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flatulance home remedies
flatulance home remedies

Excessive Flatulence : A Natural Remedy for Gas and habits to cure it

Flatulence can be defined as flatus being expelled from an individual’s Anus. In other words we can say that quality or state of being flatulent is called Flatulence. Flatulence is often normal and is characterized by the generation of gases from an individual’s intestine or stomach. Now as flatulence is related with the formation of gas in an individual’s stomach, it can make a person restless with its effect. Sometimes, even the air swallowed while eating the food can result in flatulence as well. If a person is suffering from the problem of digestive flatulence, he or she can bring the following remedies in use to cure himself or herself against digestive flatulence:-

1. Avoid Consuming More Sugars:-
Completely avoid consuming sugar more than needed. Also limit consuming food items like apples, pears, ice creams and other food items rich in the content of sugar and starch. Sugar and starches don’t get absorbed easily. Hence these result in problems like flatulence and gas. Thus these food constituents and food products must be avoided. Also avoid consuming drinks, fruit drinks and soft drinks in excess.

2. Make Changes With Your Habit of Drinking:-
Don’t drink liquids while eating food. This has been mentioned a bane in books of aayurveda. You should drink water at least thirty minutes before having food. It should never be consumed while eating food. When you eat food, eat it slowly while chewing it completely. When you drink or eat faster, there are chances that you will also swallow or inhale some air with it. This should be avoided and you should eat while chewing your food properly with a closed mouth.

3. Avoid Ill Habits like Smoking:-
If you are a habitual of smoking or drinking, this can also add to your chances of becoming a victim to flatulence. Smoking fills air in your lungs besides filling air inside your digestive system further resulting in flatulence. You should also avoid consuming chewing gums and drinking beverages through straw.

4.Avoid Food Items Rich in Unabsorbable Carbohydrates:-

Avoid eating foods rich in the content of Unabsorbable carbohydrates. Processed and junk food items should also be avoided. You should also avoid food items with artificial sweeteners and fizzy drinks. You should follow a completely balanced and healthy diet plan to avoid problems like gas and flatulence.

5. Exercise Regularly:-
Exercise regularly to stay fit and to improve the functioning of your digestive system. A person with healthy digestive system experiences less chances of problems like flatulence. This also reduces your chances of experiencing bowel movements and bloating. Don’t forget to add a pinch of asafoetida daily in your cooked food to reduce your chances of experiencing digestive problems including flatulence.

6. Consume Ginger to Treat Flatulence:-
Crush some ginger and mix it in honey. Keep consuming this mixture after meal every day. This will treat you against flatulence in very less time. Ginger is rich in anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an ideal remedy against stomach based problems. Ginger makes your stool pass quickly and thus it should be consumed in a regular manner.

7. Consume Cardamom and Cardamom Tea to Control Gas:-
Cardamom is one of the best remedies against gas and flatulence. Cardamom can be consumed as regular tea. You can also mix it with green tea or your normal ginger tea to adi process of digestion and to enhance digestion. You can also consume it raw or with boiled water. Cardamom never causes any kind of side effects. It is rather very cheap in price. You can also consume it in the form of paste after mixing it with a favourable proportion of honey.

8. Peppermint to Treat Problems like Gas and Bloating:-
According to experts & researchers, peppermint is rich in the content of menthol which helps in reducing gas and bloating. It also proves helpful in the treatment of stomach problems and other such digestive disorders. Peppermint tea can be used as a cure against heart burn and Gastroesophageal reflux. You can also use chamomile in the form of tea or as an herbal solution against your problem.

9. Papain in Papaya to Fight Digestive Problems:-
Papaya contains antioxidants and flavonoids which aid your digestive health and keep you more active during the day. Papain in papaya helps in digesting proteins and to reduce the gas in human stomach and improves the process of digestion. You don’t even need extra medicinal supplements if you consume papaya to fortify your digestive system.

10. Consume Fennel Seeds or Probiotic drinks:-
Fennel seeds work well against problems related with the digestive system. Chewing these seeds prevents problems like bad breath and improper digestion. If you don’t feel like eating raw fennel seeds, you can purchase flavoured sugar coated fennel seeds for yourself. Similarly, consuming Probiotic drinks can also enhance your digestive health. You should consume natural Probiotic drinks like yoghurt or curd in order to crowd out bad bacteria from your body and in order to keep your digestive system healthy.

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