place it on the affected areas around your eyes for a few minutes. Rose water is mild enough and we can use it directly on skin without diluting it at all. Practicing the same remedy regularly will soon make you get rid of dark circles.

Rose water (Gulab Jal)
Rose water (Gulab Jal)



2. Rose Water and Cucumber Mix:-
Grate one or two cucumber/s and squeeze them all to take the juice. Cucumber juice is nothing but water and it is cool by essence. Now add half the amount of rose water in it. Keep some cotton balls ready meanwhile and then follow the same massaging approach as we followed in the first step. You can also place the cucumber slices directly on your eyes for a relieving effect.

rose and cucumber face pack
rose and cucumber



3. Rose Water in Potato Juice:-
Just like the previous step, here also we have to use potato juice as an effective mix with rose water. Potato juice is highly effective in treating the discoloration of human skin. Just grate a potato the same way we did it with the cucumbers and then squeeze out the juice. Mix some rose water and then soak some cotton balls in the juice. Use this mixture twice a day on the affected area of your eyes and it will treat you against dark circles in a better way.

potato juice
potato juice



4. Rose Water in Milk Remedy:-
Take 2 teaspoons full of rose water and mix a single spoon full of whole milk in it. Now soak 2 cotton pads in this mixture and then place each of them on your eyes one by one. Let the cotton pad sit as it is on your eyes for at least 15-20 minutes and then take it off. You can rinse your face with water afterwards with rose water.

5. Almond Extract and Rose Water:-Soak some almonds in water overnight and then extract the oily extract/juice out of those almonds after grating them finely. You can also use almond oil instead. Mix it in equal amount of rose water and then dip a few cotton balls in this mixture. Keep those cotton balls on the affected area after massaging it thoroughly with the same mixture for 20 minutes and practice the same approach daily. You can also make a paste of those almonds using a grinder or blender to apply the paste directly on the affected area of eyes with a cotton ball after mixing it with some rose water.

6. Rosewater, Honey and Glycerin Remedy:-
Mix an equal amount of rose water and glycerin in a small vessel. Now add one or two drops of honey in it and mix it well. Now apply the resultant mixture on the affected area of your eyes with the help of a cotton ball and let it settle for 15 minutes or so. Rinse the face afterwards with water. Practice the same approach daily and it will cure you soon.

7. The Frozen Rosewater Remedy:-
This remedy doesn’t include the usage of cotton balls or cotton pads at all. You just have to fill an ice making tray with water adding a small portion of rose water in each of the sections along with a few drops of lemon juice, honey and glycerin. Now store the ice making tray in freezer and let the ice cubes get formed. Once frozen, take two of these ice cubes out and massage the affected area around your eyes with the same ice cubes. Practice the same approach at least twice a day and you will soon experience a considerable change. The dark circles will soon fade out and you will have your face back to normal.

8. The Home Made Rose Water Remedy:-
Take a few fresh rose petals and grind them well to make a paste. Mix a suitable amount of glycerin or honey in this paste and mix the contents well. Use this paste on the dark circle affected area at least two times a day and you will soon experience a considerable change in your skin. The dark circles will soon get faded giving you a rejuvenated and better skin under the area of your eyes. Rose water; if applied in any form is very much beneficial for the eyes. If you are instead suffering from the problem of ‘Bags under the eyes’, you should reduce the consumption of salt in such cases.

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