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Weak Immune System
Weak Immune System

Home Remedies for Weak Immune System

Immunity is power. A sound mind lives in a healthy body and a body remains healthy if it is immune enough. These are some health issues and diseases which can be prevented by just staying immune and immunity never takes costly tonics and medicines to be consumed by a person but in fact, it just gets built by the stuff you consume in everyday life and the way you live your life. It’s the immune system which defends a body from the disease causing microbes and thus it is very much essential for a person to be immune in order to stay away from these microbes and diseases. Thus a person will be weak if his immune system is weak. Here are some such remedies which can help you make your immune system stronger.

1. Sleep well and Take Enough Rest:-
Immunity can’t be achieved just by eating healthy. You also need to live healthy and in order to live healthy, you also need to ensure that there is no stress in your life. People who over-stress themselves with workload often experience sleep deprivation. Both these are injurious for your immunity. An insomniac person can’t be immune completely as sleep deprivation suppresses the immune functioning.

2. Avoid Your Ill Habits:-
You will also need to avoid and quit all your ill-habits like smoking, drinking, tobacco addiction, drug addiction etc. if you wish to stay immune. You need to quit these habits completely. If you experience withdrawal symptoms, try to quit these habits slowly and steadily. Without quitting each of these habits, one can’t ever stay immune as these are injurious for the various body systems.

3. Consume Fruits, Veggies and Juices:-
As the next step, I would advise you to start consuming juices in the form of fruits, seeds and vegetables. This provides your body with the essential nutrients it needs. The nutrients in the form of liquids or juices are best absorbed by the human body. Thus consuming fruits, veggies and juices may really help you in becoming immune completely. Try consuming the fruits like Oranges, lemons and Guavas to be immune against diseases of Vitamin-C deficiency. Similarly, you should consume foods rich in Calcium to be immune against bone defects and you should eat iron rich foods like Spinach etc. to stay away from diseases like anemia. Similarly, you should ensure that you get every essential and needed nutrient from your food.

4. Have Some Probiotic Drinks:-
Probiotics are the drinks which contain a healthy bacteria that reaches the human stomach and crowds out the other harmful bacteria. Probiotics are thus very much essential for an individual to become immune against stomach disorders. Besides this, Probiotics reduce the incidences of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections. Thus probiotics are a must for all.

5. Sit in the Sun Rays:-

Not everything our body needs can be obtained from the food itself. We need an exposure of sun’s rays to enable the skin produce the Vitamin-D it needs. A prolonged exposure to sun’s rays in summers can also result in a sun tan. Thus we don’t need a prolonged exposure at all and instead a 15 to 20 minutes exposure is enough for this purpose.

6. Eat Healthy and Choose Your Ingredients wisely:-
Besides ensuring that you fulfill all the above mentioned requirements, you should also ensure that the food you eat is healthy for you. You should choose your ingredients wisely and you should not eat the food which is spoiled or which has become rancid or else it might result in food poisoning. You should also stay away from the local street food which is sold in an uncovered manner. Processed and excessively fried food products are also not good for health. Thus you should avoid eating them as well.

7. Add Garlic To Your Veggies While Cooking:-
Though some people abstain from eating garlic thinking that it makes them smell bad, still I would like to add here that garlic is a hub of antimicrobial properties and it is an immunity booster as well.
Sometimes, the blood becomes thick. Garlic is a good medicine to make the blood thin in such cases. Besides this, it helps to maintain the overall immunity of a person when added to veggies while cooking them.

8.Take the Help of Herbs:-

There are many herbs which show immunity booster properties and thus those herbs can be used in order to strengthen the immune system. If someone is suffering from recurrent infections, the herbs like Ginseng, Astragalus etc. can be consumed. There are many other such herbs which can be used for the same purpose.

9.Have Some Honey

Unlike sugar that makes you a victim of diabetes, honey is less sugary in nature and it is a very extremely good medicine for strengthening the immune system. Honey works like a natural antioxidant and it is a hub of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It enables the human body to fight microbes, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other such agents. It keeps the digestive system normal and soothes the throat against infections and other such problems. Honey is rather also a potent medicine against coughs and colds and thus it can prove to be a very effective immunity booster against ailments that happen with a person because of seasonal changes.

10. Have Some Green Tea:-
Believing to the experts, Green tea really has the power to boost the immunity of an individual. Green tea is rich in a special kind of flavonoids which enables it to fight against bacteria and other such agents like viruses which trouble a person in the form of ailments and diseases. This flavonoids is called ‘epigallocatechin gallate’.  It Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants which prevent the damage caused by harmful free radicals to the body and strengthen the immunity of a person sideways. Similarly, ginger tea and cinnamon tea also shows very similar kind of effect against ailments like cough and cold that occur in the form of seasonal changes.

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