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loose motion
loose motion

Home Remedies for Loose Motion or Diarrhea and How to Cure It.

Loose motions or diarrhea is a sanitary disorder in which a person experiences frequent discharge of watery feces from his/her intestines which sometimes contains water or mucus. Diarrhea is called ‘loose motion’ because a person experiences frequent loose or liquid bowel movements during this disorder. It often lasts for a few days and causes a loss of water/ fluids from body resulting in dehydration.  This can lead to decreased urination, faster heart rate and even further problems in the case of people in whose cases this problem has become more severe.  This health issue is even more common in case of breast fed babies where the stool can be less watery as well. This problem can result in a person because of an intestinal infection or due to other factors like virus, bacteria and even parasites. In order to treat this disorder, the following remedies may prove fruitful:-

1.  Mustard Seeds, Pomegranate Seeds and Peel:-
Mustard seeds are rich in properties that help it eliminate every sort of bacteria from the human stomach.  This proves helpful also in the treatment of loose stools and thus aids you against diarrhea. Similar kind of effects can be achieved by consuming pomegranate peel and seeds. Consume the juice obtained after boiling a few shade dried pomegranate peels in water to observe better effect. This will work well as a tonic against loose motions.

2. Consume Lemonade (Shikanjee):-
As diarrhea is related with dehydration or loss of water from human body, consuming some lemonade or shikanjee in such a time can provide an instant relief. To make lemonade, just slice a lemon into two halves, remove the seeds and then squeeze it up in a glass of water. Now add half teaspoon salt and full teaspoon sugar in it. Mix well and then drink it. Keep drinking several such glasses of lemonade frequently during the day to observe better results.

3. Consume Fenugreek Seeds (Methi):-
Roast some fenugreek seeds and mix them well with powdered sugar (Meetha).  You can also mix it with honey and roasted flour. The amount of methi (Fenugreek) to other ingredients should be 1:2 in amount. Keep consuming this mixture as a medicine during the day and it will relieve you soon against diarrhea.  Fenugreek is rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties which make it an awesome ingredient to fight problem of frequent stools. Honey would rather suit better with fenugreek seeds as it has been bought in use since ages for medicinal purposes.

4. Consume Some Buttermilk:-
Buttermilk is cool in essence and it can be consumed to get relieved instantly against the health problems like diarrhea. Just take a glass full of buttermilk and add some Himalayan salt or rock salt in it. Keep consuming this buttermilk within frequent gaps of time in the same way. You can also mix some sugar or honey instead of salt according to taste.

5.  Consume Milk Boiled with Ginger and Mint in it:-
Even if you consume milk in such time, it should be boiled first. You can add the herbs like mint, basil etc. in it to enhance its medicinal effect as both these herbs are rich in incredible medicinal properties that help it fight bacterial, fungal and parasite effects. You can also add some crushed ginger roots to this milk while boiling it.  It will work as a concoction against loose motions.

6. The Turmeric in curd Remedy:-
Turmeric is not just a spice that is used to impart color to cooked vegetables but rather it is also a wonderful medicine against bacterial, fungal and parasite infections. It rather also heals the human body from inside and provides it relief against health problems that result because of these factors. In order to use this remedy, you just need to mix some turmeric powder, curry leaves and salt in water and bring it to boil. Add the resulting product to curd or yoghurt as soon as it gets cooled down and blend it to make butter milk out of it. Consume this buttermilk along with some salt and it will soothe you against loose motions and the inflammation that you have experienced because of it. You can also mix this turmeric in normal cow’s milk while boiling it.

7. Keep Consuming Water to Keep Yourself Hydrated:-
I have told it earlier also that loose motions make your body dehydrated with its effect. In such a condition it is better you keep consuming more and more water to keep yourself dehydrated and to fight against the loss of water from your body.  Make sure you consume enough water every day and especially when you are suffering from diarrhea. Small babies suffering from diarrhea can be fed with ORS or Oral Rehydration Solution to cure them against this disorder.

8.  Consume Some Bottle Gourd or Cucumber Juice:-
Health expert Mr. Jitender Singh Bangar from Gurugram (India) who is one of the most active participants of marathons and fitness programs in this region recommends people to consume raw bottle gourd every day in the morning to stay fit and fine. He also recommends people to consume its juice when they are suffering from loose motions. Bottle gourd has a cool kind of effect on human body. Same kind of effects can be achieved after consuming cucumber juice.

9.  Have Enough Rest and Take Care about Your Food:-
Sometimes, even food poisoning can result in dehydration and diarrhea. In such a time, it is better you have rest. Eating a raw papaya along with pomegranate seeds can prove very fruitful in such time. You should stop consuming anything that results in further loss of fluids from the body during this time. Try to avoid milk products like cheese, milk, Margarine and caffeinated drinks like coffee etc. during this time. Even if you drink milk, it should be boiled first and you should add ingredients like ginger, turmeric, basil leaves etc. while boiling it so that it works more as a concoction rather than working as milk.

10.  Be Careful about Your Eating Habits:-
When suffering from loose motions, you should avoid eating fatty foods, processed foods and packaged foods. You should also avoid beverages and soft drinks.  Raw fruits and vegetables should also be avoided. Instead you can consume fruits like bananas and food items like toasts, bread, white rice etc. Keep consuming a mixture of powdered cinnamon and money in between to cure diarrhea as soon as possible.

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