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Home Remedies to Cure Frequent Urination

Some people have so weak bladder that they can’t control their urge to piss and they have to piss as soon as they experience this urge. This urge when occurs frequently in a person’s case is called frequent urination and it is one of the most common and distressing problem for people who experience it. Some people have so weak bladder that they urinate even while sleeping and this disturbs even their roommates. People in such a situation refuse to share their room with such people and sometimes it gets so embarrassing that the sufferer feels really mortified. If same is the case with you or any of your friends, you can take the help of the following home remedies to cure this habit of frequent urination:-

frequent urination
frequent urination

1. Pomegranate Peel for Internal cooling:-
We always throw away the Pomegranate peel after eating the pomegranate seeds. Use a grinder to grind this skin and convert it in powdered form. Now make a paste with this powder mixing a pinch of it in a few drops of water and consume this paste two times a day. Your bladder will experience an internal cooling like this and soon you will get relieved against frequent urination.

2. Sugarcane Juice and Jaggery for urinary problems:-
Sugarcane is cool in its inner essence and it helps to cool down your urinary bladder. A single glass of sugar cane juice a day can help you keep urinary problems at bay. If sugarcane is not available, you can consume one of the products made with sugar cane called ‘Jaggery’. It is sugary sweet in flavor and helps you cure the problem of frequent urination like a pro.

3. Eat Gram Seeds and Sesame seeds daily:-
Soak some gram seeds every night in water and have them in the morning. You can also have them in roasted form (Especially Horse gram & Sesame seeds) along with Jaggery. This will cool up your urinary system and help you cure your habit of frequent urination. You can also make a combination of Sesame seeds, carom seeds; gram seeds etc. and mix them along with some Jaggery to eat the mixture daily.

4. Fenugreek Seeds twice a day keep urinary problems at bay:-
Fenugreek seeds are cool in inner essence and effect. Eating fenugreek seeds daily can help you treat your habit of frequent urination very well. Just make a mix of ginger paste, Honey and fenugreek seeds and have it twice a day as a medicine for your problem. You will soon observe about the desirable change in yourself.

5. Try to Avoid Junk Food and Processed Food:-
Junk food includes the food items which are sold by the street side prepared within a couple of minutes with the process called frying or deep frying. This includes the items like pizzas, burgers, sausages, hot dogs etc. Processed food items include the highly dehydrated food items that increase your urge and thirst to drink water. When you drink more you urinate more and this increases your chances to urinate more frequently. Avoid such habits to cure this problem.

6. Stop Consuming Alcohol and Alcoholic Products:-
Alcohol and Alcoholic products make your bladder weak. Alcohol drinkers are also habitual of eating food items rich in chilies, pepper and spices to enhance the taste. Some are also habitual of eating meat with alcohol. Products like red meat, baked products, tomato chips, chocolates, caffeine rich products, alcoholic beverages and chili or pepper rich products irritate your bladder which can make you experience frequent urination. Avoid these products to avoid this problem.

7. Try Corn Silk or Capsaicin:-
When corn is cultivated, a waste material is left behind which is called corn silk. Capsaicin on the other hand is the fleshy part of Chile Pepper. Both these ingredients are found to improve an individual’s urinary health and boost about the functioning and holding/control capacity of the human urinary bladder. You can add both of these to your lifestyle for delayed and infrequent urination.

8. Consume Boiled Spinach For urinary issues:-
Popeye always eats spinach to fight with Brutus and to gain power. Spinach is rich in the content of iron that makes us strong. Spinach is fully packed with nutrients beneficial for human health. Eating boiled spinach or spinach juice daily gives you relief against your urge to urinate and keeps you healthy against various other health issues like Anemia also.

9. Pumpkin Seeds for improved urinary functions:-
All of us love sweets, deserts and other dishes made with pumpkin. The seeds out of a pumpkin have anti-inflammatory properties in them which help them provide a cooling effect from inside. Pumpkin seed oil is also found helpful in the improvement of urinary functions.

10. Work on Shedding Some Weight:-
Pressure that extra weight puts on your bladder can result in unwanted contractions of urinary muscles. This can also cause stress incontinence or unwanted leakage of urine. If you have more than normal weight, this might be the reason for your urinary problems. Just start eating food items that do not make you gain more weight and workout to lose the previously gained weight. You will soon experience reduced and normal urination.

11. Drink Green Tea and Kohki Tea:-
Green tea has the power to reduce your weight and when weight gets reduced, the stress on urinary bladder because of pressure of this weight also decreases. Kohki tea on the other hand strengthens your bladder and makes you relieved against frequent urination. You can also try the other such bladder strengthening drinks like Soy milk, cranberry juice, squash juice, barley water etc.

12. Practice Bladder Control Exercises:-
The exercises like Pelvic exercises and kegel exercises prove very helpful when we talk about problems with urinary organs. This includes no big rocket science but just a simple approach that includes control and coordination of urinary organs. You can practice these exercises daily to avoid urinary problems. Kegel exercises rather also help to strengthen your muscles and reduce the chances of involuntary contractions. These exercises rather do not have any side effects as well.

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