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Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight Fast

Pimple is a kind of comedo that gets formed when oil mixed with dead cells and dirt gets trapped in skin pores. It is also called a zit, Pustule, Papule or spot. In other words, we can say that a pimple is a result of blockage of pores. Sometimes, Pimples may also be a result of Bacterial Inflammation or infection. Treatment for Pimples includes Skin cleansing, Removal of dead cells and a good hygiene to be maintained by a person and this takes time but sometimes we need an instant solution for pimples. Some wish to cure them as quick as possible. In such cases, you can easily get rid of pimples overnight by following these simple natural remedies:-

1. Rub Them Off With an Ice Pack:-
a Pimple means redness, swelling, inflammation and awkward looking face. You can’t go to your dream party with such an awkward face. In such a time, ice can prove to be your best friend. Just take an ice cube and rub the top portion of your pimple with it. This will improve about the circulation of blood in the affected area and it will tighten the pores of your skin. If ice feels too cold, just wrap it up in a piece of cloth and then use it to rub against those pimples.

2. Cleanse them with A Piece of Lemon:-
Lemon juice is one of the best natural skin cleansers available in every house. Just slice a lemon and rub off the area affected from pimples with it. This will help you get rid of the oil struck in the skin pores and it will also help you cleanse them in a better way. Lemon juice is a rich source OF Vitamin-C and it makes the pimples get dried quickly. Lemon in unjuiced as well as juiced, both forms is beneficial for your derma health.

3. Fuller’s Earth and Sandalwood Powder Face pack:-
Fuller’s earth is nothing but a soil called Multani soil in local language. This soil is rich in skin treatment properties and it is cheaply available on all grocer shops. Just crush some fuller’s earth and convert it into powdered form. Now mix one fourth the amount of Sandalwood powder in it. Take one teaspoon of the same powder out in a container and mix a few drops of water to make paste. Apply this paste on the pimple affected skin while gently rubbing it with the help of your fingers. Rinse off your face with water after keeping it applied for at least fifteen minutes. This will cleanse your skin pores and your skin will become free from oil, dirt and dead cells.

4. Application of Toothpaste:-
Toothpaste gives a kind of cold effect when we apply it on the skin and then wash it off. Tooth Paste can be applied directly on skin burns and you can apply it on your pimples as a pimple treatment also. Just apply some toothpaste before going to bed and wash it off in the morning. The pimple will have become diminished when you wash your skin in the morning.

5. Neem Paste Application:-
Neem has remained a natural skin care medicine for a period of time that covers more than a few millenniums of years because of its medicinal properties, germicidal properties and anti-bacterial properties. Neem can cure a pimple within just a few hours and it rather also prevents new pimples from getting formed as well. To cure your pimple with neem, just cut some outer skin or bark from a neem tree and then convert it into powdered form. Now mix a teaspoon of this powder in a teaspoon of rosewater to make paste. Use this paste on your pimple and let it get dried. Rinse it with water afterwards.

6. Steam up the Pimple:-
Boil some water and use it for steaming. Just fill this steaming hot water in a container and sit beside it to let the steam come in contact with your face. Use a towel or pad to dip it in this water and use this pad for cleansing your skin once the temperature of water becomes bearable. The steam will open up your clogged pores and help your skin breathe. The oil trapped in your skin pores along with the dirt and dead cells will thus get removed and the pimple will soon get diminished.

7. Garlic for Pimples: –
Garlic is rich in anti-viral, Anti-Fungal, Antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties which make it a pro for skin. Juice up a garlic to apply this juice on the pimple affected area while using this garlic juice as a pimple wash. This will help you eliminate and remove all the trapped oils, dead cells and infection causing bacteria from the pores of skin and soon the pimple will go away.

  1. Baking Soda As A Skin Exfoliator:-
    Besides cleansing, exfoliating is also one of the best ways to protect and safeguard skin against pimples as it is one of the best proven ways to get rid of dead cells which otherwise clog your skin pores after getting mixed with the skin oil. Best exfoliator available in every house is Baking soda. Just make a thick paste of Baking soda and lemon juice in a small proportion and apply this paste on each and every pimple. Let it dry for a few minutes and then wash your face with warm water. Repeat the same process once or twice within a gap of at least three hours before going to bed. The pimple will diminish by next morning.9. A Mix of Cinnamon and Honey:-
    Make a mix of honey and cinnamon to use it on the pimple affected area. Half the teaspoon of honey should be added with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Just apply it on the pimple place and then let it dry out for a couple of minutes. Rinse your face afterwards with water. You can also mix a suitable proportion of Neem juice in this mix to enjoy added skin benefits.10. Fruits like Strawberry and Papaya: –
    I had heard someone saying that people apply aspirin tablet in powdered form over their pimples to get rid of them more quickly but juice from fruits like strawberry and papaya if available, can help you get rid of pimples even faster. If you have recently eaten an orange or sweet lime, you can use its juice or powder obtained after drying its peel as a cleanser or face pack.11. Wash It Out With Cucumber or Bottle Gourd Juice:-
    When we talk about cleansing the skin, fruits and vegetables rich in content of water suit the best. Just slice up some cucumbers or bottle gourd and use these slices to rub the pimple affected area. This will help you cleanse the skin pores. It is better if you juice up these vegetables to use the juice as a face wash. You can also depend on the products like Aloe Vera gel otherwise.12. Apply Some Basil Juice on Your Pimples:-
    Basil is one of the best medicinal plants mentioned in Indian books of Ayurveda. It is rather also used in making many medicines as well. Basil is a plant rich in skin cure properties and bacteria fighting properties. You can apply basil juice on your pimples to get rid of them overnight as basil will fight the pimple causing bacteria and make your skin immune against further bacterial attacks that result in pimples. If Basil juice is unavailable, you can use tea tree oil for the same purpose.

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