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Giloy Tinospora
Giloy Tinospora

Giloy or Tinospora : The Ayurvedic Roots of Immortality

Giloy or Tinospora cordifolia is a large shrub with twining branches. It is a herb that has been bought in use since ages for its medicinal benefits as well as health benefits. If we talk about the name itself, ‘Giloy’ is also called ‘Amrita’ which means ‘another name of amrit’ or ‘which makes you immortal’. This name was perhaps given to Giloy because of its marvellous medicinal benefits. ‘Giloy’ is equally beneficial as ‘Ashwagandha’ of we talk about its benefits as a herb. You can consume Giloy in the form of juice, extract or even by adding it to other consumables. Giloy is packed with countless health and medicinal benefits, some of which have been explained below:-

Health benefits of Giloy:-
If you are searching for a complete immunity boosting food, then Giloy is simply the perfect choice for you to make. It works well as a stress relief tonic and keeps you young, active and stress free. Some other such benefits of Giloy have been mentioned here:-

1. Giloy is a perfect immunity booster food in a way that it helps remove toxins from your body, purifies your blood and fights the bacteria that act as a cause behind many diseases.

2. Giloy improves digestion and treats other such stomach related problems like bloating and bowel related issues.

3. Just like Ashwagandha, Giloy also works as a perfect stress and anxiety relief medicine. People suffering from excessive stress and anxiety in their lifestyles can use Giloy as a remedy against the exhaustedness they face because of stress and anxiety in their lifestyles.

4. Giloy powder boiled in water is also used as an eye remedy. Giloy is linked with improved vision and thus people bring it in use for an improved vision and sight.

6. Giloy can also help you fight the signs of ageing like pimples, wrinkles and other such signs of ageing.

7. Infertile people get an advantage here as Giloy is also associated with an improved fertility amongst people using it.

8. Giloy works well as a remedy against symptoms that occur to a person because of seasonal changes.

Medicinal Benefits of Giloy:-
Just like any other natural medicine, Giloy also works well against ailments like fever, cough, cold, breathing disorders and many other such disorders. Giloy has countless such benefits, some of which have been mentioned here:-

1. People suffering from recurrent fevers are often advised to try using Giloy as a medicine against the fever they are suffering from. Giloy is the best medicine against recurring fevers.

2. Giloy is used in the treatment of heart related disorders as well as in the treatment of fertility.

3. Giloy is a hypoglycaemic substitute and thus it is also bought in use for the treatment of diabetes.

4. Giloy works well against the problems like cough, cold and tonsils. It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and thus it can help in the treatment of problems like Arthritis and its symptoms.

5. Giloy is also a working medicine against joint pain. Giloy fights respiratory issues and keep you more active during the day than others not using Giloy for such benefits.

6. People suffering from respiratory disorders like shortness of breath, tightness of chest, coughing and wheezing etc. can use Giloy as a treatment option.

7. We often consume something which is another name of garbage for the body and this gives birth to the presence of some toxins inside human body. Giloy can be used as a killer medicine for these toxins. It keeps the stomach free from such toxins and enhances the digestive cycle.

8. Giloy is also used in making skin products. It can easily make you overcome wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes besides improving your vision.

Safety Precautions For Consuming Giloy:-
Just like every other herb, Giloy is a safe treatment option and a safe home remedy to be bought in use by people and just like any other herb, it is associated with ‘few’ or nearly ‘No’ side effects but if consumed in an access, some people might also associate its consumption with some minor side effects. Some such side effects have been mentioned here:-

1. Though being a herb, Giloy has no serious side effect of its own and it is completely natural and safe but consuming it in an access can also result in constipation.

2. It is better if you avoid consuming Giloy during pregnancy. Giloy always works positive for a person if consumed on a short-term basis.

3. Some people also link it with stomach irritation if consumed in more than normal amount.

4. Giloy works well against diabetes but if consumed in an access, it can reduce your blood sugar levels to an extremely low point. Some rather also report Giloy to interfere with their blood sugar control and thus you should consume Giloy only after taking proper advice from your doctor or health specialist.

Diet Plans That Include Giloy:-

People add Giloy to their diet mostly because of the medicinal benefits and health benefits it provides. People may add Giloy to their diet because of the following reasons:-

1. People suffering from asthmatic symptoms like shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing are asked to add Giloy as a part of their diet plan to overcome difficulty in breathing.

2. People with excessive workloads are often asked to try Giloy powder so as to overcome stress and anxiety. Remember not to increase Giloy dependence for stress relief. It should be used only in a limited amount. Medicines are for short term relief and not long term dependence.

3. People who do not want to spend much on expensive injections of insulin for the treatment of diabetes are also asked to try using Giloy for improvement of response of their body towards the insulin produced and to balance the blood sugar level. This saves their money and treats them well.

4. Giloy works as a pro if you use it for short term relief. People using Giloy for long term benefits might get disappointed here as it should not be consumed in an access at all.

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