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how to build a better stamina
how to build a better stamina

Brilliant Tips To Build Your Fitness Stamina/Levels

If you are looking forward to body-train yourself, you need to burn more calories and fats so as to look fit, attractive and to build-up your fitness levels. If you burn more calories, this increases your fitness and increases your stamina and endurance. Building up the fitness levels does n’t just includes muscle building but also these key factors as well. Thus if one needs to work on his/her fitness levels, he or she should also start working on building up the endurance and stamina as well. If you are also someone amongst those who seek for the ways to build-up your fitness levels, here are some simple ways adopting which you will be easily able to do so:-

1. Start Exercising: –
In order to build your fitness levels, you should start exercising in suits and spurts. So you need to start exercising first of all. Follow a perfect time table for exercising and do this in a perfectly monitored and counted way. If possible, follow a perfect trainer’s schedule and time table. When you begin exercising, begin by simple warm-up exercises and then begin ahead suit by suit and then you should work on increasing your speed.

2. Make Your Home Environment Motivating and Encouraging:-
Secondly, You should make your home more motivating and encouraging for your work-out and fitness training. You should watch fitness videos by fitness experts and you should paste motivational slogans on the wall to keep encouraging yourself. Besides this, you should arrange your exercising equipments in such a way that you can work-out while doing your daily routine works. For example, you can put your dumbbells in the kitchen so that you can work out while heating up the breakfast. You can work out with your legs using a cycling machine or a tread mill while watching the television.

3. Abate Using Comforts:-
Abstain from using comforts to maximum extent. Instead of doing everything in a fast and comfortable manner, try to increase the level of efforts you need to do everything. For example, you can begin by using stairs instead of lift and elevator. Never ask someone to do something for you and instead do it yourself. Walk or ride a cycle instead of using a bike or car and adopt other similar kind of steps in your life.

4. Eat wisely and live wisely:-
Remember to eat wisely and to live wisely.  Don’t eat junk food and processed food items. These items dehydrate your body and spoil your health. By eating wisely, I mean that your choice of food items should be smart. You should take a nourishing diet that is rich in minerals, vitamins and other such nutrients which make you immune against health disorders and boos your health.

5. Stay In Contact With the Coach:-
I was not getting favourable fitness results till the time I had not met my fitness coach, Mr. Jitender Singh Bangar from Gurugram. I was either doing wrong exercises or my process of doing them was wrong for most of times but as soon as I came in contact with this coach, life became easier for me. He started guiding me in everything and he also taught me the perfect way of exercising. He also advised me to do yoga along with. I would thus advice you to stay in contact with a fitness coach so that he may guide you in a favourable way.

6. Take Rest after a Certain Period of Regular Workout:-
Remember not to over-stress your body at any cost. If you have worked out for six days in a week, let the seventh day be your resting day so as to prepare yourself for the workout of next week. Take rest after a certain period of regular workout and then continue your workout once again. Fix a day for each of your body parts. For example, Monday for legs; Tuesday for arms, Wednesday for chest and so on.

7. Follow Proper Chart for Exercising:-
Follow a perfect chart for exercising. Monitor the way of doing each exercise and follow a perfect posture chart for doing these. Remember to adopt a perfect posture for doing each exercise and if possible consult an exercise expert or trainer at times to get assisted in your fitness training. Remember that fitness training needs care as well as perfect planning and perfect way of taking each step.

8. Work Out On Your Stamina:-
Work out on your stamina from the day 1. Practice the exercises like running exercises and stair climbing exercises for this purpose. Monitor your time while running so as to reduce it each day while exercising. Suppose if it takes you 26 seconds to travel the distance of 100 metres on day 1, you should try to cover the same distance in 20 seconds the next day. The lesser time it takes you to complete the same distance, the more your stamina will get developed each day.

9.  Use All of Your Body:-
Your workout exercises should include an exercise for each and every specific part of the body. You should try to use all of your body while exercising. You can practice running, cycling and jogging for the lower part of the body. You can swim for the fats and you can do crunches, push-ups and pull ups for the chest and biceps. Remember to follow a perfect exercising plan that focuses on using almost all the parts of your body while working out so as to build your fitness levels.

10. Do Cardio or Aerobics:-

Cardiovascular exercises keep your heart and heart rate normal. Cardiovascular exercises help in burning more calories and this helps in building your fitness levels. Similarly, aerobics is though less effective than cardio exercises, it still proves effective in fitness training. These exercises help in the replacement of the lean tissues and enhance your fitness level more than anything.  Aerobic exercises are practiced in air. Aerobics includes the exercises like cycling, jogging etc. which burn more fats, keep you more fit and enhance your immunity besides this.

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