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12 Effective Home Remedies to treat Dysentery – SunilDahiya

Dysentery is a type of Gastro intestinal disorder that results in diarrhea with blood. This condition can be accompanied with the other symptoms like Abdominal pain, fever etc. Various factors including Protozoa, Parasitic worms, Viruses, Bacteria etc. act as a culprit behind this disorder. People with a sensitive stomach often fear very much about this condition. Dysentery in other words can be taken as an intestinal inflammation that troubles a person with sensitive stomach. This problem can be cured easily by adding some simple home based remedies to a person’s diet. Some such tips have been given below:-

1. Be careful about your food:-
It has been seen and noticed time and again that dysentery is caused by eating contaminated food the most of times. In order to get relieved against dysentery, thus it is your first requirement that the food you eat should not be contaminated at all. Make sure that the mess where you eat food cooks food in a hygienic environment. Make sure that the food you eat is hygienic as well.

2. Have some orange juice:-
The citric content of oranges and all the other fruits of orange family suit the best against dysentery. You can thus consume orange juice multiple times a day to cure dysentery at home. One other such substitute is lemon. Lemon is antimicrobial in nature and it can be used to cure digestive problems also. It is rather rich in the content of antioxidants also. This helps your body recover faster against dysentery. Blackberry is also another such kind of berry with similar kind of benefits. You can consume its juice in order to cure yourself against dysentery.

3. Consume Probiotic drinks:-
Probiotic drinks contain micro-organisms which when consumed in the form of a drink reach your stomach and then crowd out the harmful micro organisms living in it. Buttermilk, Yoghurt and Curd are some such natural Probiotic drinks which help in destroying the harmful bacteria living in stomach. You can also depend on the store based substitute drinks like Yakult etc. for this purpose.

4. Castor oil for removal of toxins:-
Our body produces some harmful toxins which if not removed, prove harmful for health. Some such harmful toxins make the stomach sensitive and result in dysentery. In order to remove these toxins, you can add castor oil to your food or drinks like milk as castor oil is the best enemy of these harmful toxins.

5. Grapefruit seed extract to be taken between the meals:-
Take some grapefruit seed extract and add it to water or juice. Consume it as a medicine between meals. This extract is specialized in removal of bacteria and microbes from your intestine. This will also reduce the inflammation caused to your stomach by dysentery and reduce any kind of swelling if present.

6. Coriander and Fenugreek to cool your stomach from inside: –
Coriander is beneficial in keeping your stomach fine and active during summers. On the other hand, fenugreek is an ideal remedy against the disorders of body and skin. Both these ingredients provide soothing and cooling effect against the inflammation of digestive system. These products rather also detoxify your digestive system and keep it healthier.

7. Mustard Seeds for Relief against Microbes:-
According to a recent survey, mustard seeds prove helpful against the growth of microbes in human stomach. Thus you can start consuming mustard seeds in order to get relieved against dysentery as even dysentery is caused by Microbial infestations. Chewing raw neem tree leaves daily with empty stomach can also bring desired results.

8. Turmeric for Internal and External Healing:-
Turmeric is one of the kitchen spices used to impart color to the cooked veggies. It has a blend of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties in it. Turmeric is an external and internal healer. Because of the same reason, it has been bought in use since centuries as a healing agent for various ailments including dysentery.

9. Ginger as a Soothing Agent:-
Ginger juice is rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties which make it a pro for everyone. Ginger juice improves digestion and cures abdominal pain. Ginger can be added while cooking or you can consume it in the form of ginger juice. Ginger provides a soothing kind of effect to your tummy in every manner you consume it.

10. Papaya against Stomach Cramps:-
Papaya if consumed daily has the power to reduce stomach cramps and to stimulate bowel movements in a person. Papaya is the best cure for dysentery if you consume this fruit on regular basis. Blackberry, Guava, Grapes and Pomegranate are some other names in this list. Persisting Stomach cramps can be dangerous sometimes. You should stay in touch with your doctor to avoid such scenes. Take immediate professional medical advice whenever needed.

11. Use your kitchen spices:-

The kitchen spices like Black cardamom, fennel seeds, cinnamon etc. can be added to veggies while cooking them. These can also be added to the tea you consume. Black cardamom and cinnamon reduce the inflammation of your stomach while fennel seeds cure dysentery. Consume enough water every day. Experts recommend a person to drink at least two liters of water a day. This keeps your body hydrated and reduces your chances of falling a prey to disorders related to digestion.

12. Chamomile Tea, Lemon tea and Mint Tea:-
Chamomile tea, Lemon tea or mint tea if consumed on a daily basis have a power to relieve you against all the forms of digestive disorders. The flavonoids and Terpenoids present in these teas are rich in medicinal properties which reduces any kind of swelling in the stomach and cures all your digestive problems including dysentery. You can add Honey in place of sugar to enjoy best benefits.

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