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Himalayan Salt (Sendha Namak) can do magic to your health

Rock salt/ Sendha Namak or Himalayan Salt is a salt obtained from Mines of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. It is called Himalayan salt as it is obtained from a place close to Himalayas. The Himalayan salt is very much similar to the normal table salt but it is also added with the mineral impurities. It has an off-white color which gets reddish or pinkish sometimes due to the presence of several mineral impurities in it. Himalayan salt is not a normal salt. In fact, it is an extra-ordinary salt because of the presence of various minerals in it. Himalayan salt provides us with the benefits like weight loss, toxicity of the body, balancing of the body hormones and other such health benefits. Some such benefits of the Himalayan salt can be mentioned as follows:-

1. A Powerful Detox Medicine:-
Himalayan salt is a powerful Detox medicine. It balances the pH value of your body system and improves the mineral status of human body. The human body generates some toxic substances in it. These toxins if not removed, become a trouble for the human body and thus it is better if body keeps removing them. Himalayan salt if taken daily in any form helps you get rid from these harmful toxins and thus it is a powerful natural Detox medicine.

2. Improves Hydration Capacity of the Body:-
It has been seen in a study that Himalayan salt improves the hydration capacity of the human body when used as a sol. Himalayan salt is rich in trace minerals and these minerals bring about the desired improvement in hydration of body. Proper hydration and Minerals reduce your chances for muscular cramps and thus you feel more relaxed against such problems with Himalayan salt.

3. Supports Hormonal Health and Balances the Blood Sugar Level:-
Hormonal health problems are very common with people these days. One such problem is diabetes. In diabetes, a person experiences an increased level of sugar in his/her blood.  This is because of a reduced production of insulin hormone or because of the improper/inadequate response of the human body towards this produced insulin. People in such a situation can start consuming Himalayan salt which has the ability to cure any health problem related with hormonal production in human body.

4. Ideal Solution against the Problem of Blood Pressure:-
Blood pressure is a problem related with the improper functioning of human heart. Human heart pumps the blood and when this pumping experiences high or low pressure situation, the blood pressure becomes abnormal and this becomes a cause of concern for the associated person. In such a situation, one can include Himalayan salt in his/her diet.

5. Improves Sleep and Supports Weight Loss:-
Himalayan salt improves your sleep and supports weight loss in humans. It regulates melatonin and serotonin hormones to make us feel refreshed when we wake up in the morning. Make a paste of Himalayan salt with honey and have it daily while sleeping. Have this paste everyday and you will feel energized with the wake of morning every day.

6. Supports Thyroid and Adrenal Functioning of Human Body:-
Workload, stress and this life full of troubles, hustles and bustles make us lag behind in terms of metabolism. Environmental factors, lack of dietary nutrients and inability to produce or respond toward hormones or any problem with the body hormones can make you feel diseased. In such a situation, Himalayan salt proves helpful in supporting your thyroid health and adrenal health. It rather also improves the body’s response towards hormones produced and makes us feel healthy.

7. Considered Pious in Most Religions:-
Himalayan salt is considered pious in most religions. People on fast use it as an ingredient of their food which they have to eat at night. This salt is packed with minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Iodine etc. the deficiency of which can lead to various diseases.  Himalayan salt is also a good preservative for food items.

8. Improves Digestion and Strengthens the Body:-
Himalayan salt is rich in minerals and nutrients which increase and enhance the ability of human system to absorb other such nutrients. This helps to enhance digestion and makes you feel less hungry. Himalayan salt gives you strong and strengthened bones and improves the circulation of blood. It treats you against fatigue and makes you even healthier.

9. Ideal for Air Purification:-
People make Himalayan salt lamps and use them in their houses as Himalayan salt in a wet state has the ability to catch air contaminant. Breathing in a less contaminated air keeps you healthier. Himalayan salt is also added in netipot water. It is used in nasal irrigation because of these decontaminating, detoxifying, and purifying properties. The lamps made with rock salt are also used for ambient mood-lighting purposes. Negative ions are emitted from Himalayan salt lamps. This is believed to reduce the number of toxic components from the air as well.

10. Used as an Inhaler in Salt Therapy:-
Spelotherapy is a therapy that includes Himalayan salt to be used as an ingredient. This therapy is an aid against problems like respiratory diseases. People with lung problems, sinuses and breath disorders find Himalayan salt a friend in their bad times. Salt has the power to purify air and thus it is a powerful Detox agent. Even doctors use it in the treatment of health problems like Asthma and seasonal allergies. Himalayan salt is rich in antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which make it an ideal agent against bacterial and microbial problems. Himalayan salt is used as a nasal irrigator in some health problems.

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