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10 Foods Which Can Keep Our Skin Glowing and Radiant

Glowing and Radiant skin

‘Radiance’ and ‘glow’. These two are the key to perfect skin. People spend the most of their salary amount on cosmetics, lotions, serums and other such products to enhance the glow and radiance of their skin. This cash is hard earned but they can spend any amount of their sweat in earning an amount that can make them look radiant. Well my friend, a radiant and glowing skin is not purchased, rather it is earned. You can make your skin radiant simply by making some changes with your diet. The better you eat, the more you look glowing and radiant and the less you have to spend on cosmetics and other such products and besides eating good, you also need to quit and leave some bad habits of yours like smoking and drinking.  Some such foods which can enhance the glow and radiance of your skin can be listed as follows:-

1. Consume Tomatoes for Lycopene:-
Tomatoes are rich in the content of Lycopene, which boosts the strength of collagens. Collagen then helps to keep your skin youthful for long and thus if you wish to look youthful and attractive, you can add tomatoes to your diet plan so that you get enough of this Lycopene enhancing the strength of collagens in your body. Collagens rather also block the formation of harmful free radicals in the human body which blocks the spread of cancer cells.

2. Consume Turmeric to Enhance Repair of Skin and To Heal Wounds:-
Turmeric is not just a kitchen spice but rather it is also an awesome internal healer as well. Turmeric has the power to heal your body internally as well as externally. You can apply it on your skin to enhance cell repair and you can use it as a face pack to enhance skin tone. Turmeric can also be used to heal scars and external or internal wounds further making the skin look attractive then before.

3. Consume Carrots To Fetch Yourself With The Required Need Of Vitamin-A:-

Carrots are good not only for your blood but also for your skin. Carrots are good for eyes and also for enhancing the health of old and deteriorating skin. Carrots are rich in the content of Vitamin-A which helps in removing the flakiness of skin. They also reduce the formation of cancer spreading cells. These flaky dead cells otherwise get mixed with the skin oils and result in clogging of skin pores further resulting in skin problems like blemishes and acne etc.  Carrots are also rich in the content of Beta-carotene which further fortifies an individual’s skin health. Thus consuming carrots this season can really help you get glowing and radiant skin.

3. Eat Natto (Fermented Soyabean Food) To Fight Wrinkles:-

Natto is a Japanese dish made by boiling and fermenting soyabeans in the presence of bacteria. This increases the nutritional value of these beans and thus proves helpful for enhancing the skin’s health. Natto is rich in the content of Vitamin-K2 which proves beneficial against wrinkles as it improves the elasticity of skin. Natto proves beneficial against inflammation of skin and enhances it to make it look radiant. It also proves helpful against skin problems like Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis etc.

4. Consume Fruits like Papaya to Fight Blemishes and Acne:-
Papaya is a tropical fruit that is rich in enzymes beneficial for health. It is rich in the content of papain which proves helpful against blemishes. It is rich in collagens and it has the power to relive inflammation of skin. Papaya works well as a skin remedy and enhances the glow of your skin. You can thus add it to your diet plan to make your skin look radiant and glowing.

5. Eat Eggs to Nourish Your Skin and To Ensure Proper Cell Functioning:-
Eggs are not just eaten for proteins but also for vitamins that enhance the skin functioning. Egg yolk can be applied on skin to enhance skin repair. It can be used as a beauty vitamin supplement. There is a content of ‘biotin’ present in eggs which proves helpful in skin repair and hair growth. It rather also proves helpful against skin problems like blemishes and acne as well.

6. Drink More And More Water, juices and fluids:-
Fitness guru Mr. Jitender Singh Bangar from Palam Vihar, Gurgaon recommends everyone to drink maximum amount of water everyday. He fortifies his statement by adding that one should drink at least two liters boiled water everyday in order to enhance their skin tone, to look young and to make their skin radiant and glowing. He himself follows this remedy and even though he is in the age of late forties, he looks younger than most of his young family members. In summers we perspire & the sweat coming out from our body is also nothing but water. Water thus keeps our body hydrated and regulated our body temperature as well.

7.  Consume berries like Blueberries and strawberries To Fight Ageing and Cell Damage:-

Consuming berries like Blueberries and Strawberries can also help you enhance your skin tone and to make it look radiant, young and glowing. Berries are packed with antioxidants which block the formation of harmful free radicals in an individual’s body. These berries also boost the strength of collagen fibers and work as an anti-inflammatory agent for skin. Strawberry juice rather works as a natural skin whitening agent and even the famous derma specialists recommend it for a healthy and better skin. Eating these berries thus no doubt has the power to make your skin glowing and radiant.

8. Eat Dark Chocolate for Improved Resistance to Sun’s Harmful U.V. Rays:-

According to a fact, dark chocolate has the power to improve your skin’s resistance to harmful rays coming from the sun. Dark chocolate is rich in the content of antioxidants and flavonoids which are proven to enhance skin tone, radiance and glow.  Dark chocolate can also be bought in use as a remedy against inflammation of skin.

9. Consume Sweet Potato to Fight Acne Causing Bacteria

Sweet potato is not just a root consumed as a vegetable or eatable but it has an abundance of Vitamin-A which fights the bacteria that results in skin problems like blemishes and acne.  Sweet potato is an awesome remedy against skin disorders and it can be eaten as a snack after boiling or roasting.

10. Consume Coconut Water and Bottle Gourd Juice:-
Fitness experts recommend you to drink bottle gourd juice daily in the morning. This juice works well for your stomach and enhances your skin tone. It rather also keeps your body hydrated for long. Same is the case with coconut water which is obtained after breaking a coconut. This water is rich in minerals, vitamins and other such nutrients which prove beneficial for human skin and help to restore its lost glow and radiance. Thus if you wish to revive your skin, consuming coconut water is not a bad idea.

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