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depression treatment at home
depression treatment at home

Depression Symptoms, Warning Signs and Natural treatments

Depression Warning Signs

Depression is a state of low mood and aversion in which a person experiences an adverse change with his behavior, thoughts, feelings and well-being. Symptoms of this health condition include the ones like anxiety, hopelessness, restlessness etc. One might be depressed because of several reasons. He may even try to commit suicide or an attempt to commit murder in some cases. This might also result in falling energy levels and loss of self-dignity as well. In such a condition, a person is just unpredictable and depression before pregnancy can even result in the birth of an unhealthy or mentally unfit baby. In order to cope up with this problem, one can bring the following home based treatments in use:-

1. Eat Healthy and Work On Your Mood

Work on your mood first as mood is everything that cures depression and boosts depression. Perfect mood means less chances of falling a prey to depression and low mood means more chances of falling a prey to it. A person with a low mood can’t cope up with stress and depression even if he or she actually wants to cope up with it. Avoid every distraction that comes in your way and try to lighten yourself by telling yourself that you are fine.

2. Have Some Coffee or Green Tea

Have some tea like green tea or chamomile tea regularly. If you don’t like tea, you can have coffee instead. There is a Mood booster called L-theanine found in these products which helps you cope up with stress and depression in a better way.  These drinkables rather also give you a chance to relax while sipping and you can have a short nap to relax afterwards. In some cases, chocolate or candies/snacks may also prove beneficial for a person.

3. Meditation, a key to good health

Meditation is nothing else but focusing. A person doing meditation has to focus on a single element of life while eliminating all others. Just close your eyes and think about this single element. Avoid all the distractions that come in your way meanwhile. Take a meditation class or a YouTube meditation lecture. This will help you practice meditation in a better way. The one who does meditation on a regular basis never falls a prey to problems like depression again.

4. Acupuncture or Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy includes the usage of essential oils and fragrance rich oils to soothe a person with the aroma effect. Acupuncture on the other hand includes the usage of needles to pinch a person on several places lightly to relieve him/her against the pains of life. Both these therapies are equally effective against depression.

5. Call a Counselor

If no such therapy proves to be helpful for you, just call a counselor at your home. In some cases, we have seen that depression is a cause of lack of counseling or a situation when a person finds himself helpless because of improper counseling or lack of guidance. is one such platform that I was using these days on the internet where an individual was offering counseling on internet for those who were depressed because of some reason. You can also find such contacts on web to call them at home.

6. Be With Someone You Feel Comfortable with

Internal comfort is always better than external comfort and same is the case with a person’s feelings. Pampering words from someone close to your heart can really make your day. Thus if you feel depressed at any point of life, just fix a meeting with someone close to your heart or just phone a friend and share what you are going through with that person. He or she would surely come up with a better suggestion for you.

7. Have Your Dose of B-Vitamins

B-Vitamins prove healthier against the problem of depression as they boost about the production of chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine etc. in your body. The production of these hormones regulates about your mood and makes you relieved against the problem of depression.

8. Increase Your Intake of Magnesium

Start consuming Magnesium rich products like leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, yoghurt, bananas, dark chocolate etc to relieve yourself against depression. A deficiency of Magnesium in your diet can also result sometimes in depression. Just monitor your magnesium intake and observe if you are deficient in Magnesium. Increase the intake if you lack it.

9. Exercises for Fitness

Mental and physical fitness both help you keep away from depression. It is well said that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and thus to keep yourself healthy, you should keep exercising daily. Exercises like Aerobics, Yoga and other such exercises have the power to bring about the desired effect if you are suffering from depression.

10. Get Out Of the Darkness

If some minor issue is troubling you, you should stop thinking about it. The more you think about it, the more enlarged the issue will get. Thus you should move out of the darkness first to enjoy some fresh air. Try to cheer up and change your mood. Find a ray of hope in the darkness of hopelessness. Depression can also be a cause of other health problems like insomnia in some cases. If same is the case with you as well, I think that first you should have some rest and then only you should think about anything else.

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