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14 Home Remedies for Arthritis & Joint Pain 

Arthritis is a disorder that affects joints of a person’s body. In arthritis, a person feels stiffness and pain in body joints. This can also be accompanied with redness, swelling etc depending from type to type as there are approximately hundred different types of arthritis and approximately all of these are associated with pain in joints and other such similar symptoms. Arthritis pain becomes very much unbearable sometimes. In such a case, the following fourteen Home remedies will help you a lot:-

1. Ice Treatment or Cold Pack:-
If you have a refrigerator with some ice in it, you have probably got a heaven for yourself. Cold treatment serves to be one of the best treatment options available for arthritis.  It is rather the least expensive treatment as most of us have ice available in our refrigerators. Cold treatment serves the best when you are suffering from acute pain as it restricts the blood vessels, reduces swelling and slows down the circulation.

2. Heat Treatment or Heating Pad:-
After Cold or ice treatment, heat treatment serves to be the second best treatment option available for arthritis pain. It soothes your joint muscles. Heat rather enhances circulation and helps you against the pain of arthritis. For this purpose, you will just need a heating pad that you can use against the affected area to provide some heat to it.

3. Workout to Lose Your Weight:-
When you work out, you literally have to move your muscles. This helps you get rid of muscle stiffness and also helps you keep your organs working. Begin with a warm-up. Move on ahead with the cardio-exercises and then practice stretching. Move-on with the leg and arm exercises and follow the same schedule and strategy daily. You will soon experience relief against pain of joints. Work out on your posture also as a good posture reduces your future risk to develop arthritis.

4. Do Exercises to keep your joints functional:-
Exercises mean a workout for your muscles and bones. If you are suffering from stiffness in joints or any kind of pain in joints, exercising won’t just help you shed some weight but rather they will also help you get rid of this stiffness as well. Exercise keeps your joint cartilage functional for long and thus it also helps you keep your bones work normal for a long time.

5. Work on the Inflammation:-
Make a cup of tea for yourself adding the ingredients like White willow, turmeric and ginger in it. Sip one such cup of tea daily and soon you will experience relief against arthritis. Willow bark is also called ‘Nature’s aspirin’ because of its pain relieving properties. Because of the same reason, it is added as an active ingredient in most of the pain relieving medicines.

6. Enhance your Calcium and Magnesium intake:-
Bones are made of Calcium and slow depletion of Calcium from the bone cartilage is sometimes the reason for arthritis pain. You can increase your intake of Calcium to strengthen your bones by increasing your intake of food items like Milk, Yoghurt, and Curd etc. and all other stuffs rich in Calcium. It is better if you choose food items rich in both, Calcium as well as Magnesium as Magnesium serves to be the best essential for inflammation of joints.

7. Oil Massage for Strong Bones:-
If you feel that your bones might have become weak, a warm massage with the oils like Olive oil, Peppermint oil and Eucalyptus Oil etc. might solve your problem. All these oils are rich in Analgesic and pain-relieving, properties because of which, they become an ideal solution against the pain of arthritis.

8. Turmeric as an internal healer:-
Most of us are familiar with the yellow colored spice called turmeric which is one of the best herbal remedies for arthritis. Turmeric acts as an internal healer for human body and the curcumin ingredient present in turmeric keeps us free from inflammation of joints which is experienced by most of the people suffering from Arthritis.

9. Paraffin wax coating:-
Coat your hands and feet with melted paraffin wax and then leave it to let it get cooled down. Peel off the dried wax slowly afterwards. This will trap some heat in your sore joints and you will feel better. This wax won’t just relieve you against soreness of skin but it would rather make it softer than before.

10. Green tea for Rheumatoid:-
Rheumatoid is one of the worst forms of Arthritis. You can easily get relieved against this form of Arthritis by consuming Green tea. The Antioxidants present in this tea helps you reduce your weight and prove helpful against Rheumatoid Arthritis.

11. Licorice and Cinnamon:-
Licorice and Cinnamon, both serve to be a kitchen spice made after converting into powdered form. Both of these are rich in anti-inflammatory properties which make them a pro for arthritis patients. A tea made after adding Licorice and Cinnamon not just reduces inflammation but also reduces the chances of damage caused by harmful free-radicals to human body.

12. Bosweilla, The Pain-Killer In Your Kitchen:-
Boswellia, which is also called Frankincense is a fragrant resin with anti-inflammatory properties in it. This resin has the word ‘incense’ in its name because of the same fragrance. Bosweilla is proven to cure the inflammation of your joints, for making you get relieved against pain and also for the improvement of circulation of joints. You can also use Bosweilla in the form of an external oil for joint pain massage.

13. Myrrh for Inflammation of joints:-
Myrrh oil is a joint pain specialist. It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and thus it helps to reduce inflammation of Arthritis. Myrrh oil when mixed in Bosweilla oil becomes a pro for your joints. Just mix both these oils in equal proportions and apply it on the area of your joints to get relieved against joint pain that results because of Arthritis.

Garlic oil massage:-
Take some garlic oil and massage your joint areas with it. If garlic oil is unavailable, just take some mustard oil and fry some cloves of garlic in it. Now use the same garlic fried oil daily to massage your joints and you will feel relieved against arthritis pain.

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