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Dating Tips to attract/Impress an older woman : How to ?

Impress an older woman

Having an Older woman in your life means having a more mature partner. Older women know exactly what they need in a relationship and they won’t ever hesitate in sharing their words with you. Having an older woman in life means having a partner who understands that only love is not enough for survival in this world and instead you need money, physical relationship, companionship and cooperation also. Older women are often self-sufficient and prove to be better partners. Thus gone are the days when men used to think that they need to marry a girl younger than them and instead many men today prefer getting married with a woman either of the same age or older than them. If you are also one amongst those men who wishes to attract an old woman, here are some tips to help you in that:-

1. Be Confident and Self-Reliant:-
Older women are likely to fall more for a guy who is confident, self-reliant and independent because they know that a guy lacking in these abilities won’t be fit for them. Life is something more than just love or sex and rather it is much more than just these things and older women are experienced enough to be aware about these. So first and foremost, you should make yourself mature, self-reliant and confident enough.

2. Never propose her in the First Meeting:- 

Women often come across guys who keep proposing them. Thus it is quite normal that a woman would pay no heed to your proposal if you propose her in the very first meeting or if you keep proposing her again and again like a stalker. Instead, you should work on attracting her attention towards yourself. Be around her and be seen. Let your works make her get attracted towards you.

3. Work on Getting Her Attention:-
When you are around her, do works that drag her attention towards you. Be a complete man in yourself. Help others and look like a man of solved nature. You can also give her a clue that you are interested if she often passes you smiles. But remember not to propose her in the very first go. If she has friends, let her friends talk about you by behaving like a gentleman as this would attract her furthermore towards you.

4. Appreciate Her for Who She Is:-
If you have become friends by now, start appreciating her for who she is. Most of the older women are not interested in guys full of lust who don’t appreciate them for who they are but for whom they aren’t. Such women never like fake guys. Thus you should appreciate her with complements that don’t appear to be fake to her.

5. Don’t Just Be a Man But a Gentlemen:- 

When you are around her, don’t just behave like a perfect man but a gentleman. Look handsome and behave handsome. The more other people talk about you, the more she will be attracted towards you. Having a muscular body will further add to your personality. Thus it is better if you work on your body also.

6. Ask her Out for Coffee:-
When you develop friendship with the woman you are interested in, ask the damsel out for a cup of coffee. Look into her eyes while sipping the coffee and tell her how beautiful she is. I am sure this is going to be the best date of your life.


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