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Garlic : Health/Medicinal Benefits, safety Precautions and surprising Diet Plan

Garlic belongs to the same species as does the ‘onion’. Garlic has been noticed to be consumed by humans since ages. It has remained in human consumption since several thousand years. Being native to China and Mediterranean, it has been bought in use worldwide and people use it as both, a traditional medicine as well as food flavouring agent. Some people hate garlic because of the foul smell it keeps stinking your mouth with but they will ultimately fall in love with garlic when I will tell them about the awesome health benefits and medicinal benefits that garlic can make them enjoy. Garlic is also linked with ancient ghost stories remarking that it can keep ghosts, vampires, witches and bats away from you but that’s all a folk tale. Garlic has many other facts associated with it.

Health Benefits of Garlic:-

Garlic can be grown easily, anywhere, all seasons and in mild climates. Garlic was once used to repel moles and rabbits but nowadays, people are becoming more aware and familiar about its health benefits.

1. Garlic has low, few or nearly ‘no’ calories in it. Besides this, it is rich in selenium, Manganese, Vitamin-C and Vitamin-B6. It is also rich in the content of fiber as well.

2. Garlic boosts immunity and lowers down the level of LDL or bad cholesterol in your body. This makes you experience less problems associated with heart health and it strengthens your heart completely.

3. Garlic makes you fight fatigue easily and also enhances your working capacity. It can rather detoxify heavy metals in your body as well. We consume many toxins by mistake which keep deteriorating our immunity and health day by day. Garlic can help you overcome all that has resulted in this situation.

4. If you are women who is supposed to be affected soon by condition called menopause, you should surely add garlic to your diet.

5. You won’t ever become a victim of ‘shortness of breath’ problem until you keep consuming garlic daily in your diet.

6. We can use garlic oil or garlic juice to treat minor fungal infections by applying it directly on nails and skin.

Medicinal Benefits of Garlic:-

Garlic works well as a medicine against a majority of health problems. We recommend you to consume garlic during winters to keep your body warm from inside. Besides this, garlic oil enhances your digestive health. Garlic also has some other health benefits because of which, it works as a medicine for an individual.

1. Garlic is used medicinally as a treatment of common cold. If you have a baby, you can massage his body with oil that has been boiled added with garlic cloves once it gets cooled down.

2. Garlic is also bought in use to keep cardiovascular diseases under control. It works well to reduce an individual’s risk to heart attacks and strokes.

3. People suffering from the problem of blood pressure can also use garlic as a remedy against this condition. Garlic ensures proper flow of blood and keeps your blood pressure normal.

4. Garlic is used also as a cure against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. These disorders can be treated easily by consuming Garlic.

5. If someone in your house has ‘thick blood’ problem, you can advise him or her to start consuming garlic as it would make their blood thin again. You never need to spend money on scans, machines and doctors if you have spent some of your earning on garlic.

6. Garlic is used as a preventive medicine against various forms of cancer including the ‘colon cancer’, ‘rectal cancer’, ‘stomach cancer’, ‘Breast cancer’, Prostrate cancer’ etc. Garlic is thus one of the best food items for the prevention of these kinds of cancers.

7. Garlic is simply the best medicine for ‘Lead toxicity’. It also eliminates the other such toxins from human body.

8. Garlic has also proven helpful in the treatment of sinus congestion as well as stomach ache and gout. It also works well against breathing difficulties.

9. Women use garlic as a treatment for yeast infections.

10. Garlic juice is the best remedy for chest pain. It is injected as a medicine in the body as a treatment for this pain.

Diet Plans That Include Garlic:-

Garlic is majorly used as an ingredient in foods and beverages. Powdered garlic is also used as a spice. Garlic oil can be used as a flavouring agent. People in following diet plans can add garlic in their diet:-

1. Garlic suits the best to those people who are suffering from breathing related problems. Even their doctors and fitness experts advise them to use garlic for better treatment against breathing difficulties.

2. People suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, chest pain, lead toxicity and other such problems are also advised to add garlic to their diet.

3. People with thick blood are advised to eat garlic. Garlic helps to make their blood thin again.

4. Mostly, garlic is added while cooking vegetables in a grated form so that it gets mixed well with food and the members of family eat it without even noticing about its smell.

Safety Precautions While Consuming Garlic:-

1. People who experience allergies because of garlic consumption should immediately consult a doctor and they should not consume it till the time their doctor or health specialist does n’t recommends them eating it again.

2. Some people associate garlic with redness, swelling and blistering. If you see any such symptom happening with yourself, you should immediately stop consuming garlic.

3. Consuming garlic in an access can make you a victim of bad odour. If you report an unpleasant smell coming out from your mouth, you should stop consuming garlic as you are eating it an access.

4. Talking on an overall and in-general basis, garlic is not associated with any major health issue and thus you can consume garlic tension free.

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