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10 Amazing Home Remedies for Removal of Calluses and Foot Corn

A Corn is a thickened area on human skin that often becomes painful or unbearable. These get formed when pressure point against the skin traces an elliptical or semi elliptical path during rubbing motion. This causes the stimulation of tissue and corns get formed. Now as the central part of a corn is just like a seed, we call it a corn. Various treatment options are available these days to treat corns a few of which include corn plastering, paring etc. Some people even fear that a chemical treatment might prove harmful for them. If you or someone else in your knowledge is also suffering from the same skin condition, you can rely on the following home remedies to cure it in a totally natural and favourable way:-

1. Give Your Skin a Vitamin-E Oil Massage:-
Vitamin-E oil is the best home remedy for corns if you have it or else you can depend on Vitamin-E capsules for this purpose.  Instead of massaging you can also keep a cotton ball dipped in Vitamin-E oil on the corn affected area. Repeat the same process every night to see favourable results. You can also switch to Vitamin-A if Vitamin-E is not available. You can also use turpentine oil for this purpose.

2. Give Your Skin a Lemon Massage:-
Lemon is the best skin cleanser and it can be used to diminish and reduce the size of a corn day by day. Just Use a slice of lemon to massage the corn daily with it or simply dab the corn with cotton dipped in lemon juice. The corn will soon get reduced in size and it will ultimately fade away. If neem tree is available in your area, you can juice up its leaves to use it as an external pack against corn affected skin. A regular bath in Neem tree water also provides added benefits against skin disorders.

3. Onion slice therapy to fade away the corns:-
Turn an onion into thin slices.  Now pour some white vinegar over these slices and then leave these slices for some time. Now put one of these slices on the corn/ corn affected area and then cover it up with gauze and a bandage. Practice the same therapy every day before sleeping. The corn will soon fade away. In other cases, Amla juice or Amla peel can also be bought in use.

4. Use Aspirin to Treat Corns and shred them off:-
Aspirin is a tablet that people consume often to cure pain. In order to cure the corn affected area, you don’t have to consume an aspirin and instead you have to convert it in powdered form first. Now mix this powdered aspirin in equal proportion of Vitamin-E oil or Apple cider vinegar or water and then mix well. Use the same mixture on corns affected area and then wrap a bandage around it. Practice the same approach daily to observe favorable effects.

5. Use corn pad or corn plasters:-
Corn plasters or corn pads can be used to cure corns. If one such pad or plaster is not available, you can use a medicated cotton swab or an antiseptic lotion over the corn. You can massage the affected area with castor oil afterwards. Soaking feet in warm water added with Epsom salt can also bring about the favorable results.

6. Avoid Ill-Fitting Shoes:-
Watch out your shoes and check if they are ill-fitting or worn out. Ill-fitting or worn out shoes can sometimes make the situation worse by making you experience persisting and never going corns. Replace your shoes with new shoes and ensure enough breathability this time. Your shoes should not be extra tightly packed at all. Make sure you are comfortable enough in them.

7. Start Wearing Socks to comfort your feet:-

Corns can result to a person even if he or she is not habitual of wearing socks in shoes.
Intense sports activities sometimes damage a person’s leg if he or she has not comforted his/her leg with socks. We advise you to start wearing socks if you are not habitual of wearing them as this will provide you an added comfort against corns.

8. Meet a Doctor of Bones:-
According to our experts, corns can also occur to a person with irregular or abnormal structure of bones and thus it won’t be wrong to call a doctor of bones for an appointment in such time. Additional care for legs and toes would improve the situation furthermore. You can begin by trying Pineapple peel, orange peel extract or lemon skin extract using it as a skin pack against corns. If this does n’t proves helpful, you can consult a doctor of bones or a derma specialist. In other cases, raw papaya can be applied in layers over the corns affected area to get rid of the bad skin.

9. Baking Soda as Bleach:-
Baking soda or Sodium Bicarbonate can be used as bleach for the corn affected areas. You can use it as an exfoliator or a scrub while rubbing the affected area in circular motions with it. This will remove the layers of dead cells from such area and your skin will feel like refreshingly new. If baking soda is not available, you can also use White vinegar for this purpose.

10. Apply Some Turmeric:-
Mix some turmeric in Garlic juice. Turmeric is a healer and it has been bought in use since centuries against skin problems. Garlic is also one of the best Ayurvedic medicines against Skin problems. Both these ingredients can be used for the treatment of skin disorders. This mixture also prevents the fungal and bacterial infections and enhance the repair of skin. Garlic paste or Turmeric paste can also be applied directly on the affected area as both these ingredients act as a medicine on individual basis against skin disorders.

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