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homemade conditioner
homemade conditioner

10 Natural Herbal Home based Hair Conditioners

Hair conditioner is a product that makes hair smooth, shiny and long. Contemporary world is the world of chemical conditioners and as we all know that chemicals result in reactions, chemical conditioners also come with a fear of hair problems. Chemical products never give you a guarantee for hair care and instead they come with a warning ‘Use at your own risk’. In such a fearful time, it becomes a need to go for something natural. Something natural that nourishes your hair. In order to provide this natural nourishment to your hair, you can follow the following approaches to make herbal home based conditioners for yourself:-

1. Olive Oil & Honey Conditioner:-
A mix of olive oil and honey can be used as a natural conditioner for human hair. This mixture keeps the hair smooth and minimises hair shrinkage.  The goodness of olive oil treats your scalp against various hair damage conditioners and improves your hair health. Just mix both these ingredients and massage your hair from tip to scalp in a perfect manner. Keep it applied for at least half an hour before rinsing it off with water.

2. Use Egg Yolk and Yoghurt:-
Take a few eggs and take the yolk out from them. Mix this yolk in cup yoghurt and use this mixture to apply on your hair.  Keep this mixture applied on your hair for at least 20-25 minutes and then rinse it off with Luke Warm water. This conditioner has the ability to prevent hair fall and to cure dandruff and dryness of hair.

3. Coconut Oil and Milk Conditioner:-
Coconut oil is a natural conditioner for your hair. Coconut oil mixed with honey or milk acts as a perfect hair conditioning solution. Honey is also a perfect hair moisturizer and conditioner. You can use a mix of these ingredients regularly on your hair to condition them. This combination also works as a hair strengthening remedy.

4. Milk Cream and Cinnamon Conditioner:-
Take some milk cream and add some cinnamon powder to it. Whisk it well and use this milk with a hair brush on your hair. Apply it and apply it well.  This will add volume and moisture to your hair. It will also improve the moisture holding capacity of your hair and make them heavier and darker. You can also add some mayonnaise to improve the goodness of this conditioner. Applying this conditioner daily on your hair can condition them very well. Just apply this mixture and keep it applied for twenty to thirty minutes. Rinse it off with water afterwards and your hair will get conditioned like this.

5. Use Shea Butter and Apple Cider Vinegar:-
Make a mix of shea butter, apple cider vinegar and neem tree juice. Use this mixture as a conditioner for your hair. Just blend all the ingredients well and use this mixture on your hair or scalp. Let the mixture dry well on your hair and wash it off with water. This will make your hair stronger and shinier.

6. Yoghurt and Coconut Milk Conditioner:-
It is believed that coconut milk is rich in hair strengthening properties that make it a pro for hair health. Just mix some yoghurt with coconut milk in an equal proportion and apply it from tip to scalp on your hair. This will act as a natural hair conditioner and prevent all sorts of hair fall problems from taking place to you. Rinsing your hair with vinegar mixed in water can also work as an effective hair and scalp treatment option.

7. Vitamin-E and Shea Butter Conditioners:-
Shea butter is used as a main constituent in a variety of hair care products and skin products. We can use it on our hair because of its nourishing and strengthening properties. It rather also helps to retain moisture in the hair and to keep them nourished for long. It also proves helpful in treating hair with split ends. Both shea butter and Vitamin-E can enhance hair growth naturally.

8.  Aloe Vera Juice as a Hair Conditioner:-
Aloe Vera juice is an awesome remedy against problems related with hair care. Aloe Vera juice can be applied directly on hair as a hair conditioner to improve hair growth.  Aloe Vera rather provides a soothing and cooling effect to human scalp which proves helpful in reducing inflammation. Aloe Vera juice if applied regularly on hair before having bath has the powder to reduce hair problems to very much extent.

9. Use Herbal Rinse as A Conditioner:-
Use an herbal mix of herbs like rosemary, mint etc. as an herbal rinse against hair problems. Just extract the juices out from these herbs and use these juices as a hair care remedy against your hair problems. Just apply this mixture on your hair and keep it applied for at least fifteen to twenty minutes.  Now rinse it off with Luke warm water. Your hair will get softer, shinier and heavier than before. Using juices of leaves like neem tree leaves and aloe Vera leaf can prove very beneficial for human hair if practiced in a regular and systematic manner.

10. Oil Mix Conditioner:-
Mix oils like jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, coconut water etc. along with herbal oils like rosemary oil and castor oil etc. and use this herbal oil mixture on your hair at least one hour before bathing. Keep this mixture applied for this single hour and then rinse your hair off with water. This will make your hair healthier than before and they will start shining like anything. This remedy will also prevent hair damage that occurs because of tangled hair problem.

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