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Dazzle your Date : Dating advice for girls/Do’s and don’ts

Dating is simply a little game of developing understanding between two lovers. When two people like each other and there is a whirlwind of romance between them both, it is the high time both of them should start dating to enjoy some quality time with each other. When both of you sit adjacent to each other, this gives you a chance to enhance, flourish and increase the level of romance and love in your life and if you are a girl who can do nothing but blush when her partner is around her on a date, following are the tips which will help you make this date memorable worth lifetime:-

1. Start Talking and Give Him Reasons to pamper you:-
I have been on a date several times. If I share my personal dating experiences with you, I would ask you to pamper your partner the first and foremost. Just get indulged with your partner paying every sort of attention, comfort, and kindness. A partner loves being pampered by the other and thus it is simply the best way to add a whirlwind of romance to your life. Remember not to look awkward or to talk awkward when you are on a date. This will prevent your date from being spoiled.

2. Smell Nice Using a Perfume:-
I had a boyfriend who loved me like anything. He always made a remark that I smelled very nice and that my perfume had driven him crazy. I have personally experienced that when you have a face with charm, an outfit with glamour, a voice that is soft and a fragrance that smells nice, a boy would really crave to do anything for you and thus you should surely try it once. Don’t make it an extra heavy smell or else he won’t be able to sit with you. Keep the fragrance mild and bearable. You can also put on light makeup, nail polish and other such cosmetic treatments to enhance your beauty.

3. Leave off All the Baggage You Have From Your Previous Relationship:-
Some girls are habitual of talking about their previous relationship(s) or partner(s) on their date. This is simply the worse a girl can do. If you are going on a date with a guy, you should first of all put aside all the baggage you have from your previous relationship. Never talk about your previous partner with your current partner. It would irritate him. Though you can mention that you had a partner in past and that it is completely over now but you should not over-discuss your previous relationship with your current partner.

4. Make Him Comfortable If He Is Nervous:-
Some guys are really nervous while talking with a girl. They would literally start shivering, trembling and prancing while standing in front of the girl they love. Well this is not a bad sign at all as such a person won’t ever do anything bad for you. All you need to do in such a time is to try making the boy comfortable so as to make him get rid of the nervousness he is experiencing.

5. Don’t Be Complaining and Rather See Beauty in Everything:-
Some girls have an always-complaining attitude. They really spoil their relationship because of this one single habit. To such girls, I would just say ‘don’t be an incessant complainer or else you would spoil your date’. Try to see positivity in everything and complaint only if something is really disturbing and irritating you.

6. Kill Him Using a Quiver of Your Smiles:-
Smile is the best weapon of a girl and even I have used it several times on my boyfriend. Some females have so alluring smiles that their boyfriend or partner would really craved to see one single smile on their face as it worth’s millions to their boyfriend. Well, if you have an appealing smile, just kill your boyfriend using a quiver of smiles for every compliment he passes you with and this would be the best date of your life.

7. Look Glamorous But Not Too Glamorous:-
If I am advising you to keep smiling, this does n’t means that you keep sitting quietly while just passing smiles for each sentence. You should also answer his questions and talk with him. Besides this, the outfit you chose for your date should also be a proper outfit. You can look glamorous but not extra glamorous or else it can make hazards with your date. Avoid wardrobe malfunctions and wear only the outfit that you have used previously once or twice so that there are less chances of experiencing wardrobe malfunction.

8. Hug or a Kiss, All Depends On Your Limits:-
Some guys are really frank. They would try every might of their efforts to ask for a kiss on the very first date. Well, if you need to kiss your boyfriend or not, it always depends on your individual priority and the level of your frankness and relationship with your partner. If you don’t wish to kiss on the very first date, you can transform it to simply hugging or cuddling also. You can also make it a simple good bye kiss or a palm kiss to be done while departing with each other.

9. Don’t Ever Demand an Expensive Date:-
Some females are habitual of demanding expensive date gifts, expensive dating sites and expensive dating plans from their boyfriends. Well, this is all a big bull shit. The one who would care for your relationship would himself spend all of his efforts in keeping you happy and you won’t need to demand anything from him. Let him do whatever he does for you with his heart and don’t make his date an expensive deal.

10. Be Diplomatic Enough While Saying ‘No’:-
If your boyfriend is going beyond your limits, you should be diplomatic enough while saying ‘No’ to him in such a way that it doesn’t spoils your date but still spares you from going beyond your limits. Use the sentences like ‘I wish I could take our relationship to this level but…. I am afraid I won’t be able to do so’ or ‘I appreciate your love for me but… I have some limits and I can’t cross them. I hope you would understand if you really love me’. Using diplomatic statements like this can really save your skin. Besides this, enjoy your date avoiding every sort of mistake that can spoil your love life. Best of luck!!!!!

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