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Natural Body Wash
Natural Body Wash

Brilliant natural ways to make body wash at home

A body Wash/ Shower gel or a shower cream is a liquid body cleaning product. Gone are the days when people would wash their body using soaps and sands. A body wash doesn’t contain any soap or soap solution at all. Though most people include ‘Shower gel’ and ‘body wash’ in the category of soaps itself, yet shower gel is not soap but an emulsion of water and detergent base which is usually added with sugar. A ‘Body wash’ as the name suggests, is used while washing the body under a shower. People these days prefer it over soap because soaps result in irritation and most of the soaps these days are also added with chemicals. A body wash moreover, does n’t leave behind any residue on the skin and proves to provide a body friendly experience to the user. Here is how you can make your own body wash at home:-

Gather the Ingredients needed:-
To make a good natural body wash for yourself, you will first of all need the ingredients that you can bring in use. One such ingredient is coconut oil. The other ones include Honey/Sugar, Liquid castle soap and other such essential oils.

(I) Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil works like a natural moisturizer for your body. When added in a body wash, it helps the body to retain moisture for long time. Unlike the other oils, it doesn’t clogs the skin pores at all and thus it doesn’t results in any kind of acne or pimples at all.

(ii) Liquid Castle Soap:
Unlike normal soaps, Liquid Castle Soap doesn’t make your skin dry at all. It rather proves to be a product of personal care when added with the other ingredients of a body wash. Liquid castle soap gives your body wash, the best skin cleansing ability.

(iii) The Other Essential Oils:
The other essential oils like Jojoba oil, Castor oil, Olive oil, Eucalyptus oil etc. can be used in the form of essential oils to make an ideal body wash.  Use natural oils for making your body wash. Adding these essential oils not just makes your body wash an effective skin cleansing agent but also adds a scent to the body wash. When you will use this scented body wash, it will add an irresistible fragrance to your body.  You can use a variety of essential oils according to availability and need to make the body wash more effective.

(iv) Honey or sugar:
Honey or sugar works like a great skin care ingredient on its own. It heals the minor wounds on skin and prevents culture of bacteria and micro-organisms as well. Honey proves to be better even than sugar as it helps in softening your skin. It would be better if you use organic raw honey for this purpose.

Begin Making the Body Wash:-
Take a microwave bowl and scoop some coconut oil in it. Heat this oil on a medium heat setting for about half a minute. The coconut oil will get melted by this time and then you can add honey or sugar along with the other essential oils in it. Now whisk these oils together and then add the castle soap slowly. Keep stirring meanwhile to avoid lump or sud formation and add the resulting mixture to a plastic storage container. If you have an empty shampoo bottle kept spare with yourself, it would be better if you store this body wash in it as it will let you use the body wash in ‘squeeze and take out’ manner like you do it while taking out the shampoo. Some people customize their body wash/shower gel by adding gel base while making it. The others add petals of flowers and other such agents to add effectiveness to their body wash.

Shake Well Before Use:-
According to regular body wash users, the ingredients of a body wash will sit down at the base if let the container sit undisturbed for much time. Instead, you should shake the container well each time you use. Coconut oil might get solidified if it gets cooled down. So it is better if you use coconut milk instead in the winters.

Abstain From Using Any Ingredient If You Are Allergic To It:-
If you are allergic to any of the mentioned ingredients or plant products, you should abstain from using it or else it might result in side-effects. You can also add some neem tree extract if needed as this will add antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal abilities to your body wash.

Use A Sea Sponge For Better Application:-
You might find slight variations with different recipes to make body wash. When your body wash if finally ready, you can use a sea sponge or any other normal rectangular sponge to apply body wash on your body. You can apply it like any other normal body washing liquid. Once applied on the body, you can rinse it off with water and pat dry your body with a towel afterwards.

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