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12 Amazing Health Benefits of Kalaunji in Various Diseases

Kalaunji or Nigella Sativa or Black Caraway or Black Cumin is available as both a spice as well as oil in the market. The Kalaunji seeds are obtained from the Black cumin fruits which contain many such seeds enclosed in it. It is added as a spice while making cuisines, sweets and sweet dishes. People mistake it to be just a spice but let me tell you that it is not just a spice but a health treatment for numerous diseases and health problems like Diabetes, Reduced memory, Headache, Asthma, Cough, Allergy, Heart Problems, Joint pain, Cancer, Blood pressure etc. Some such benefits of Kalaunji in treatment of various diseases can be elaborated as follows:-

1. Kalaunji, the Best Healer:-
Kalaunji possesses excellent healing properties in it. It has rather been used as a healing agent for more than two millenniums. If you are suffering from any kind of skin disorder, try Kalaunji once. It is one of the best medicines for skin and Scalp problems like Eczema, Arthritis, Dandruff etc. It has also been found powerful in the treatment of other such problems like Psoriasis as well. Kalaunji is a panacea against headache. Whenever you experience headache, just have some Kalaunji tea or massage your forehead with some Kalaunji oil and you will soon get relieved against it. Kalaunji, if consumed daily has the power to cure even the problems like that of Rheumatism.

2. Best Treatment for Asthma:-
Asthma is a health issue that keeps asphyxiating you day by day. Kalaunji can be used as an internal treatment for this health disorder by mixing two to three teaspoons of Kalaunji oil daily with two to three teaspoons of honey and then consuming it daily. You can also use Kalaunji oil externally for cough and allergies while massaging it gently twice a day on your chest.

3. Kalaunji for Diabetes or Sugar:-
Sugar, Madhumeh or Diabetes is a health issue associated with an increased level of sugar in an individual’s blood. We can use it at an early stage to prevent diabetes and we can also use it later on as a diabetes regulator and management strategy. Have some black tea daily after adding a few drops of Kalaunji oil to it. This will bring about a desired improvement in your insulin response and your blood sugar level will soon meet a downfall.

4. Kalaunji for Memory:-
If someone has a problem with his memory, he or she can start consuming Kalaunji seeds or Kalaunji oil daily. Just grind some Kalaunji seeds along with a few almonds and mix them well with honey. Now eat this mixture twice or thrice a day to enjoy improved memory functioning. Kalaunji has a warm essence and you can have it in your regular tea as a cure against minor health issues like Nausea, Vomiting & issues related with the impairment of vision as well.

5. Improve Your Heart Health with Kalaunji:-
If you think that heart is nothing more than just a pump to circulate blood in the human body then you are probably mistaken. Heart is your lifeline and if you are suffering from any health problem associated with heart, Kalaunji is like a gift of god for you. Kalaunji promotes healthy functioning of human heart and thus you should consume it daily for an improved heart functioning. Just mix 1 teaspoon of Kalaunji oil in 250 grams of goat’s milk and keep consuming it for at least a week’s time. You will soon observe yourself how effective Kalaunji is for heart health.

6. Kalaunji against Cancer:-
Perhaps a human fears nothing more than the disease called cancer. Kalaunji if consumed at an early stage has the capacity to prevent cancer. Kalaunji oil or Kalaunji seed extract if consumed daily has the power to save you against various forms of cancer including Blood cancer, Throat cancer and colon cancer etc.

7. improves you Kidney and Liver Functioning:-
Kalaunji cleanses and detoxifies your kidney and improves its health. Kidney purifies the human blood and hence it is one of the most important organs for human body. Kalaunji also proves helpful in the treatment of kidney stones. Just mix a few drops of Kalaunji oil in one cup of warm water daily and sip it up to melt your kidney stones. If you have any problem with your liver, Kalaunji can help you in that direction also.

8. Enhances Your Oral Health:-
Kalaunji enhances your oral health and promotes the health of your teeth. If you are suffering from any kind of dental disorder like falling teeth, swelling or bleeding gums or any other kind of health disorder, you can use Kalaunji oil mixed with vinegar to enhance your oral health. Kalaunji also cures your teeth against the problem of tooth decay and tooth ache as well.

9. Effective against cough and cold:-
Some people catch cold & fever even with a slight change of season. Such people should always keep Kalaunji in their houses as it helps to strengthen their immunity and enhances the strength and immunity of their body to fight such seasonal ailments. Kalaunji oil proves effective also in the treatment of piles. Ifyou are suffering from hemorrhoids or piles, you should try Kalaunji oil once for sure.

10. Promotes Weight Loss:-
If you are searching for something to lose your weight, Kalaunji might prove to be a dream come true for you. Just mix a teaspoon of Kalaunji oil with three teaspoons of honey and add it to one cup of lukewarm water. Consume this medicine daily and you will soon be able to lose a significant amount of your weight.

11. Aids Cracked Heels and Improves Your Skin Health:-
If you have cracked heels, just start massaging them daily with Kalaunji oil. Application of pure Kalaunji oil daily on cracked heels can make them baby soft and uncracked once again. You can use Kalaunji oil even for the minor skin issues like Pimples, warts, acne etc. Kalaunji kills the bacteria which is the main culprit behind these skin problems and makes your skin healthier and lovelier than before.

12. Cures Anemia and Other Health Issues in Women:-
Most women experience a shortage of blood and iron in their body when they are crossing the age of puberty. They also experience some other private issues which can be best cured with Kalaunji oil. Kalaunji oil is also a cure for sexual impotency and premature ejaculation in men. Kalaunji is one of the best energy boosters for everyone from any specific age group.


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