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headache medicine
headache medicine

Fast and Effective Home Remedies to Relieve Headache, Pain & Tension

Headache is a universal problem these days. In contemporary world of dirt, pollution and machines full of noise, nobody can keep himself away from this health disorder. Headache can result because of an individual’s personal problems, lack of sleep during nights, as a result of excessive alcohol drinking or hangover and sometimes even because of some more severe problems like Migraine. Headache typically refers to a pain in head. In this condition, a person finds it difficult for him or her to concentrate and carry on with his work normally.  Headache is really unbearable sometimes and in such a time, we can follow the following remedies to cope up with it in a better way: –

1. Massage Your Head with Peppermint or Lavender Oil:-
Lavender oil and peppermint oil are counted in the category of essential oils or the oils used for massaging therapy. A regular massage with these oils can help you keep problems like headache at bay. If you ever experience a headache in your forehead, just squeeze some oil out of the oil bottle on your palm and then use this oil to massage your forehead using two of your fingers. If you feel like you can’t do this yourself, you can manage to call a professional massager. You can also ask someone from your family members to assist you during the same.

2. Relieve Yourself with Cayenne:-
There is a content called capsaicin in cayenne which inhibits the pain causing factors and prevents any kind of pain from taking place with an individual. If your headache is a result of some personal problem or a factor that has itself become a headache for you, you should adopt meditation as one of the ways to cure this headache.

3. Grow a Feverfew Plant in Your Kitchen Garden:-
Feverfew plant has the power to relieve you against tension and pain. It reduces inflammation and works as a natural aspirin for you. If you are suffering from migraine, it might be the best remedy for you. Rubbing the forehead with ice cubes after splashing your eyes with some cold water can also prove fruitful. This works especially when the headache has resulted because of a prolonged exposure to computer or T.V. screen.

4. Eat Nuts and Almonds:-
The Salicin content present in Almonds acts as a kind of pain reliever against headache. This content is also present in nuts. So whenever you experience headache, just eat a handful of nuts and the pain will soon fade out.  Nuts and Almonds are good for your well being even if you are not suffering from headache. The best way to treat headaches is to trigger your attention from pain to something else. A hot compress or a hot water bath can also provide relieving results in some cases.

5. Turn off the Lights and Just Relax:-
Headache is sometimes a result of lack of rest. This happens the most with the people working in I.T. field as they have to work on computer screens all the day. This makes your eyes restless and a prolonged exposure to computer screen makes you start experiencing a strange kind of pain in your forehead. In such a situation, you should just close your eyes and relax for a while. Just have a nap and let your body lie freely away from the computer screen. Use Special computer spectacles for your eyes while working and have enough rest at night.

6. Use Herbal Remedies:-
Willow tree bark is called nature’s aspirin because it acts as a panacea to every kind of pain. Another such herbal remedy is basil juice.  Basil juice makes your muscles feel relaxed and treats mild headaches. You can add basil leaves to your normal tea while making it. A little honey and basil juice together make a pro for headache and minor sicknesses that occur because of seasonal changes.

7.  Let Yourself Breathe Some Fresh Air In:-
The stress, anxiety and over workedness felt by a person at the end of the day makes him or her feel over exhausted with its effect. A person in such a time feels tensed. A strange kind of headache is also experienced sometimes. In such a time, the best remedy is to go outside and to have some fresh air. You can do Yoga or shoulder dropping exercises to relax yourself even more in such a situation.

8. Make a Vinegar Compress for Yourself:-
Vinegar is found in most of the kitchens these days. You can make an awesome pain relieving medicine with this vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is really an effective medicine against headache and other such problems. Just take 50 grams of it in a container and then mix it with water to boil it and get the steam after covering your head with a towel. This will work as a vinegar compress and relieve you against every sort of headache troubling you.

9. Counsel and Distract yourself from the Pain Causing Factors:-
Sometimes, there is no option but to counsel a person when we are talking about a headache that results because of personal problems and office problems. In such a time, the best option available is to take a leave and go on a vacation to some good hill station or to someone close who understands you. Just try to distract yourself from all what has become a pain in your head and you will get fine absolutely.

10. Chew Some Ginger Root:-
Experts say that ginger is rich in the properties that make it an awesome relaxant against headache.
You can add it to your regular tea for better results. It is also a great substitute for inflammation and migraine. Ginger can be added also to vegetables while cooking them. It can be consumed raw and it can also be consumed in the form of juice. If you don’t like the taste of ginger juice, you can mix it up with the juice of some other vegetables or fruits. You can add some sugar or honey to enhance the taste.

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