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How to control High BP
How to control High BP

How to keep in control High Blood Pressure : Natural Home Remedies

High blood pressure is a condition is which the blood pressure in the arteries gets elevated persistently. We know that it is the human heart which pumps blood but when this human heart has to pump the blood really high, the condition is called High blood pressure. It is also called ‘Hypertension’. Hypertension can result to a person because of a variety of reasons. This includes the environmental factors, interaction of genes and other such factors. Blood pressure rises with ageing and sometimes it becomes a really troublesome experience for a sufferer. A high intake of salt and low intake of Potassium can also result in high blood pressure problem. Here are some natural aayurvedic Home remedies to overcome this problem: –

1. Reduce your intake of salts:-
To lower down the intake of salts is the best home remedy for High Blood Pressure. Even the health experts and dieticians recommend a low intake of Sodium and High intake of Potassium to regulate the problem of blood pressure. Not even exactly the ‘salt’ but rather the component called ‘Sodium’, an excess of which can result in blood pressure problem. A little bit of Sodium in the diet is fine but an excess of it is dangerous. Thus if you need to regulate and normalize your problem of blood pressure, you should reduce the intake of salts first.

2. Sip Some Hibiscus:-
Hibiscus has been bought in use since ages in different cultures of the world to lower and manage the blood pressure problem amongst humans. Hibiscus on the other hand works like a diuretic and helps in removing Sodium from the blood stream. You can sip hibiscus as syrup or even as hibiscus tea. Sipping some Hibiscus daily can really save you against the problem of blood pressure.

3. Drink Coconut Water:-
Coconut water suits the best when we talk about hydrating the body. Coconut water is rich in the mineral content of Potassium and Magnesium. Both these help to lower down the blood pressure level and in normalizing it. The best thing about coconut water is that it is healthy for you. It doesn’t contain any impurities at all and rather it contains a variety of nutrients beneficial for your overall health.

4. Exercise regularly:-
Besides taking a healthy diet, you should not forget that exercising regularly is also equally essential for good health. Nothing has the power to replace the benefits that exercising regularly provides your body with. After all, heart is an organ and it is a part of an organ system itself. Our organs get stronger with regular exercising and it also encourages a healthy weight loss which further normalizes the blood pressure.

5. Go for Garlic:-
Garlic is disliked by many people because of its smell but it is rich in some constituents that make it a perfect home remedy for many ailments. One such use of garlic is that it has the power to thin your thickening blood. It also has the power to cure you against the problem of blood pressure. Garlic has ‘Allicin’ which lowers down your blood pressure and normalizes it to cure you against the problem of high blood pressure.

6. Start Consuming Ginger-Cardamom Tea:-
1 teaspoon of cardamom if consumed daily for several weeks has the power to reduce your blood pressure. Combined with ginger or honey, it has the power to cure you against blood pressure problem completely. This is because of the presence of flavonoids in cardamom and ginger that reduces your blood pressure to regulate it and to make your blood pressure normal. Simply crush some cardamom pods in a vessel and then add some crushed ginger to it. Mix it in your tea or consume after mixing with honey.

7. Blueberry Syrup for hypertension:-
Just like ginger and cardamom, we can consume blueberry syrup for the treatment of blood pressure problem as well. Blueberries are rich in flavonoids Quercetin which works well in reducing an individual’s blood pressure and also in regulating and normalizing it. If you are addicted to nicotine or any specific nicotine based product, you should nix your nicotine intake as well.

8. Increase Your Intake of Potassium and take less stress:-
Besides reducing your intake of Sodium, you should increase the intake of Potassium as well. You should try to take stress as less as possible. Stress can temporarily make you a victim of blood pressure. A regular presence of stress in a person’s life can make him/her a victim of hypertension. Thus if you are a victim of stress, you should try to adjudge the cause for this stress and you should try to eliminate it from your life as soon as possible. You should abstain from taking your office work home as it also can make you a victim of this problem.

9. Follow a DASH diet plan:-
A DASH diet plan consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products including the other consumables like lean meats, fish, nuts etc. You also need to eliminate the consumables like junk food items, processed food items, oil cooked items, full-fat dairy products, fatty meats and other such items. You also need to cut down your bad habits like smoking, consuming alcohol and other such ill-habits. Try avoiding even sitting with a smoker as it makes you a second hand smoker. Second hand smoking can also make you a victim to blood pressure problem.

10. Try to focus on losing weight:-
According to fitness experts, you need to focus more on losing weight if you need to focus on regulating your blood pressure. Losing weight can really help you lower down your blood pressure and in making it normal. Watching your waistline and exercising to reduce weight is thus simply a best option and it works not less than any specific home remedy in reducing the blood pressure. Apart from the above mentioned remedies, you should monitor your blood pressure regularly while staying in touch with your family doctor so as to judge the level of improvement in your body.

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