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Discuss Kamasutra with your partner
Discuss Kamasutra with your partner

How and When you should Discuss KamaSutra With Your Partner

Ever since the time when Sage Vatsyayana wrote ‘Kama sutra’ or the ‘Sutra’ for ‘Kama’ which means ‘the formula for sex’, it has changed the lives of many couples so far. Initially, this text was written in Sanskrit literature but now, many Hindi and English translations are also available in various forms. This text primarily concerns with the Human sexual behaviour and the relationship of two partners with each other. It is not just associated with sex, but it is much more than that. It helps two partners develop a bonding and connection with each other which in turn helps them sustain their married life in a better way and keeps both the partners satisfied with each other.  Now as it has the power to turn your married life into a ‘Happily married life’, you should surely try discussing it with your partner. Here are some ways adopting which you can share and discuss Kama sutra with your partner for the betterment of your intimacy level:-

1. Make Yourself Familiar with It First:-
Anything does with a half knowledge doesn’t bring the desired results. Thus it would be better if you make yourself familiar completely with Kama sutra first. It is based on sexual positions that you need to make with your partner in order to get the most out of your sexual life. Here are some such positions that you can research about:
(i) The swimmer position
(ii)  The Gymnast Position
(iii) The Wrestler position
(iv) The Lotus Bottom position
(v) The weightlifter position
(vi) The diver position
(vii) The star position
(viii) Doggy style
(ix) Reversed Cowgirl position
(x) Spoon position
Kama sutra has many more such positions. You should make yourself familiar with all such positions first so that you can discuss them later with your partner. In Kama Sutra, 64 types of sexual positions
have been mentioned that you can try while lovemaking. You can research and read each of these positions to make yourself more familiar with each of them.

2. Make Yourself Familiar with the Perfect Way of Doing:-
Kama Sutra positions are based on muscle movements and posture making. For example; in Swimmer position, the woman will life on her stomach keeping distance between her legs and keeping the arms above her head just like a swimmer doing butterfly stroke. The man will thus lie on top of her and make love. The other positions also include similar kind of muscle movements.

3. Know Why Your Partner Will Get convinced:-
The sexual positions in Kama Sutra work like a pro. You enjoy quality sex with humility, affection and tenderness. Even the female partner experiences an irresistible pleasure.  You just give yourself completely to your partner keeping in mind the rules of making positions and it all works like heaven.

4. Talking about Kama Sutra finally:-
When you have something in your mind to ask about from your partner, what do you do in general?
You just go, reach your partner, sit relaxed and begin talking. The partner surely tries to understand your words as you both are in a relation with each other. The same would be done while discussing Kama Sutra with your partner. Simply pick up your partner in your arms because of any reason; Begin with a foreplay kissing her cheeks, legs, thighs, foreface and all other such parts of her body and just tell her that you are going to do something new today. Mention her one or two Kama Sutra positions and give yourself completely to her.

5. Understand her emotions:-
If she doesn’t look in a mood to make sex, you should n’t force her at all. If your partner is n’t mentally ready for love making, even Kama Sutra can do nothing. Try to understand her emotions and expectations first. Learn how to keep her happy so that she might feel a need to keep you happier. Talk with her to judge if there is something wrong. Caress and cuddle her if needed.

6. Start love making if she is agreed:-
If your partner feels reluctant of making sex just because she thinks new sex positions might make her feel pained, tell her that she would feel pleasured because these positions have been thought keeping in mind the body needs of both the partners. If she gets agreed, you can finally start love-making with her. Tell her that Kama Sutra is just meant to prevent sex from being fatiguiging and unpleasant. She would feel better.

7. Don’t Let Her Take It Wrong:-
While talking about Kama Sutra with your partner, all you have to be careful about is that your partner doesn’t take it wrong.  Explain Kama Sutra as a treatise on the physical partnership between a male and female and not as a way by which you need to satisfy your lust or hunger for sex. Don’t let her feel like a toy with your words but instead start the discussion keeping her feelings and expectations in mind.

8. Enjoying the Kama Sutra Positions in Bed:-
Once you both start practicing Kama Sutra positions in bed, you will be able to communicate your feelings with your partner in a better and positive manner. You will get more creative in sex making day by day.

9. Choose your positions wisely:-

The problem about some partners is that they are not even able to handle each other’s weight. The problem with others is that they make love making so discomforting that their sex turns fatiguing and tiresome. So research more about sexual positions and choose the best one out of them so that such circumstances can be avoided.

10. Know the Best Time to Make Sex:-
In my view, the best time to make sex is the morning as at this time; you and your partner aren’t tired at all. In the evening when you come back from office, you are extremely tired and thus the wildness inside you is mostly on hibernation mode. It is thus better for you if you make sex with your partner in the morning.

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