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kidney stone
kidney stone

How to Remove Kidney Stone by Using Herbs At Home

Kidney stone disease or urolithiasis is a condition in which the minerals consumed by a human get deposited together in the kidney to form a mineral stone. This solid piece of minerals gets formed in the urinary tract and then leave the body in urine stream. A kidney stone causes severe pain in some cases. In other cases, it might stay painless. Symptoms may or may not be seen depending from case to case. A stone larger than 5mm in size is likely to cause more severe pain than the smaller ones. Some kidney stones are also accompanied with blood coming out in urine. Some others might result with painful urination. Talking about herbal science, it has been found that some herbs have the capacity to cure kidney stones by diluting and dissolving them to later let them get removed with urine. Here is a list of some such herbs which help a person remove kidney stones naturally:-

1. Cure it with Byrophyllum (Patthar Chatta):-
Grow a Byrophyllum vine plant or Patthar Chatta plant in your house. It can be grown even in a small pot. Eat a few leaves of this plant daily with empty stomach. Byrophyllum juice has the power to dilute kidney stones and make them ejected through the ways of urine.  Kidney stones can be cured the best way like this. There are many other similar herbs mentioned in the books of aayurveda which can be used for the same purpose. People like Baba Ramdev have also come up with their herbal extract based products to treat kidney stones.

2. Use Dandelion Roots and horsetail As a Cleanser for Kidneys:-
Dandelion roots and horsetail can be used as a cleanser and tonic for kidneys. Both these herbs can be used as a tea and tonic. Drinking three to four cups of horsetail tea daily can dilute your kidney stones and eliminate them layer by layer from kidneys. Horsetail capsules are also available in the market which can be bought in use for the same purpose.

3. Olive Oil and Lemon Juice for the Pain Kidney Stones Cause:-
At an early stage of kidney stone pain, you should consume a mix of olive oil and lemon juice. Raw apple cider vinegar can also be consumed to dilute kidney stones. A mix of all the tree can also be used for the same purpose. Cut down the amount of soda, alcoholic drinks, beverages and processed food items to get cured quickly against kidney stones as these consumables are themselves the biggest cause for the formation of kidney stones. Drinks rich in lemon juice should be consumed every day.

4.  Dilute the Stones with Water:-
The more water you drink, the more are your chances to get rid of these kidney stones. Experts say that kidney stones are formed by deposition of minerals layer by layer in the human kidney. These layers can be depleted and removed one by one with the help of water. You should keep consuming more and more water to get rid of these kidney stones.

5. Uva Ursi for Infection of Kidney Stones:-
Bearberry or Uva Ursi is a species of dwarf shrub which has been used since ages for the treatment of kidney stones. It helps you fight infection in the kidneys and helps to reduce the pain of kidney stones. Any problems with the urinary tract is also solved easily with Uva Ursi. Eating sprouted grains every day in the morning can also prove helpful.

6. Pomegranate Juice for Kidney Stones:-
Pomegranate juice works as an astringent against kidney stones.  One single glass of pomegranate juice if consumed daily has the power to eliminate kidney stones through urinal pathways. You can also consume pomegranate seed powder daily to achieve the same kind of health benefits. Pomegranate juice has the property to dissolve kidney stones and remove them through urine.

7. Nettle Leaf to Promote Smooth Urination:-
Nettle leaf has the ability to maintain the flow of water through human kidney and bladder. This promotes smooth urination and prevents small stones from getting merged into a big kidney stone. Nettle leaf extract also helps to keep bacteria away. Nettle tea or nettle juice also provides the same kind of benefits.

8. Basil Juice for Kidney Stones:-
Basil plant is worshipped as a goddess in Hindu customs because of its medicinal properties. It is a great cure against diseases that result because of seasonal changes and it is also a great tonic against kidney stones. Consume basil juice daily after mixing it with honey every morning to get rid of kidney stones. You can also chew the basil leaves directly. Basil is a great kidney tonifier.

9. Consume Products Rich in Magnesium:-
In a survey, it has been found that Magnesium rich products and supplements have been found helpful in the reduction of kidney stones. You can also rely on magnesium supplements for an improved reduction of kidney stones.  Beans, Nuts, whole grains and green leafy vegetables are some such products. You should consume these products everyday to get rid of kidney stones. Other products like organic celery and celery seeds can be consumed to promote healthy flow of urine as a tonic for kidney disorders. It can also be used to eliminate kidney stones.

10. Parsley against Kidney Stones:-
Boil some parsley leaves daily in water and then drink this water after straining. Parsley leaves are rich in the content of Magnesium, Potassium and Vitamins.  Consuming half a cup of this water daily has powder to remove all kind of kidney stones eliminating them through urine pathways. Since stones are formed by the accumulation and deposition of minerals in the kidney, you can reduce the consumption of foods containing such minerals to shrink kidney stones in size.  Consult your doctor any time you feel an increased pain. Natural processes take time to give healing results. These approaches bring the best results when followed at an early stage rather than a later one.

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