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Strengthen Your Weak Eyesight By following Our Simple Home Remedies

Problems with vision are very common even with minors these days. Gone are the days when loss of sight was a phenomenon dependent on age. A major cause behind this disorder is the time spent in front of television and computer screen. The person who is habitual of working continuously in front of computer screen is likely to strain his eyes with the rays coming out of it. Some people even experience the eye disorders like myopia, Hypermetropia and presbiopia etc. which can be corrected only by wearing a lens of suitable focal length and type. A person with a weak eye sight is never compelled to live with it. Eye disorders can be cured very easily with some dietary changes and changes related with lifestyle. Following are the remedies which can be used to strengthen the weakened eyesight:-

1. Maintain Healthy Distance from Screen:-
When you look at the computer, television or laptop screen, the eyes try to focus at the image and the light rays from screen enter the iris.  The formation of image behind the eye takes place and it happens in co-ordination with the mind. The intensity of these rays in large amount can strain an individual’s eyes. You should maintain a healthy distance from screen to avoid the damage caused by these rays to your eyes. Avoid using such devices for long.

2. Walk on the Dew Drops Regularly:-
Walking on the grass with dew drops on it has the power to enhance your eye sight.  Fix a time for exercising in the morning. Choose some place like a park or ground for it. Choose a place with grass in it and begin your morning walk while walking barefooted on it. Walking on grass with dew drops on it is a proven eyesight enhancing exercise since centuries.

3. Splash Your Eyes with Water daily:-
Whenever you wake-up in the morning, fill your mouth with water, wash your face with it and then splash your eyes with some cool water. Splashing your eyes daily with cold water relaxes your eyes muscles and strengthens them against eye disorders. You can follow the same approach multiple times a day. It should be practiced also when your eyes are exposed to computer/TV screen for a long time.

4. Have Enough Rest:-
Some people take their work so seriously that they are ready even to compromise with their sleep for it. You should never let your work become a headache for you. Office work should never be bought home. And even if you bring it home, you should never compromise with your sleep to complete it. Have enough rest to avoid over-straining your eyes. Soak a cotton ball in rose water and place it over your eyes for some time. This will relax your eyes against the strain caused by working.

5. Massage and strengthen your eyes:-
Hold your eyebrow between two of your fingers in such a way that one of the fingers is above the eye brows and the other is below it.  Try to press and straighten your eye brows exerting some pressure on all the points. Follow an eye exercise YouTube video to do it correctly.  Try blinking again and again. This renews and improves the content of moisture in your eyes. It also gives an added relief to your eyes.

6. Take Short Naps between Works:-
If you are habitual of working for long time on computer screen, you should take small stretching breaks in between. If possible, take short naps to relax your eyes. Just close your eyes and keep lying. This will relax your eye muscles and prevent your eye sight from meeting impairment. Keep consuming a mixture of honey and cardamom in between to aid your vision.

7. Make Changes with Your Diet:-
Start consuming nuts, raisins, dry fruits, figs and almonds. It is better if you pre-soak them in water for a night before consuming.  Try consuming the vegetables that improve blood circulation. Consume carrots, oranges and amla as both of these contain Vitamin-A. Avoid non vegetarian items and other such products.  Try consuming boiled spinach to improve your vision.  Spinach juice can also be consumed for the same.

8. Never Use Someone Else’s Spectacles:-
Eye experts recommend a person to never use someone else’s spectacles as this impairs their vision. They also recommend a person to use a lens of proper focal length and type. They also warn people not to borrow other’s spectacles for reading. Avoid exposing your eyes to the harsh rays of the sun, welding spark, smoke, dust and winds. Wear swimming goggles when you are in the swimming pool to avoid the content of chlorine from damaging your eyes.

9. Consume Wild Rose Tea:-
Consume a cup of wild rose tea everyday to improve your vision. Wild rose tea has an abundance of Vitamins like Vitamin-B1, B2, C, P, K, E and A etc. and minerals like Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Manganese etc. found beneficial for improvement of vision as well as blood circulation.  Use eye drops daily for an additional aid against eye disorders.  Dip a cotton ball in rose water and put this cotton ball on your eyes for some time while relaxing. This will relieve your eyes against the strain caused during the day and your eye sight will gradually keep improving.

10. Drink Water Stored in a Copper Vessel:-
Purchase a copper utensil and use it for storing water in it. Keep the water stored overnight and drink the maximum you can drink out of it the next morning. This provides a healing effect to your eyes and improves your body system. Your study space should also be well-lit. There should be enough arrangement for lightning. An ill-Lit environment can also spoil your eye sight.

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