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How Can Kama sutra improve Your Love Life

Kama Sutra is a set of positions practiced for love making since the times of kings and queens in India. The Kama Sutra which is followed and practiced in the contemporary world is an imitation of the Kama Sutra which is an ancient text written by Vatsyayana in Sanskrit. Kama Sutra really has the power to improve your life as it is based on sexual positions that enhance your love life. ‘Kama’ is one of the four goals in Hindu life. ‘Kama Sutra’ refers to the thread which keeps two partners physically tied with each other. As the name suggests; this thread holds the partners close to each other and enhances the quality of love life. Here are some ways in which Kama Sutra can enhance and improve your love life:-

1.  Kama Sutra Positions Make You less Fatigued:-
People follow no rules while making sex. They literally treat their female partners like sex dolls. Most of the males don’t care about their female partner’s feelings, the pain they experience and their plight as well. The sex thus really becomes fatiguing and tiresome for the female partner. Most of the female partners are so weak physically that they are not even able to bear the weight of their male partners over their body. Kama Sutra is based on the sex positions that don’t make sex fatiguing and tiresome at all. It just works like a game of love making where both the partners make sexual positions that don’t appear to be troublesome for anyone of them at all.

2. Kama Sutra Is Something More Than Just Sex:-
Kama Sutra is not just ‘sex’ but in fact; it is something more than just sex. It is a pre-planned and systematic way of comforting your partner while establishing an unbreakable sexual relationship with her. As Kama Sutra is one of the most ancient written texts about sex, it can be taken as one of the oldest methods of love making where you don’t treat your partner as a sexual toy at all but in fact, you take every care to make your partner comforted while love-making. Most of the sexual positions in Kama-Sutra begin with foreplay and thus it is a very comforting, soothing and effective ways of love-making.

3.makes Your Married Life Sustainable:-
Since time immemorial, Kama Sutra has remained a working way for love-making, it really has the power to make your married life sustainable. By just having a sexual contact with your female partner, you can’t expect your married life to sustain at all. You have to think about her emotions and physical needs besides. Most of the sexual positions in Kama Sutra include muscle moments and thus it doesn’t irritate and pains the female partner at all. Besides it, this makes your married life more sustainable as it helps you both develop an unbreakable bond between both of you.

4. Adds Creativity to Your Love Life:-

The best thing about Kama Sutra is that it adds creativity to your love life. Sometimes, you don’t have enough new creative tricks in your sex life left to satisfy your partner, in such a time Kama Sutra can really help you add creative tricks to your sexual life and as this is what affects most of us at a certain point of time in life, it is better we discuss Kama Sutra with our partner/s. According to a study, it has been found that people following Kama Sutra positions while making sex with each other live a better sexual life than the ones not doing so. Their marital female partner also feels more satisfied with these Kama Sutra positions and the quality of their love making experience is also better than the ones not following Kama Sutra positions.

5 Adds Variety in Love Making:-
Kama Sutra doesn’t just makes your sexual life creative enough to enhance the quality of love making but it rather also adds a variety of love-making tricks and techniques to your love life. There are 64 different kinds of sexual acts in Kama-Sutra that a couple can practice while making love with each other. Practicing a new pose of love making each time adds variety in love-making and makes sure you both get complete satisfaction from each other. The more you follow these different sexual acts  while making love, the more it makes you creative and the more it makes you last longer in bed with your partner.

6. Doesn’t Make Sex Boring:-
The soft and sexy postures of Kama Sutra work in such a way that they don’t allow sex become a boring thing at all. If you don’t follow Kama Sutra, all that you do is to force yourself on your partner in a very boring way. Kama Sutra gives you 64 new methods and ways to devote yourself fully to your partner and this makes sex a really interesting thing to follow and practice for love-making. If you keep doing something daily in the same manner, a time will come when it will appear to be just a formality to you because there will be no newness in that work. Same is the case with ‘sex’ and ‘love making’. If we try to add newness each time while making love with our partner in the form of various love making positions, that we can switch according to the comfort of our partner, sex becomes a really interesting hobby for both of the partners.

7. Enhances Your Bonding with Each Other:-
At the time of marriage (Gath Bandhan) in India, the male drapery is tied with the female drapery as a symbol of an unbreakable bond that is supposed to make them inseparable after marriage. Same is the case with Kama Sutra. It works like a gathbandhan itself. It binds both the partners with an invisible thread of love and hence enhances their bonding with each other. The more both the partners practice these poses of love making, the more they become physically dependent on each other and when the emotional love accompanies this physical love, the bond becomes unbreakable in real senses.

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